Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys: A Hell's Outlaws Novel

Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys: A Hell's Outlaws Novel

by Tina Leonard

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A sexy cowgirl gives a rugged Texas loner the ride of his life in USA Today bestselling author Tina Leonard’s seductive new series.
Ava Buchanan dreams of a career on the rodeo circuit. Winning a spot on a one-of-a-kind team would be her ticket to the life she’s always wanted. Ava won’t let anyone stand in her way—not even a stubborn cowboy whose slow-molasses smile and red-hot swagger set her senses aflame . . . and whose talents as a trainer could make her a star. Rodeo might be a man’s game, but Ava knows the right woman’s touch can tame the wildest heart.
Trace Carter believes his mayor’s plan to raise the town’s profile has disaster written all over it, and he won’t allow the Hell’s Outlaws Training Center to be dragged into the fiasco. Yet watching Ava’s delectable body on horseback proves too much of a temptation, and his fantasies stray to her riding skills outside the arena. Soon Trace is fighting like hell to rein in his unbridled desire for the petite brunette before it becomes a passion hotter than the Texas sun.

Praise for Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys
“If you like your cowboys smokin’ and your cowgirls sassy, you’ll love the sparks that fly between Trace and Ava in Tina Leonard’s Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys.”—Laura Moore, author of Once Tasted

“Perfect for readers who enjoy heroes and heroines who clash upon first meeting and several times thereafter.”Library Journal (starred review)

“Hijinks and conflict propel Leonard’s first entry in her Hell’s Outlaws series, Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys.”RT Book Reviews

“The perfect read for a day in the sun.”—Manga Maniac Cafe

“The actual story was gripping. It was a book I couldn’t stop reading because I had to see what happened. I even abandoned my vacuuming to find out what happened to Ava and Trace!”—Romance Novel Giveaways
“Refreshing . . . a very hot and steamy book.”—Hines and Bigham’s Literary Tryst
“I found myself totally immersed in the story! I really liked the characters and the dynamic in their small little town in Texas.”—The Crafty Cauldron
“I love a hot cowboy and this book had several hot guys.”—Red’s Hot Reads
“A great introduction to the residents of Hell, Texas . . . I can’t wait until the other boys of Hell’s Outlaws get theirs.”—Hannah’s Words
“The pages flew by.”—Not Everyone’s Mama

“I’ll definitely be looking for more by Tina Leonard.”—That Ginger Girl Reads

“This book was a fun-filled ride that I'd read over and over again.”—A Crazy Vermonter’s Book Reviews

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from other Loveswept titles.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780345549303
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/24/2014
Series: Hell's Outlaws , #1
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 264
Sales rank: 221,438
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Tina Leonard is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author with nearly three million copies of her titles sold. She’s known for her fun sense of humor, endearing communities, snappy dialogue, and memorable characters.

