Legacy Of The Great War: Ninety Years On

Legacy Of The Great War: Ninety Years On

by Jay Winter (Editor)

Paperback(New Edition)

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In late 2007 and early 2008, world-renowned historians gathered in Kansas City for a series of public forums on World War I. Each of the five events focused on a particular topic and featured spirited dialogue between its prominent participants.

In Spontaneous exchanges, the eminent scholars probed each other's arguments, learned from each others, and provided insights not just into history but also into the way scholars think about their subject alongside and at times in conflict with their colleagues.

Representing a fourth generation of writers on the Great War and a transnational rather than an international approach, prominent historians Niall Ferguson and Paul Kennedy, Holger Afflerbach and Gary Sheffield, John Horne and Len Milton Cooper and Margaret Macmillan, and Jay winter and Robert Wohl brought to the Proceedings an exciting clash of ideas.

The Forums addressed topics about the Great War that have long fascinated both scholars and the educated public: the origins of war and the question of who was responsible for the escalation of the July Crisis; the nature of generalship and military command, seen here from the perspectives of a German and a British scholar; the private soldiers' experiences of combat, revealing their strategies of survival and negotiation; the peacemaking process and the overwhelming pressures under which statesmen worked; and the long-term cultural consequences of the war-showing that the Great War was "great" not merely because of its magnitude but also because of its revolutionary effects. These topics constitute to reverberate, and in addition to shedding new light on the subjects, these forums constitute a glimpse at how historicalwriting happens.

American society did not suffer the consequences of the Great War that virtually all European countries knew-a lack of perspective that the National World War I Museum seeks to correct. This book celebrates that effort, helping readers feel the excitement and the moral seriousness of historical scholarship in this field and drawing more Americans into considering how their own history is part of this story.

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ISBN-13: 9780826218728
Publisher: University of Missouri Press
Publication date: 11/01/2009
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 240
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Jay Winter is Professor of History at Yale University and author or editor of many books, the most recent being Remembering War: The Great War between Memory and History in the Twentieth Century. He lives in Guilford, Connecticut.

Table of Contents

Forword Sir John Keegan vii

Preface And Acknowledgments Jay Winter xi

Introduction: Approaching the History of the Great War: A User's Guide Jay Winter 1

1 War Origins Niall Ferguson Paul Kennedy 33

2 Waging Total War: Learning Curve or Bleeding Curve? Holger Afflerbach Gary Sheffield 61

3 The Soldiers' War: Coercion or Consent? John Horne Len Smith 91

4 Ending the Great War: The Peace That Failed? John Milton Cooper Margaret MacMillan 123

5 The Great War: Midwife to Modern Memory? Jay Winter Robert Wohl 159

Epilogue Hew Strachan 185

Notes 199

Select Bibliography 205

Index 213

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