Learning React: Functional Web Development with React and Redux

Learning React: Functional Web Development with React and Redux

by Alex Banks, Eve Porcello


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If you want to learn how to build efficient user interfaces with React, this is your book. Authors Alex Banks and Eve Porcello show you how to create UIs with this small JavaScript library that can deftly display data changes on large-scale, data-driven websites without page reloads. Along the way, you’ll learn how to work with functional programming and the latest ECMAScript features.

Developed by Facebook, and used by companies including Netflix, Walmart, and The New York Times for large parts of their web interfaces, React is quickly growing in use. By learning how to build React components with this hands-on guide, you’ll fully understand how useful React can be in your organization.

  • Learn key functional programming concepts with JavaScript
  • Peek under the hood to understand how React runs in the browser
  • Create application presentation layers by mounting and composing React components
  • Use component trees to manage data and reduce the time you spend debugging applications
  • Explore React’s component lifecycle and use it to load data and improve UI performance
  • Use a routing solution for browser history, bookmarks, and other features of single-page applications
  • Learn how to structure React applications with servers in mind

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ISBN-13: 9781491954621
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/22/2017
Pages: 350
Sales rank: 269,370
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Alex Banks is a software engineer, instructor, and cofounder of Moon Highway, a curriculum development company in Northern California. As a software consultant, he has developed applications for the Chicago Marathon, MSN, and the Department of Energy. Alex also assisted in the development of the continuous delivery curriculum that is delivered to every Yahoo new hire. In addition, he's authored several classes for Lynda.com.

Eve Porcello is a software architect and cofounder of Moon Highway, a curriculum development company in Northern California. Prior to Moon Highway, Eve worked on software projects for 1-800-Dentist and Microsoft. She is an active corporate trainer, speaker, and author on Lynda.com.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

1 Welcome to React 1

Obstacles and Roadblocks 1

React Is a Library 2

New ECMAScript Syntax 2

Popularity of Functional JavaScript 2

JavaScript Tooling Fatigue 2

Why React Doesn't Have to Be Hard to Learn 3

React's Future 3

Keeping Up with the Changes 4

Working with the Files 4

File Repository 4

React Developer Tools 5

Installing Node.js 6

2 Emerging JavaScript 9

Declaring Variables in ES6 10

Const 10

Let 10

Template Strings 12

Default Parameters 14

Arrow Functions 14

Transpiling ES6 17

ES6 Objects and Arrays 19

Destructuring Assignment 19

Object Literal Enhancement 20

The Spread Operator 22

Promises 24

Classes 25

ES6 Modules 27

CommonJS 28

3 Functional Programming with JavaScript 31

What It Means to Be Functional 32

Imperative Versus Declarative 34

Functional Concepts 36

Immutability 36

Pure Functions 38

Data Transformations 41

Higher-Order Functions 48

Recursion 49

Composition 52

Putting It All Together 54

4 Pure React 59

Page Setup 59

The Virtual DOM 60

React Elements 62

ReactDOM 64

Children 65

Constructing Elements with Data 67

React Components 68

React.createClass 69

React.Component 72

Stateless Functional Components 73

DOM Rendering 74

Factories 77

5 React with JSX 81

React Elements as JSX 81

JSX Tips 82

Babel 84

Recipes as JSX 85

Intro to Webpack 93

Webpack Loaders 94

Recipes App with a Webpack Build 94

6 Props, State, and the Component Tree 109

Property Validation 109

Validating Props with createClass 110

Default Props 114

Custom Property Validation 115

ES6 Classes and Stateless Functional Components 116

Refs 119

Inverse Data Flow 121

Refs in Stateless Functional Components 123

React State Management 123

Introducing Component State 124

Initializing State from Properties 128

State Within the Component Tree 130

Color Organizer App Overview 130

Passing Properties Down the Component Tree 131

Passing Data Back Up the Component Tree 134

7 Enhancing Components 141

Component Lifecycles 141

Mounting Lifecycle 142

Updating Lifecycle 146

React.Children 157

JavaScript Library Integration 158

Making Requests with Fetch 159

Incorporating a D3 Timeline 160

Higher-Order Components 166

Managing State Outside of React 172

Rendering a Clock 173

Flux 174

Views 176

Actions and Action Creators 177

Dispatcher 177

Stores 178

Putting It All Together 179

Flux Implementations 180

8 Redux 183

State 184

Actions 187

Action Payload Data 189

Reducers 190

The Color Reducer 193

The Colors Reducer 195

The Sort Reducer 197

The Store 198

Subscribing to Stores 201

Saving to localStorage 202

Action Creators 203

Middleware 206

Applying Middleware to the Store 207

9 React Redux 211

Explicitly Passing the Store 213

Passing the Store via Context 216

Presentational Versus Container Components 220

The React Redux Provider 223

React Redux connect 224

10 Testing 229

ESLint 229

Testing Redux 233

Test-Driven Development 233

Testing Reducers 234

Testing the Store 242

Testing React Components 245

Setting Up the Jest Environment 245

Enzyme 247

Mocking Components 249

Snapshot Testing 258

Using Code Coverage 262

11 React Router 273

Incorporating the Router 274

Router Properties 277

Nesting Routes 279

Using a Page Template 279

Subsections and Submenus 281

Router Parameters 286

Adding Color Details Page 286

Moving Color Sort State to Router 292

12 React and the Server 297

Isomorphism versus Universalism 297

Server Rendering React 301

Universal Color Organizer 306

Universal Redux 308

Universal Routing 310

Communicating with the Server 318

Completing Actions on the Server 318

Actions with Redux Thunks 321

Index 329

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