Larryboy and the Awful Ear Wacks Attacks

Larryboy and the Awful Ear Wacks Attacks


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"Ear wacks have attacked Bumblyburg! Larry Boy’s fiendish nemesis, Alvin the Onion, is behind it and has unleashed the awful ear wacks to interfere with being a good listener. When Larry Boy falls into Alvin’s awful trap and he can no longer listen, it’s up to Junior Asparagus and Larry Boy’s faithful butler and mentor, Archie, to foil the evil plot. What will come of Bumblyburg now that their superhero is under Alvin’s awful spell? Will Junior and Archie be able to convince Larry Boy to listen to them in time to save Bumblyburg? Will Larry Boy’s super-suction ears be saturated with evil for all time? Alvin’s out to rule the city and Larry Boy forever!"

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780310704683
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Publication date: 08/28/2002
Series: Big Idea Books / LarryBoy Series
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Bob Katula es un escritor por cuenta propia especializado en publicidad y mercadotecnia y escribio la biografia del artista americano popular Terry Redlin. El recibe la inspiracion de su esposa y sus dos hijas.

Cindy Kenney has worked as senior managing editor for Big Idea Inc. (Veggie Tales) for more than five years. She has published more than twenty-five children's books, five curriculum programs, multiple stories and articles, and served as a creative consultant to many. She currently lives in Illinois with her husband, Jim, and two sons, Andy and Jimmy.

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Larryboy and the Awful Ear Wacks Attacks

Big Idea Books / LarryBoy

By Bob Katula, Cindy Kenney, Gwen Ellis, Kent Redeker


Copyright © 2002Big Idea, Inc.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-310-70468-3




It was an average day in Bumblyburg. The leaves were rustling on the trees, the birds were perched on the statues in the park, and Bumblyburg's own superhero, Larryboy, was on patrol.

Larryboy was slowly driving the Larry-Mobile around the city, looking for signs of crime or other superhero-needing situations. Normally, Larryboy liked going on patrol. But today, he was bored.

"I am sooo bored!" he said. "There's nothing happening today ... except for the situation with the birds and the statues. But I'm not going to intervene in that! If I don't see some sorta trouble soon, I'm gonna go home and make myself a big peanut-butter sandwi ..."

The Larry-Mobile screeched to a halt. Larryboy saw something coming over the hill, and he couldn't believe his eyes.

A great big slimy purple blob was creeping over the hill, wiggling menacingly as it came.

"Oh, peanut brittle!" said Larryboy. "It's a giant purple slime monster!!"

Right then, Larryboy would have attacked the giant purple slime monster in an effort to save Bumblyburg from its vicious slimy attacks. He would have attacked, except for one thing: Larryboy was scared of giant purple slime monsters.

So instead, Larryboy parked the Larry-Mobile and jumped into the bushes to hide as the giant purple slime monster came over the hill.

"Bumblyburg is doomed!" Larryboy thought to himself. "We need a superhero or something to stop it!"

Then, with horror, Larryboy realized something. "Wait ... I ... am ... that ... hero. Drat."

Even though he was afraid, he had to try to stop the giant purple slime monster. Bumblyburg depended on him!

So, as the giant purple slime monster passed the bushes where Larryboy was hiding, he closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and fired one of his plunger ears.

"Hey!" said the giant purple slime monster. "I've been plungerized!"

This startled Larryboy. He didn't expect the giant purple slime monster to talk. Besides, it didn't sound anything like a giant purple slime monster should sound.

"Help! Get this plunger off me! I can't see!" it said.

Then Larryboy realized something: The giant purple slime monster didn't sound like a giant purple slime monster. It sounded like Wally!

Larryboy looked up from behind the bushes, and this is what he saw: Herbert and Wally carrying the largest plate of grape-flavored gelatin he had ever seen.

Larryboy rushed from the bushes and released Wally from his plunger ear. Herbert and Wally explained that they had filled the city swimming pool with grape gelatin, and now they were taking the whole thing home to eat. They didn't even seem to mind that there was a pair of swim fins and a life preserver suspended in the middle of the giant gelatin mold.

"Wow," said Larryboy. "That's a lot of gelatin!"



This would have probably been the yummiest day of Herbert and Wally's life, except for what happened next.

As Larryboy stood admiring the huge purple blob of gelatin, young Angus Mushroom zoomed up on a scooter, going way too fast!

"Coming through!" shouted Angus.

Larryboy jumped out of the way just in time. But when he jumped aside, he bumped into Wally, causing the giant gelatin to wobble and jiggle dangerously.

"WHOOOOOOAH!" said Herbert and Wally as they tried not to drop the wiggly purple glob.

"Hold on!" said Larryboy. "If I can just activate my gelatin stabilizer device ..."

