Let the Good Times Roll: The Complete Decca Recordings 1938-54

Let the Good Times Roll: The Complete Decca Recordings 1938-54

by Louis JordanLouis Jordan

CD(Box Set)

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The price of this multi-disc import box set is indeed a hefty one, but it contains every track the pioneering saxman waxed for Decca -- the multitude of hits that inexorably influenced the future of R&B and eventually rock & roll. Bear Family's attention to detail in its presentation is always immaculate, and the sound quality follows suit.

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Release Date: 03/31/1994
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127155573
catalogNumber: 15557
Rank: 126363


Disc 1

  1. Toodle-Loo on Down
  2. So Good
  3. Away from You
  4. Honey in the Bee Ball
  5. Barnacle Bill the Sailor
  6. Flat Face
  7. Keep a Knockin'
  8. Sam Jones Done Snagged His Britches
  9. Swingin' in a Coconut Tree
  10. Doug the Jitterbug
  11. At the Swing Cat's Ball
  12. Jake, What a Snake
  13. Honeysuckle Rose
  14. 'Fore Day Blues
  15. But I'll Be Back
  16. You Ain't Nowhere
  17. You're My Meat
  18. Juneteenth Jamboree
  19. You Run Your Mouth and I'll Run My Business
  20. I'm Alabama Bound
  21. Hard Lovin' Blues
  22. You Got to Go When the Wagon Comes
  23. Lovie Joe
  24. Somebody Done Hoodooed the Hoodoo Man
  25. Bounce the Ball (Do da Dittle Um Day)
  26. Penthouse in the Basement
  27. After School Swing Session (Swinging With Sympony Sid)

Disc 2

  1. Oh Boy, I'm in the Groove
  2. Never Let Your Left Hand Know What Your Right Hand's Doin'
  3. Don't Come Cryin' on My Shoulder
  4. Waiting for the Robert E. Lee
  5. A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But a Bird
  6. Pompton Turnpike
  7. Do You Call That a Buddy? (Dirty Cat)
  8. I Know You (I Know What You Wanna Do)
  9. Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
  10. The Two Little Squirrels (Nuts to You)
  11. T-Bone Blues
  12. Pan-Pan
  13. Saint Vitus Dance
  14. Saxa-Woogie
  15. Brotherly Love (Wrong Ideas)
  16. De Laff's on You
  17. Boogie Woogie Came to Town
  18. John, Stop Teasing Me
  19. How 'Bout That?
  20. Teacher (How I Love My Teacher)
  21. Mama, Mama Blues (Rusty Dusty Blues)
  22. Knock Me a Kiss
  23. The Green Grass Grows All Around
  24. Mister Lovingood
  25. Small Town Boy
  26. I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town

Disc 3

  1. What's the Use of Getting Sober (When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again)?
  2. The Chicks I Pick Are Slender, Tender and Tall
  3. I'm Gonna Leave You on the Outskirts of Town
  4. That'll Just About Knock Me Out
  5. Dirty Snake
  6. Five Guys Named Moe
  7. It's a Low Down Dirty Shame
  8. De Laff's on You
  9. Ration Blues
  10. Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?
  11. Deacon Jones
  12. The Things I Want I Can't Get at Home
  13. How High Am I?
  14. I Like 'Em Fat Like That
  15. The Truth of the Matter
  16. Hey! Now Let's Live
  17. Mop! Mop!
  18. G.I. Jive
  19. You Can't Get That No More
  20. Louis' Oldsmobile Song
  21. Your Socks Don't Match
  22. My Baby Said Yes (Yip, Yip de Hootie)
  23. My Baby Said Yes (Yip, Yip de Hootie)
  24. Your Socks Don't Match

Disc 4

  1. Buzz Me
  2. They Raided the House
  3. Caldonia Boogie
  4. Somebody Done Changed the Lock on My Door
  5. How Long Must I Wait for You?
  6. Don't Worry 'Bout That Mule
  7. Salt Pork, West Virginia
  8. Paper Boy
  9. Don't Worry 'Bout That Mule
  10. Reconversion Blues
  11. It's So Easy
  12. Beware, Brother, Beware
  13. Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
  14. Choo Choo Ch'Boogie
  15. Ain't That Just Like a Woman
  16. That Chick's Too Young to Fry
  17. No Sale
  18. If It's Love You Want Baby, That's Me
  19. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
  20. Let the Good Times Roll
  21. All for the Love of Lil
  22. Texas and Pacific
  23. Jack, You're Dead!
  24. Reet Petite and Gone
  25. Sure Had a Wonderful Time
  26. I Know What You're Putting Down
  27. Open the Door, Richard

