Last Landscapes

Last Landscapes

by Ken Worpole

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Last Landscapes traces the history of cemeteries throughout Europe and the usa, revealing the artistic and cultural allegiances behind their design, while examining the aesthetic principles of contemporary landscape architecture.

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ISBN-13: 9781861895394
Publisher: Reaktion Books, Limited
Publication date: 01/01/2012
Series: non-series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 30 MB
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About the Author

Ken Worpole is the author of a number of influential studies of the contemporary urban public realm and other aspects of urban policy. His books include Towns for People (1993), Libraries in a World of Cultural Change (1995), People, Parks and Cities (1996), and, most recently, Here Comes the Sun: Architecture and Public Space in Twentieth Century European Culture (Reaktion, 2001). He is married to Larraine Worpole, photographer.

Table of Contents

Landscape and Meaning7
Words and Things9
The Cemetery and Society11
1Living with the Dead
An Island Walk15
Architecture Began with Tombs18
Landscape and Death20
Some Ancient Forms25
The Cemetery in the City29
The Destruction of Memory32
2Landscapes and Meanings
The Great Design37
The Cross in the Landscape38
How Landscapes Shape Human Emotions43
A Matter of Evolution or Biology?44
The Painterly Tradition46
Sturm und Drang50
Landscape and Identity53
The Death of Landscape55
Recuperative Landscapes57
3Death's Compass
The Rural Churchyard63
The Churchyard's Social Geography65
The Secret Garden70
The Churchyard in the Cultural Imagination73
Cultivated Churchyards75
4Cities of the Dead
Etruscan Places79
The Catacombs of Rome84
The Modern Necropolis86
'Nature Abhors a Straight Line': The Influence of the Picturesque87
Romanticism and Death: The Desire for Oblivion90
Eastern Influences90
The House of the Dead91
5Libraries in Stone
Pivotal Landscapes99
Inscription and Relief101
Life Stories108
Inscription in the City111
Naming the World114
The Cult of the Pantheon116
The Cemetery as Gallery121
Hope in Ruins128
6A Walk in the Paradise Gardens
Joint-Stock and Garden Cemeteries in England133
The Egyptian Revival137
Rural Cemeteries in North America139
The New Pastoral: The Rise of the Lawn Cemetery142
The Forest Cemetery147
7The Disappearing Body
Coastal Cemeteries153
The Sanctity of the Grave155
Our Town158
Conversations with the Dead159
The Rise of Cremation161
Commemorating the War Dead163
Perpetuity and Decline169
The Re-use of Graves171
Burial Economics174
8A Place at the End of the Earth
The Architecture of Death in the Modern World177
Crematoria and Gardens of Remembrance183
The New Monument Builders187
A Return to Earth191
Returns and Endings195
Photographic Acknowledgements219

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