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Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys: A Hell's Outlaws Novel 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Doesnt keep the reader engaged, just an ok read
WinnieL More than 1 year ago
This is my first book by Tina Leonard and I really enjoyed it. Smoking hot cowboy with an attitude meets sassy and strong-willed bull-fighter  wannabe - what a great combination. Together, they brought lots of steam to the story.  I've always love small town stories and this small town named "Hell" really captured my attention. From Judy, the stubborn mayor with a secret plan, to Ava, the bull-fighter wannabe who seems to be a pawn in Judy's plan to Trace, the cowboy with an attitude who is suspicious  of Judy's plan but can't help falling for Ava. Last of the Red Hot Cowboys is definitely an interesting read which will surely capture your attention and it is steaming HOT!! Definitely going to read the rest of the series. ** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought this was a good book. Little over 200 pgs. I liked the cowboys and the helle bells. Kept me interested from beginning to end.
sharon1JT More than 1 year ago
Well worth the read. This book will never be called a great American novel. But, it’s a quick read that’s full of entertainment, enjoyment and just plain fun. This story will brighten your day.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story line was lacking in that there was no substance to the attraction between Ava and Trace. The beginning of the book is missing some depth to create the relationship that eventually blossoms in the end. Wouldn't recommend this book to others. I should have stopped reading it after 5 or so chapters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very entertaining book. Throughly enjoyed this one, looking forward to rest of series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Are you serious? This is a book? God what a joke.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just a fabulously fun story with a vocabulary all of its own - and a hot military cowboy hero - all my favorite things in one!!  If you like humor and a  good romance this is a book for you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The plot of the LAST OF THE RED-HOT COWBOYS: HELL'S OUTLAWS is a bit far-fetched and the means didn't always seem to justify the end. There are problems with continuity in names and time that stood out and confused me, particularly the investigation into the dead chickens and the feathers. I don't see the pertinence of the incident to the story except as an obvious red herring for the reader. It's a story about rivalries between factions. But the true cause of the rivalries is not communicated well so I was at a loss as to why they were always trying to one up each other. Reading between the lines and rereading the cover blurb allowed me to determine that the men's rivalry is about business and possibly family given that there is a set of brothers split between the groups. The idea of a female bullfighting team is intriguing to me and I would have liked to have read more about it. I was impressed with the love scenes. They were very hot with great description! Tina Leonard knows her stuff there and thank you. There's definite character development which is a plus. We get enough back stories on the main characters, making the book go smoother when the plot becomes bogged down. There's a lot of humor in the tale that was fun to read. I especially enjoyed the premise of naming a town "Hell." Very clever! Since its part of a series, I'm assuming we'll get more clarification in the next books.
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
Ava is an accomplished cowgirl new to town who wants to try her hand at bullfighting. Trace is an ex-SEAL who with his three brothers, have a school that does that: teaches MEN how to be bullfighters at rodeos. What results is a sexy, funny and wonderful story that keeps you entertained until the end of the story.
Deborah314 More than 1 year ago
Hard headed steamy hot sexy as sin Cowboys that are retired Marines just this line alone should have your interest peaked enough to read and purchase Tina Leonard's book series Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys:. Sorry i was so excited about this book that i was getting ahead of myself there is also beautiful Cowgirls ,and match makers ,humor,stubbornness ,love,bar fights,sex,and friendship. This is just a great book you cant go wrong with this read i started reading it at about 5pm and didn't put it down till i completed reading it 6:30am next morning its that good i cant wait till the squeals come out ill be first in line to buy them . Bravo Tina Leonard you hit this one out of the park.
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
This review is going to be a little different because Ms. Leonard not only wrote an amazing, ROFL and "hyperventilating a very organs up" comical book, but she created a whole town for her awesome characters to live in. The town is called Hell and it's run by a determined Mayor Judy Jasper, who wants a female bull riding team. She will not let anything get her way and her BF, Sheriff Steel, will help, if he wants his Saturday Night Specials. Her Hell's Belles are 3 different, unique and gutsy woman, Ava, Harper and Cameron. Judy wants her Belles to train at the Hell's Outlaws Training Center with the 3 returning soldiers, Trace, Declan and Saint. Judy also want to bring in women into her 200 plus male populated town. Ava and Trace are Judy's first victims to her matchmaking and they go on a wild and uncontrollable ride. Ava wants to ride bulls and Trace thinks NO woman should be in the ring with a bull. Ava pushes and Trace pulls, but they still fall into one another arms, any available surface and sometimes in an actual bed. Trace likes his solitary life and refuses to love ever, because if you love someone, they die. Ava wants her dream of bull riding and she will not let Trace discourage her. With a Mayor Judy's evil nemesis, Poison Ivy, turning