Disc 5

  1. Friendship
  2. Open the Door, Richard
  3. Boogie Woogie Blue Plate
  4. Barnyard Boogie
  5. Every Man to His Own Profession
  6. Early in the Morning
  7. Run Joe
  8. Look Out
  9. Beans and Corn Bread
  10. Have You Got the Gumpton?
  11. We Can't Agree
  12. Chicky-Mo, Craney-Crow
  13. Roamin' Blues
  14. Inflation Blues
  15. You're Much Too Fat (And That's That)
  16. Chug Chug Boogie
  17. There'll Be No Days Like That
  18. Pettin' and Pokin'
  19. You're on the Right Track, Baby
  20. Don't Burn the Candle at Both Ends
  21. Why'd You Do It Baby?
  22. Daddy-O
  23. Safe, Sane and Single
  24. I Know What I've Got, Don't Know What I'm Getting
  25. You Broke Your Promise
  26. Push-Ka Pee-Shee Pie (The Saga of Saga Boy)

Disc 6

  1. Cole Slaw
  2. Beans and Corn Bread
  3. Onion
  4. Baby's Gonna Go, Bye-Bye
  5. Heed My Warning
  6. Psycho-Loco
  7. School Days (When We Were Kids)
  8. Hungry Man
  9. Love You 'Til Your Money's Gone Blues
  10. Saturday Night Fish Fry, Pts. 1-2
  11. I Want a Roof Over My Head
  12. Show Me How (You Milk the Cow)
  13. Blue Light Boogie, Pt. 1-2
  14. Tamburitza Boogie
  15. (You Dyed Your Hair) Chartreuse
  16. Lemonade
  17. It's a Great, Great Pleasure
  18. You Will Always Have a Friend
  19. Louisville Lodge Meeting
  20. Trouble Then Satisfaction
  21. Crazy Baby
  22. Life Is So Peculiar
  23. You Rascal You
  24. Teardrops from My Eyes

Disc 7

  1. If You've Got Some Place to Go
  2. Weak Minded Blues
  3. Is My Pop in There?
  4. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
  5. If You're So Smart How Come You Ain't Rich?
  6. Trust in Me
  7. Louisville Lodge Meeting
  8. How Blue Can You Get?
  9. Happy Birthday Boogie
  10. May Every Day Be Christmas
  11. Please Don't Leave Me
  12. Bone Dry
  13. I Love That Kinda Carryin' On
  14. Three Handed Woman
  15. Fat Sam from Birmingham
  16. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
  17. Garmoochie
  18. There Must Be a Way
  19. Come and Get It
  20. Stop Makin' Music
  21. Slow Down
  22. Work, Baby Work
  23. Never Trust a Woman
  24. All of Me
  25. There Goes My Heart
  26. Lay Something on the Bar (Besides Your Elbow)
  27. Gimme Gimmie Blues

Disc 8

  1. Junco Partner
  2. Time Marches On
  3. Azure-Te (Paris Blues)
  4. Oil Well, Texas
  5. There's Nothing Else That I Can Do
  6. Jordan For President
  7. The Soon-A-Baby
  8. There's Nothing Else That I Can Do
  9. The Soon-A-Baby
  10. You Didn't Want Me Baby
  11. A Man's Best Friend Is a Bed
  12. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
  13. It's Better to Wait for Love
  14. Only Yesterday
  15. Just Like a Butterfly (That's Caught in the Rain)
  16. Hog Wash
  17. House Party
  18. Everything That's Made of Wood
  19. I Want You to Be My Baby
  20. You Know It Too
  21. Locked Up
  22. I Gotta Move
  23. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
  24. If It's True
  25. Wake Up Jacob
  26. Lollypop
  27. Perdido

Disc 9

  1. Stone Cold Dead in the Market (He Had It Coming)
  2. Petootie Pie
  3. Petootie Pie
  4. Baby, It's Cold Outside
  5. Don't Cry, Cry Baby
  6. Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own
  7. I'll Never Be Free

