Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day: The Vowel E

Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day: The Vowel E

by Camilia Sadik

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Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day is a book for children and adults who can read but cannot spell the words that they read. It can be used by parents or in schools from the 4th grade and up, or by older children and adults as a self-help book without the help of a teacher. All ages are guaranteed to learn to read and spell hundreds of words at a time! The Vowel E is a volume in the book Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day, which is in six volumes. The titles of the six volumes are The Vowel A, The Vowel E, The Vowel I, The Vowel O, The Vowel U, and The Consonants. The author, Linguist Camilia Sadik spent 15 years intensely dissecting English, discovering over 100 spelling rules, applying her exclusive spelling rules in 600 phonics and spelling lessons, class testing her discoveries and preparing 10 breakthrough phonics books for children and adults to read and spell 32,000 words within months or weeks. The 30 unique learning features used in the books make learning to spell inescapable; and, and dyslexia in spelling and in writing letters in reverse ends, after learning to spell and after slowing down to write words slowly. Vowels rule English and they cannot be avoided; thus, each vowel is isolated in a book. The Vowel E book contains 59 comprehensive and detailed phonics and spelling lessons. Each lesson begins with a spelling rule, followed by a list of nearly all the words that follow that rule, followed by a nonsensical story that contains most of the listed words, and students are asked to read aloud slowly to memorize the spelling of hundreds of words at a time. The vowel "e" has seven sounds we call phonics, which are spelled in 17 ways we call spelling patterns. Every sound and spelling pattern of the vowel "e" is presented, as in these examples [Long e: meat, meet, Pete, chief, belief, monkey, lucky, he, ski, elite] [Short e: red, bread] [Minor sounds of e: enough, eight, break, cake] [Schwa sound of e: poet] Sample of a story: The monkey, turkey, and donkey drank whiskey in Turkey. The monkey, turkey, and donkey played hockey with the disk jockey that had a key to the zoo. Rickey, who is a jockey at the racetrack, laughed at this malarkey. Etc. Other phonics books by Camilia Sadik: 1. Read Instantly: 200 Phonics Lessons for All Ages Read Instantly is a book to teach phonics. Anyone capable of learning the ABC's is guaranteed to learn to read from this book. Read Instantly is for beginners, but all learners need to start with it to learn phonics in a brand-new way. 2. Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day (A, E, I, O, U, Consonants): This book is for the intermediate level, ideal for grades 4-12 and for adult literacy. 3. 100 Spelling Rules: 100 Spelling Rules contains exclusive spelling rules discovered by Linguist Camilia Sadik. Logical learners need these rules to know when to spell a sound one-way and not the other, as in the final sound in fashion, ocean, suspicion, complexion, superstition, expression, and musician. Rules alone do not teach spelling; thus, Sadik applied the rules in 600 phonics lessons in 10 books. The 10 phonics books are cumulative and 100 Spelling Rules is for the advance level. 4. The compound Words: 7,000 Compound&Hyphenated Words Nearly all of the compound and hyphenated words are isolated in this book, grouped alphabetically, colored, and prepared for children and adults to read and learn. It can be used by K-12 teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and adults. 5. How to Teach Phonics: Teachers' Guide This is guide with instructions to teach or to learn from the 10 phonics books. It can be used by teachers and parents of K-12, adults, family literacy and ESL.

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Publisher: Spell-City English Spelling School
Publication date: 05/05/2014
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