up trouble, Trace's toe curling kisses, the rival training center, Horsemen, causing massive problems, hard up against a wall scenes, meddling and scheming Mayor Judy and Declan and Saint unscheduled vacation makes Ava and Trace's relationship come to a head. Does Trace love Ava enough to let her go? Will Ava loses her chance at bull riding for Trace's love? Can Trace see just how lonely he really is without her? What will it take for Ava to see that a life without Trace, will rip out her heart? Will Sheriff Steel get is Saturday Night Specials back? Ms. Leonard wrote a book cosmos that I fell in love with and didn't want to leave. She created such a wonderful and unique characters and kooky one of a kind town. Hell is place I would love to sit outside the local diner, with a sugared ice tea, and watch all the sparks fly between these down to earth cowgirls and cowboys. I say boys and girls because they all fight their nature to love and act like a bunch of kids having their elementary recess. The steamy scenes were fabulous, sexy, sensual and caused my Kindle to throw a few sparks and singed my furry grandbaby, Simba. Ms. Leonard also left me hanging with blonde virginal Cameron and sassy single mom Harper and their stories with either Declan and Saint. How wild of a ride will these couple go through? I love and hate an author, that leaves me hanging on a cliff's edge, and makes me want to jump and look later. Ms. Leonard wrote a book with humor that will fuel my book cosmos for many years to come. Ms. Leonard receives a score of 4 fingers up and 8 toes and if I have to wait until 2015 for the next book, I will NOT be a happy camper! NetGalley ARC given for my honest review.
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
Great Book, Can't wait for the next one!! This is a great book; it is based on a small town in Hell Texas, which are mostly men. The mayor, Judy has some plans for the town and brings in three no nonsense women who are in Hell to learn to bullfight or so they think. Judy has other plans for the women that she is keeping to herself. Trace is a retired seal who owns a training center with his partners; they are called Hell’s Outlaws. Judy wants Trace and his partners to train the women she brings to town. The guys believe that Judy is secretly trying to marry them off, so they are determined to not let her win in her scheme to marry them off. When Trace meets Ava, he is instantly attracted to her, he doesn’t fight the attraction but is determined that his relationship with Ava is just temporary. However, Ava wants a commitment. Ava came to town to work with Judy because she wants to get out of her town that has no opportunities. She is determined that Trace and his partners are going to train her and her friends. Trace is determined that bull riding is not for women and is stubborn. However, Ava and her friends are just as stubborn and determined as the men are. I loved all of the characters in this book; this book is full of romance, humor, and hot cowboys. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.  A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
Ms. Leonard is an author that I can count on when I want to see a realistic slice of small town living. In this newest release idiosyncrasies and a subtle battle of the sexes is on display and makes for an entertaining read that is only just beginning for a group of battle-weary men and women looking to prove themselves. Trace has a past he wants to forget. He's tired from all the fighting and comes to this small town to live in peace and quiet with his brothers-in-arms. The introduction of three bold and sassy women doesn't bode well for his peace though as thoughts of the spunky Ava keep him on edge and fighting his long-held beliefs on what a woman can do. Trace has old world charm that's appealing yet frustrating. His arrogance and discounting of a woman's abilities is annoying as well but his aw-shucks attitude made me weak in the knees. He's a true gentleman outside the bedroom but when it comes to sex he's definitely no gentleman as his interludes with Ava are steamy. His interactions with Ava from the very start were full of sexual tension and crackling banter. He may not want to help Ava in the way she expects but he still wants her and their battle was entertaining to witness. Ava came to Hell believing it was to see her dream of becoming a bull rider come true. Her dream though hinges on a man who thinks women have no business in the ring which leads to a battle of wills, teeming with sexual tension and witty banter. Ava has something to prove, especially after her brother's injury in the ring, and refuses to let Trace stand in her way. His suggestion of an alternate plan fuels the fire between them even more and leads to fireworks in and out of the bedroom. Ava never backed down from him and was more than a match for Trace which made for an entertaining verbal battle. She was immensely likable and easy to admire for the talent she displayed. She brought anything but peace to Trace's life and had me rooting for her from the very first time they met. The reasons behind these three women coming to town aren't what they appear as Mayor Judy has a hidden agenda, one that left me a bit peeved with her. She wants her small town to flourish but her way of seeing that happen felt deceptive. Her interactions with the Sheriff felt a bit leading as well and further frustrated me. This story started out slow with an overall storyline that felt a bit unbelivable. The hot and cold nature of Trace's feelings for Ava were also frustrating and dragged out the story unnecessarily. The depiction of this small town was vivid courtesy of the colloquialisms used that enhanced the Southern small town feel and added to its charm. The secondary characters weren't as fully fleshed-out as I'd hoped but as this is the first book in the Hell's Outlaws series there's plenty of time for character development in the future. With its fiery banter and engaging main couple this was a good start to a promising new series and I look forward to what Ms. Leonard plans next.
