Leonardo Da Vinci's Treatise of Painting: The Story of The World's Greatest Treatise on Painting - Its Origins, History, Content, And Influence.

Leonardo Da Vinci's Treatise of Painting: The Story of The World's Greatest Treatise on Painting - Its Origins, History, Content, And Influence.

by Richard Shaw Pooler

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This book traces the story of the world's greatest treatise on painting - Leonardo Da Vinci's "Treatise of Painting". It combines an extensive body of literature about the Treatise with original research to offer a unique perspective on:
•         Its origins, and history of how it survived the dispersal of manuscripts;
•         Its contents, their significance and how Leonardo developed his Renaissance Theory of Art;
•         The development of both the abridged and complete printed editions;
•         How the printed editions have influenced treatises and art history throughout Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, and America from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Centuries.

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Publication date: 04/20/2016
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Table of Contents

Introduction Leonardo 1452 Florence One 1466-1483 Milan One 1483-1499 The Wandering Years 1499-1503 Florence Two 1503-1506 Milan Two 1506-1513 Rome 1513-1515 France 1516-1519 Leonardo's Will Leonardo's Legacy Notes, Codices and Manuscripts Francesco Melzi and the Treatise of Painting An earlier Treatise on Painting Orazio Melzi and the Dispersal of the Manuscripts The Manuscripts that have survived Manuscripts that went to France Manuscripts in Spain Manuscripts that went to England Manuscripts in Italy A Manuscript in America Other Collections Stemma of the Dispersal of the Manuscripts Other Treatises on Painting Manuscripts Copies of the Treatise of Painting The Codex Huygens The Printed Editions and their Development Stemma of the Printed Editions The First Printed Editions - Duj Fresne 1651 Complete Editions of the Codex Urbinas The Structure of Leonardo's Thought Art Theory from the Middle ages to the Renaissance Leonardo;s Development of Art Theory The concept of Painting as a Science The concept of Observation The concept of Vision The concept of Colour and Light The concept of Forms The Influence of Leonardo's Art Theory Leonardo's Reputation and Influence 1500-1600 1600-1700 1700-1800 1800-1900 1900-2000 Leonardo's Art Today Sculpture Architecture Paintings The Provenance of Leonardo's Paintings Postscript Appendix 1 - Manuscript copied from the Codex Urbinas Appendix 2 - Printed Editions of the Treatise of Painting Appendix 3 - Extant Vincian Manuscripts Appendix 4 - The Concordance Appendix 5 - Dates of Manuscripts and Paintings Appendix 6 - The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci by Paolo Giovio Appendix 7 - Leonardo Da Vinci by the Anonimo Gaddiano Bibliography Index

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