Legal Guide to Social Media: Rights and Risks for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Legal Guide to Social Media: Rights and Risks for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

by Kimberly A. Houser

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How should you respond to a request to remove copyrighted materials from a Facebook page? If you create a Twitter handle at work, who owns that handle when you change jobs? Can you be sued for libel if your posts are defamatory? If you’ve ever asked yourself these kinds of questions, this pioneering legal handbook is for you.
Despite the enormous growth in social media, scant legal advice is available to help the many people who are posting online. Easy-to-understand, comprehensive, and current, Legal Guide to Social Media provides the latest information on case law and statutes. It covers everything from privacy laws to copyright issues to how to respond to employers’ requests for your social media passwords. This plain English legal companion offers examples of and solutions to the kinds of situations you can expect to encounter when posting online content, whether for personal enjoyment or on behalf of an employer. You’ll learn how to avoid liability for defamation and third-party posts, the legalities of copying and linking to content, how to protect your own content, and much, much more. 
Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, business owner, new media manager, or simply one of the millions of social media users in the United States, this must-have guide will help you to understand and mitigate the most common legal risks inherent in social media use.

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ISBN-13: 9781621533887
Publisher: Allworth
Publication date: 11/13/2013
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 208
File size: 495 KB

About the Author

Kimberly A. Houser is an attorney, professor, blogger, and writer, who has been counseling clients and lecturing on Internet law and e-commerce issues for over a decade. Kimberly is currently a visiting assistant professor at the University of West Florida, allowing her to stay current with the ever-changing legal issues that arise in the area of information technology.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 3

Introduction 5

Chapter 1 Defamation and Other Tort Risks in Posting Content 9

Chapter 2 Avoiding Infringement Issues When Posting Content 23

Chapter 3 Advertising Laws and Other Governmental Regulations 37

Chapter 4 Privacy Laws and Security Issues 51

Chapter 5 Employment Law Issues 65

Chapter 6 Protecting Your Name and the Work You Create 79

Chapter 7 Enforcing Your Intellectual Property Rights 95

Chapter 8 Legal Issues to Consider When Setting Up a Website 113

Chapter 9 Documents and Notices on Websites 129

Chapter 10 Legal Considerations When Setting Up an E-Business 143

Endnotes 163

Index 191

About the Author 195

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