Leonardo DiCaprio: A Biography

Leonardo DiCaprio: A Biography

by Nancy Krulik, Nancy Krulik

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At the age of twenty-three, Leonardo DiCaprio has already achieved the kind of success for which most actors strive their entire career. His talent shines in his Golden Globe-nominated performance as Jack Dawson in the blockbuster film Titanic though his turn as a modern-day Romeo to Claire Danes' Juliet had already cemented his status as a romantic personality.

But Leo isn't all glamour -- in addition to stealing the hearts of his female fans, he has gained the respect of his acting peers and cinema critics. By age nineteen, he had earned Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for his supporting role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Critics have even compared Leo to such larger-than-life actors
as James Dean and Brad Pitt.

From his early days on the TV series Growing Pains through the long-awaited Titanic to The Man in the Iron Mask, and his new work with Woody Allen, read all about this young actor whose star is definitely on the rise!

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The crowd of screaming fans outside Tokyo's Orchard Hall Theater was already six rows deep by the time the limousines pulled up. It was November 1, 1997, and the new movie, Titanic, was making its world premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Titanic may have been the headlining film at the festival, but it was the movie's star, Leonardo DiCaprio, that was making headlines. From the moment it was announced that Leo would attend the premiere, fans had become fanatical about finding a good viewing spot outside the theater. In fact, Leo-mania had become so strong in Japan that Twentieth Century Fox (Titanic's international distributor) provided the twenty-three-year-old star with forty-nine security guards. That was a good move. As soon as Leo's limo turned the corner, the fans made a mad dash for the car, knocking over many of the guards and policemen, hoping to get a glimpse of Leo's bright blue-green eyes, blond hair, and shy smile.

A glimpse was about all the fans would get before the Fox guards quickly hustled Leo past the crowds and into the theater, where he was again greeted by screaming fans. When Leo took the stage just before the film began, he declared that his Japanese fans were among the "Best and most loyal in the world." This, of course, made the crowd go wild. Leo didn't have to say another word, which was a good thing, since he's petrified of speaking in public.

It was official. Leonardo DiCaprio was now a worldwide superstar, a member of Hollywood's elite, or, as Leo would have said in his youth, part of that other Hollywood.

Leo has lived all of his life in tinsel town. But the Hollywood Leo knew as a boy was far from shimmering....

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