Legends Lives and Loves Along the Inside Passage

Legends Lives and Loves Along the Inside Passage

by Dudley (Chris) Christian


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HARDCOVER So have a care, or petition an inquiry. Remember how certain individuals were discriminated against by upper ship officers, who let this continue for years, without understanding. Feel the disgust as the injustice exacerbated as the number of personnel increased. Probe the incompetent union reps who pretended indifference and compounded the problems. Who am I? The first Black employee to be Chief Engineer, who was assaulted by a pro boxer, who the company never charged. The Racial Discrimination are documented inside the pages of this book. The details of abuse, oppression, and distress endured while working the ships as they sailed thru the waters of BC. As Bligh made Christian forever relevant with the Bounty and Bligh's mistreatment of his crew, so too has this company made my name relevant with the Ferries, where I continued to suffer without an advocate to my claims for retribution... and thereby I became, from January 1969 until June 2004, the "BLACK mark on their Lily White Sides"

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ISBN-13: 9780987750143
Publisher: Dudley Christian
Publication date: 05/11/2017
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.33(d)

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