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
t is true it is a man’s world when you add three spit fire women to the mix, with three alpha males the men realize it might be a man’s world but when it counts it’s more a women world. The town of Hell’s is a tough town you have the military vets retired seals who are the toughest of the tough they are the Hells’ outlaws who do not want to be tied down. They have served their country, glad to return alive and just want to live in peace running the Hell’s Outlaws training center which teaches men how to bullfight. This story is mostly about Trace and Ava but is built on more wonderful characters that I fill the author will bring more of them out in future books. I look forward to reading their stories. The major who is a spit fire herself has dreams that will put Hell’s on the map she cares too much for the town to let it die out. Her dreams are to have the first women bullfighters. Mayor Judy has a little more up her sleeve her plans are to bring women to Hell’s the men don’t know it but they will not know what hit them. The little spit fire mayor wants to see the town grow she wants new blood and she has big plans, the men of Hell’s do not know what hit them. She has a man of her own who she leads around and he doesn’t mind a bit. Oh the trouble she causes the men are on to her but will they catch on fast enough to stop the mayors plans. Ava dreams of a career on the rodeo circuit she has a few things she most over come. Her brother was a rodeo rider who was hurt because the bull rider (I thought they were called clowns) didn’t do his job. Ava is hunted by this she decides she needs to become a bull rider so this doesn’t happen again to other men. She and the other two girls along with the town are clueless to what Mayor Judy has up her sleeves. Mayor Judy has a few plans that she means to make work come hell or high water. She just knows Ava will be the one for Trace they are made for each other they do not seem to agree. From the beginning sparks fly between Ava and Trace along with a few other. Ava will not give up her dreams of the rodeo circuit and Trace refuses to train her. She isn’t looking for love just wants to live her dream. Trace is a retired seal he just wanted to come home a live, run his training center and live his life with no worries. When Ava walks into his life he fills like he has been hit by the bull himself. He doesn’t mind a little action on the side but he isn’t going to be tied down. There is no way in hell he is going to train women for the rodeo circuit he wouldn’t mind getting in her pants. She is driving him crazy but nope he isn’t settling down for any women. Just what is the mayor up to? He is sure it is no good and he isn’t going to be no part of it. Trace is an alpha male who protects he has protected people most of his life and he must protect Ava against herself. He couldn’t stand it if she got hurt in such a dangers sport. He plays their game and said he will train the girls to keep them away from the horsemen who have their eyes on the three beauties. There is nothing like a cowboy the old west is my favorite times in history. Cowboys are real men who kicks butt and take no names. This is a sweet story about alpha males who want to protect, the town and it’s people with lovely characters, people you will chuckle at and others you will downright laugh at and the women who are spit fires who want a piece of it. There is a lot going on in this little town with wild women who want the mayor’s man and men who want the hell’s belles, the mayor who would love to run the wild women out of her little town. The outlaws are stubborn but it seems the women are just as stubborn as they face off to see and drive each other crazy who will win in the battle of wills? Being a women myself my money are on the women! The book started out a little slow for me but it did pick up and kept me interested. It was easy to follow the author style is easy flowing that makes you want to read the next story of the Hell’s Belles to see the outcome of the women and what else the mayor has up her sleeve for her little town. I have read one other book by this author I have to say I enjoyed this book must more and look forward to reading more from this author.
SonyK More than 1 year ago
The book Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys was refreshing. I love that the Mayor of the town, Hell, is a spunky cowgirl named Judy Jasper. She loves her town and she plains on making it a better place. She’s got her eyes on Trace Carter, but not for her, for her new group of Hell’s Belles. She wants Trace to train her ladies Ava Buchanan, Harper Castleberry, and Cameron Dix to be the very first traveling female bullfighters. Trace, being the man that he is, will have no part in a female bullfighter, aka rodeo clown. Trace and his partners/brothers in arms, Declan and Saint, decided when they got back from Afghanistan and started up Hell’s Outlaws Training Center, that they would not be training women. They believe “it’s too damn dangerous” and that it’s a job for a man to risk his life for the other men who ride the bulls. But Trace can’t seem to get the beautiful Ava out of his mind. Mayor Judy has other plains. She wants to shake the town up and bring in some new females. The town is full of a whole lot of males. So when the Mayor tells the Outlaws she’s taking her ladies to train with their archrivals, the Horsemen, that heats them up as much as the town’s name. Judy is a woman who knows how to trick a man and him not know it, or in Traces case knew it and still fell. The ups and downs in this story makes you laugh out loud. I’ll be honest and say I had to go back a few times and re-read because I felt like I missed part of the story. I do look forward to reading the next book to see if the Mayor can play her game that involves her women and the defenseless bachelors of Hell.
Laday2727 More than 1 year ago