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Louis Jordan   Primary Artist,Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Vocals
Eddie Boyd   Drums
Bing Crosby   Vocals
Bill Doggett   Piano
Ella Fitzgerald   Vocals
Bill Jennings   Electric Guitar
Hank Jones   Piano
Oliver Nelson   Alto Saxophone
Wild Bill Davis   Piano
Freddy Webster   Trumpet
Louis Armstrong   Track Performer
William Austin   Piano
Dallas Bartley   Bass
Ray Brown   Bass
Bob Burgess   Trombone
Bob Bushnell   Bass
Eddie Byrd   Drums
Calypso Boys   Maracas,Claves
Alfred Cobbs   Trombone
John Collins   Electric Guitar
Leon Comegys   Trombone
Maxwell Davis   Tenor Saxophone
Marty Flax   Baritone Saxophone
Leonard Graham   Trumpet
William K. "Billy" Hadnott   Bass
Carl Hogan   Electric Guitar
Aaron Izenhall   Trumpet
Josh Jackson   Tenor Saxophone
Thurber Jay   Electric Bass
Money Johnson   Trumpet
Wilmore Slick Jones   Drums
John Kirkwood   Drums
Chester Lane   Piano
John Malachi   Piano
Walter Martin   Drums
Bobby Mitchell   Trumpet
Morgan   Bass
Bert Payne   Electric Guitar
Reuben Phillips   Tenor Saxophone
Eddie Roane   Trumpet
Kenneth Roane   Trumpet
Stafford Simon   Clarinet,Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Jesse "Po" Simpkins   Bass
Charlie Smith   Drums
Arnold Thomas   Piano
Henry Turner   Bass
Earle Warren   Baritone Saxophone
Shadow Wilson   Drums
Kenneth Hollon   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Lem Johnson   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Vic Lourie   Claves
Alex "Razz" Mitchell   Drums
Jimmy Peterson   Piano
Charlie Rice   Drums
Mabel Robinson   Vocals
Roger Sturgis   Vocals
Valliford   Vocals
Courtney Williams   Trumpet
Daisy Winchester   Vocals
Joe Morris   Drums
Martha Davis   Vocals
Bob Mitchell   Trumpet
Charles Drayton   Bass
Irving "Skinny" Brown   Tenor Saxophone
Rossiere "Shadow" Wilson   Drums
Yack Taylor   Vocals
Clarence Johnson   Piano
Harry Dialmaracas   Maracas
Fred Simon   Tenor Saxophone
Orchestra   Track Performer
James Wright   Tenor Saxophone

Technical Credits

Bill Doggett   Composer
Leonard Feather   Composer
Louis Jordan   Composer,Contributor
Pinetop Smith   Composer
Jimmy McHugh   Composer
Don Redman   Composer
Carson Robison   Composer
Denver Darling   Composer
T-Bone Walker   Composer
Dallas Bartley   Composer
Bob Carter   Composer
Alfred Cobbs   Composer
Dorothy Fields   Composer
David Franklin   Composer
Milt Gabler   Composer,Producer
Wayne Grey   Composer
Hite   Composer
Nelson Riddle   Orchestra Director
Leo Robin   Composer
Phil Schaap   Disc Dub
Mark Wilder   Disc Dub
Clarence Williams   Composer
J. Mayo Williams   Composer,Producer
Peter Grendysa   Liner Notes,Biographical Information
Frank Luther   Composer
Courtney Williams   Composer
Vasil Crienica   Composer
Vaughn Horton   Composer
Phil Wells   Tape Comparison
Bernardo Cosachov   Disc Dub
Hoffmann Nienburg   Artwork
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer
Arthur Johnston   Composer
Skeets Tolbert   Composer
Billy Moore   Composer
Seymour Simons   Composer
Gerald Marks   Composer
Claude Demetrius   Composer
Doris Fisher   Composer
L. Wolfe Gilbert   Composer
Fleecie Moore   Composer
Sydney Robin   Composer
Bill Austin   Composer
J. Leslie McFarland   Composer
Irving Taylor   Composer
Bill Tennyson   Composer
Sam Theard   Composer
Joe Willoughby   Composer
Edna Alexander   Composer
Gus Bentley   Composer
Jerry Bresler   Composer
Gus Edwards   Composer
Larry Wynn   Composer
Will D. Cobb   Composer
Jimmy Davis   Composer
Joe Greene   Composer
Yack Taylor   Composer
Allan Roberts   Composer
Morry Lasco   Composer
Dick Adams   Composer
Walt Barrows   Composer
Bernard Zee   Composer
Libby Zee   Composer
Duke Groaner   Composer
Charlie Stewart   Composer
Leo Hickman   Composer
Antonio Cosey   Composer
Brooks. Harvey   Composer
Ted Delaney   Composer
Georgia South   Composer
Walter Merrick   Composer
Collenane Clark   Composer
Matthew Strange   Composer
Lewis F. Muir   Composer
Emmet "Babe" Wallace   Composer
Bob Astor   Composer
Hans Lengsfelder   Composer

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