Learn how to cook the way grandma did.: Learn how to make sourdough bread and cakes, culture vegetables, kefir, cheese, nut and seed cheese and brew probiotic ginger beer beverages.

Learn how to cook the way grandma did.: Learn how to make sourdough bread and cakes, culture vegetables, kefir, cheese, nut and seed cheese and brew probiotic ginger beer beverages.

by Abby C Eagle


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Forget what the glossy magazines tell you about nutrition and...LEARN HOW TO COOK THE WAY GRANDMA DIDTraditional recipes in the spirit of Dr Weston A Price and Sally FallonSurprise your friends and familyNow you can learn how to bake sourdough bread and cakes, culture real sauerkraut and get all of its protective benefits, turn store-bought milk into nutritious kefir, culture simple cheese, and nut and seed cheese, and brew lacto-fermented probiotic rich beverages such as wheatgrass ginger beer and real beer.Rest assured that only wholesome ingredients are used: The recipes in this book are free of sugar, soy, margarine, vegetable oil, white flour, synthetic ingredients and politically correct ideas. Get ready to use nutrient packed whole grain flours - spelt, wheat, rye, barley and rolled oats. Once again you can enjoy full cream milk (cow or goat) butter, cheese and cream. Soy milk is banned. Get the benefits of coconut oil, creamed coconut and desiccated coconut. No sugar is used, instead we get sweetness plus nutrients from unrefined molasses cane sugar, rapadura, honey, stevia, dates, currants, raisins, papaya, sultanas, prunes, apricots, cherries, pineapple, molasses and apricots. To balance out the flavours and the nutrition in the date brownies we use carob and cocoa powder. Add in a range of nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, brazils, apricot kernels, pecans - prepare them correctly and you will be powering along. No frozen vegetables or tinned fruit - just fresh vegetables and fruit, herbs and spices. Oh, and don't forget, plenty of pasture fed eggs."I love the way you explain so many things and provide useful, down-to-earth information. Your book will have pride of place alongside Nourishing Traditions which I describe to my friends as my bible." Monique from Southland, NZ"Your book is fantastic. I find many of your recipes go into more detail than many other books and it is a big help, especially if a person is starting from scratch." Ellen Schenck

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ISBN-13: 9780980419115
Publisher: Abby Eagle, Australia
Publication date: 04/22/2012
Pages: 186
Sales rank: 907,746
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About the Author

Abby Eagle followed the consumer trend and experimented with vegetarian and vegan diets for 20 years. Twice he was so ill that he thought his time on this Earth was nearly finished. One day Kyle Grimshaw-Jones, a Naturopath friend who he had not seen in a few years, suggested that he buy a copy of Nourishing Traditions and look at the Weston A. Price website. This was the turning point in his health. Abby dropped the vegetarian, high soy, low fat, high carbohydrate attitude and learned to embrace traditional nutrient dense foods such as raw milk, butter, cream and kefir; consume pasture fed lamb, beef, liver, heart, and chicken with the fat; make gelatinous bone broths; eat fatty fish and saturated fats such as lard, beef fat and coconut oil; bake his own sourdough bread and cakes; and culture sauerkraut and lacto fermented beverages. His health dramatically improved but it still took about 4 years for him to recover from some of the damage done by the vegetarian / vegan diets. During that recovery period Abby immersed himself in learning about traditional nutrition and shared his knowledge every couple of months at a Sunday afternoon workshop teaching others about traditional nutrition.

He built a website, www.rejoiceinlife.com, where he published some of his recipes and created a directory to help people find local sources of traditional foods. Even though Abby's focus has shifted back onto NLP, hypnotherapy and meditation the website still continues to attract a regular stream of visitors. Abby was the Gold Coast Chapter Leader for the Weston A Price Foundation from about 2002 - 2006.

He has a Diploma in Applied Science (Biology). He spent 12 years working as a laboratory technician in the Department of Botany at the University of Western Australia before backpacking across Indonesia. He then travelled to the USA to visit a commune in Oregon that later became a benchmark for land reclamation, and has spent some time in India. Abby is a Master Practitioner of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis and has over 20 years experience in the personal growth field and eastern meditative techniques. Abby Eagle lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

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