This book is FANTASTIC!!! First of all, I'm guessing two more books will be written in is series, and I would ABSOLUTELY read both of them. This book did not end in a cliffhanger, but it left the door wide open for subsequent books. The actual STORY was gripping. It was a book I couldn't stop reading because I had to see what happened. I even abandoned my vacuuming to find out what happened to Ava and Trace! Both Ava and Trace were wonderful characters. Ava is very rational and level-headed, and it's easy to imagine her as a real person. Trace sure was a red-hot cowboy. His history as a war vet is endearing, and a good part of the story is written from his point of view, which is my favorite to read. The tension between Trace and Ava is nothing short of delicious. Again, since chunks of the story are told from Trace's point of view, it's adorable to read how he handles it. The love scenes were VERY hot and sprinkled perfectly throughout the story. This was an all-around well-written book. I really liked the tone and the dialogue, and I would absolutely read more by Tina! ***A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review***
stanhope3234 More than 1 year ago
3* What happens when Mayor Judy Jasper of Hell, Texas brings to town three women to make up the Hell's Bells a bullfighting team. She wants the Hell's Outlaws to train them. Trace Carter is the so called leader of the Outlaws and wants nothing to do with training women to do a mans job. Ava Buchanan wants to be a bullfighter and she'll do what she has to to make that happen. But all is not what it seems and the Mayor has something up her sleeve. I loved all the characters and secondary players in the book. I enjoyed the book and the story line but it fell short for me.  I do want to read about the other Hell's Outlaws HEA though.  This is my favorite line from the book: "Nothing, absolutely not one thing, is the same without your smile. I'm head over heels in love with you. As I told you, I'm no hero. But I'm a lot closer with you in my life." - Trace Carter
JackieBCentralTexasJB More than 1 year ago
Read on June 09, 2014 Book Info  ebook, 264 pages Expected publication: June 24th 2014 by Loveswept ISBN 0345549309 (ISBN13: 9780345549303) edition language English series Hell's Outlaws #1 other editions None found Source:Netgalley EARC Book Buy Links  Amazon  B&N  BOOK SYNOPSIS A sexy cowgirl gives a rugged Texas loner the ride of his life in USA Today bestselling author Tina Leonard’s seductive new series. Ava Buchanan dreams of a career on the rodeo circuit. Winning a spot on a one-of-a-kind team would be her ticket to the life she’s always wanted. Ava won’t let anyone stand in her way—not even a stubborn cowboy whose slow-molasses smile and red-hot swagger set her senses aflame . . . and whose talents as a trainer could make her a star. Rodeo might be a man’s game, but Ava knows the right woman’s touch can tame the wildest heart. Trace Carter believes his mayor’s plan to raise the town’s profile has disaster written all over it, and he won’t allow the Hell’s Outlaws Training Center to be dragged into the fiasco. Yet watching Ava’s delectable body on horseback proves too much of a temptation, and his fantasies stray to her riding skills outside the arena. Soon Trace is fighting like hell to rein in his unbridled desire for the petite brunette before it becomes a passion hotter than the Texas sun. Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from other Loveswept titles. My Thoughts Hell Texas, small town with a mayor who has big dreams for the future and she will not take no for an answer. Ava Buchanan and Trace Carter are caught in the crossfire when things heat up in Hell! Having grown up in a family where her brothers were all as stubborn as mules it comes as no surprise when Ava finds Trace to be a challenge, his characters stubborn nature could try the patience of a saint much less a young woman whose dreams are being thwarted by his refusal to help her make them come true! Trace is one of a group of ex-Seals who have come home to the small town of Hell Texas and set up a training center for teaching the trade of rodeo, something they feel is basically a rough sport best pursued for the most part by men so when approached to take on the female team who wishes to become bull fighters their unequivocal answer is a resounding no. Not taking no for an answer the female mayor of Hell, who expects her team of the Hell’s Belles to be a drawing card to increase growth for the town, Judy decides to take her three cowgirls to the rival trainers in town which gives Trace and his partners all the incentive they need to change their minds and agree to take on the Belles as clients. Filled with example after example of just how conniving Mayor Judy can get as well as fireworks between she and Trace as they butt heads while Ava and her two team mates watch from the sidelines you quickly learn that there is more at stake than just creating a team of female rodeo bullfighters, the main idea seems to be to make Hell a more appealing place to raise a family by including more females to the overwhelming population of men that make up the majority of the town’s inhabitants. There is quite a bit of interesting tidbits that come out as to what motivates Ava so much to want to join such a rough profession, the reasons for her two team members doing so are not quite so clear cut however. This was a book about a fictional small rough and tumble town in Texas but it could have been about any small town that was trying to develop and grow while attracting attention to itself by providing unique entertainment not found elsewhere. The lure for me was the fact that even though Hell really had nothing to recommend it there was still something about it’s unspoiled countryside that appealed to my love of the outdoors. Plus the incurable romantic in me hoped that Ava’s dreams came true and that she and Trace found a way to make things work between them. [EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
We are going to Hell! Hell Texas that is, the quaint small town is the setting for this story. Fun sexy characters mixed with small town charm make this a very entertaining read. Nothing too heavy, just lots of sexy fun. Recommended read.