But it was too late. Herbert and Wally lost control of the gelatin and dropped it right on Larryboy. Larryboy was a sticky, purple mess. On top of that, he was stuck in a life preserver.

"Are you okay?" asked Herbert.

"Of course I'm okay," said Larryboy. "It takes more than getting mucked up with gelatin to stop a superhero! But Angus Mushroom might cause more accidents if I don't stop him!"

Larryboy got up and hopped over to the Larry-Mobile where he pulled out a rocket-powered skateboard and a helmet. "Traffic violation! This is a job for the LarryBoard!" he said.

With that, Larryboy, covered in purple gelatin and with a life preserver around his waist, hopped onto the skateboard and took off after Angus. Problem was, Larryboy wasn't so good at skateboarding.

"WHOOOOAH DOGGIE!" he said as he whooshed after Angus.

In seconds, the rocket-powered Larry-Board caught up to Angus, and Larryboy rode beside him. "Stop! Stop!" said Larryboy.

"Scott?" said Angus with a confused expression. "My name's Angus, not Scott."

"I know," said Larryboy. "But you have to ..."


Larryboy was so busy trying to get Angus to stop that he didn't notice Pa Grape walking along the sidewalk carrying a barrel of Mexican jumping beans. Larryboy crashed into the barrel, sending jumping beans everywhere ... including down his spandex superhero suit.

"Hey!" said Pa Grape. "You spilled my jumping beans!"

"Sorry," said Larryboy, "but I gotta go stop Angus before he causes more accidents."

So, Larryboy got back on his Larry-Board and zoomed off after Angus, covered in gelatin, a life preserver around his tummy, and Mexican jumping beans in his suit.

Larryboy caught up to Angus and his scooter again.

"Halt!" he said.

"Malt?" said Angus. "I'd love a chocolate malt!"

"No, no," said Larryboy.


Again, Larryboy wasn't looking where he was going. So he didn't see the big hat display out front of the lady's clothing store. He crashed right into it, sending hats everywhere ... including a big flowery one that landed on his head.

But Larryboy knew he had to stop Angus before he caused any more accidents. So he kept on going ... covered in grape gelatin, a life preserver around his waist, Mexican jumping beans in his suit, and a lady's hat on his head that covered his eyes.

Then he ran smack into a wall.

"Ouch," he said.

Fortunately for Larryboy, Chief Croswell had volunteered to fill-in for the school crossing guard that day. He was just about to help Junior Asparagus cross the street when he saw Angus coming on his scooter, going way too fast. Chief Croswell held up his 'stop' sign and yelled, "STOP!"

Angus read the 'stop' sign and finally came to a stop. "Why does everyone keep calling me Scott?" he asked.

Moments later, Larryboy rocked up on the LarryBoard ... and ran into a mailbox.

"Ouch," he said.

By now, the jumping beans in his suit were really starting to tickle. He leapt off his Larry-Board and began jumping around as if his suit was on fire.

Chief Croswell and Junior Asparagus looked at Larryboy who was jumping around wildly, covered in purple gelatin, wearing a life preserver around his waist and a lady's hat on his head. "Are you okay, Larryboy?" Junior asked.

"Yeah," said Larryboy. "Why do you ask?"

Excerpted from Larryboy and the Awful Ear Wacks Attacks by Bob Katula, Cindy Kenney, Gwen Ellis, Kent Redeker. Copyright © 2002 by Big Idea, Inc.. Excerpted by permission of ZONDERVAN.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


1 THE GIANT SLIME MONSTER....................     7     

2 MUSHROOM AMUCK....................     11     

3 TAFFY, BUT NO LAFFY....................     17     

4 GIVE ME A HOME WHERE THE COCKROACHES ROAM....................     21     

5 COFFEE ANYONE?....................     27     

6 SPEAK SOFTLY AND CARRY A BIG MOP....................     31     

7 THE EAR WACKS UNRAVEL....................     35     

8 AN EAR-REGULAR STORY....................     39     

9 A CLASS ACT....................     43     

10 LOOKING FOR M. AND M. AND GOING PLAIN NUTS....................     47     

11 WHEN WELL-MEANING SUPERHEROES ATTACK....................     51     

12 THE STENCHMAN AND HIS HENCHMAN....................     55     

13 OH, WHERE IS MY LARRYBOY?....................     59     

14 THE EAR WAX UNRAVELS....................     63     

15 ARCHIE MAKES AN EERIE, WACKY DISCOVERY....................     69     

16 THE EVIL HAS LANDED....................     73     

17 EVIL ON THE INSIDE, CHEWY ON THE OUTSIDE....................     77     

18 THERE'S NO TASTE LIKE LIVER AND NO PLACE LIKE HOME....................     87     

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