Let's Talk Jewish: 99 Questions Christians Would Like to Ask Jews

Let's Talk Jewish: 99 Questions Christians Would Like to Ask Jews


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Learn why Jews believe what they believe, not what you thought they should believe. You'll be surprised, and maybe even excited to learn something new.

Let's Talk Jewish is nothing more than an attempt to present ideas and teachings that are dear to all Jews and Christians. We feel the greatest blessing will come, if after reading one page, you the reader can sit back and say, "I never really looked at it that way." When that happens our goal will have been accomplished. This book is meant to be used, marked up, studied, not admired.

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ISBN-13: 9780595192298
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/27/2001
Pages: 248
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Table of Contents

Question #1What is the Sabbath Meal31
Question #2Did Any Jews Fight in the American Revolution33
Question #3Does the Jew Believe That the Year 2000 is a New Millenium34
Question #4What is the Purpose of the Srullcap35
Question #5What Exactly is a Rabbi and What Does (S)he Do36
Question #6Why Do Some Jews Always Wear Black38
Question #7When did Jews First Come to America39
Question #8Who are the Jews of Ethiopia40
Question #9What is Yiddish, Aramaic, Ladino41
Question #10May Anyone Attend A Jewish Religious Service43
Question #11What is the Function of the Menorah in Judaism and why do some of Them Have Seven Stems for Candles While some Have Nine44
Question #12Do Jews Mind Christians Trying to 'Witness' to Them About Jesus46
Question #13Why is the Wearing of Tatooes Prohibited in the Jewish Religion48
Question #14What is the Jewish Concept of Prayer49
Question #15What Should I Know About the Jewish Sabbath in Order Not to Offend my Jewish Friends52
Question #16Does Judaism Have a Creed55
Question #17I am Unclear on Exactly What Keeping Kosher Involves. I Thought it Involved not Eating Pork. Can You Help Me Understand What is Involved58
Question #18Is Modern Israel Still G-Ds Land of Promise to the Jew62
Question #19I am not Quite Sure What A Synagogue is. Is it Like A Church. What is the Difference Between A Synagogue and A Temple64
Question #20Could You Please Tell Me More About the Synagogue67
Question #21What is Zionism70
Question #22Do all Jews Use some Type of Prayer Book in Their Worship Services72
Question #23Sammy Davis Converted to Judaism. How Does One Who is Not 'Born' a Jew, Become One73
Question #24How Long is the Jewish Day75
Question #25I Went to the Funeral of A Jewish Classmate's Mother, It was Very, Very Different From a Christian Service. Tell Me about Jewish Burial Rites and Mourning Rituals75
Question #26What is Judaism as a Religion79
Question #27How does the Jewish Calendar Work81
Question #28What is a Kibbvtz83
Question #29What is a Kevutzah83
Question #30How Many Jews Live in Israel? In the Rest of the World84
Question #31What Would Be the Easiest Way for Me to Study-up on Jewish Beliefs and Customs85
Question #32How do Jews View the Rapture85
Question #33What is the Jewish Concept of the Holy Spirit of G-D86
Question #34Why don't all Jews Live in Israel87
Question #35What Does Shalom Mean89
Question #36How Old is the Written Torah89
Question #37How do You Set a Sabbath Table90
Question #38Where do Observant Jews Believe the Garden of Eden was Located91
Question #39Do Jews Celebrate Christmas92
Question #40I Thought Ghettoes Were Only in the United States. But a Jewish Friend Tells Me They Were First Located in Europe. Where did the Ghetto Come from93
Question #41How Long does a Jewish Sabbath Service Last96
Question #42Do Jews Refer to G-D as Jehovah96
Question #43What is the Jewish Reaction to the Apostle Paul's Statement that: "All Who Recieve Jesus as Their Saviour are Now The Chosen People97
Question #44What is a Mitzvah98
Question #45What Importance if any, does the Red Heifer Have in Modern Jewish Ritual102
Question #46Do Jews Accept the New Testament of the Holy Bible as G-D Given Scripture103
Question #47Is the Jewish Tanakh the Same as the Old Testament Scriptures Found in the Bible Christians Use104
Question #48Do Men and Women Still Sit Separately in the Synagogue105
Question #49Why is Circumcision Important to Jews106
Question #50Please Explain Judaism's Perception of the Bodily Resurrection109
Question #51What does the Jew Feel G-D Meant When the Commandment to not Worship an Idol was Given at Mount Sinai112
Question #52I Have Been Told That Jews Feel That the Christian was Never Required to Keep Jewish Religious Law. Something About the Gentile Being Under the Noahide Laws. Can You Please Tell Me What the Noahide Laws Are116
Question #53What is the Purpose of The Sabbath Eve Candles119
Question #54When do the Jews Believe That the Third Temple Will Be Built122
Question #55I am Going to the Yom Kippur Service With a Friend. This is My First Time to Participate In a Jewish Service. What is Yom Kippur124
Question #56How Does a Person Know Or Prove He is Jewish127
Question #57Could I Have Jewish Ancestors? Would There Be any Way to Find Out128
Question #58Why did The Jews not Try To Fight Back Against Germany? Why were They so Quiet? Why did The Father Die, and the Mother, and Each of the Children without a Single Protest129
Question #59Who was Rabbi Gamaliel Of the New Testament132
Question #60How Significant is Masada to the Jew Today133
Question #61What is the Talmud134
Question #62After the Destruction of the Temple, What Was the Synagogue Service Like135
Question #63What is the Purpose of a Prayer Shawl137
Question #64What is the Sh'ma and Where Did the Name Come From138
Question #65I Heard a Jew Say That he is Prohibited From Prayer to G-D Without First Fulfilling Some Preconditions. What Are Those Requirements139
Question #66Why Are There so Many Jewish Doctors and Lawyers140
Question #67Would You Please Describe What the Jew Thinks G-D Might Look Like143
Question #68Why Do Some Jews Leave Out the Vowel "O" When Writing the Name of G-D144
Question #69Do Jews Still Offer Animal Sacrifice145
Question #70Is There A Modern Day Jewish High Priest? If So, How is he Chosen149
Question #71Why Have the Jews Been the Target For Hate Crimes, Expulsion, and Annihilation, in a Capsule, Why Antisemitism150
Question #72Are Jews Aware That Some Christians Believe That the 144,000 Witnesses in the Book of Revelation Are Jews152
Question #73Who Were the Saddvcees153
Question #74Please Explain to Me What the Jewish Holidays (Pilgrim Festivals) Are155
Question #75Please Explain the Five Fasts and the Lesser (Minor) Holidays158
Question #76What is the Ark of the Covenant161
Question #77Can you Tell Me What the Names of the Jewish Months Are, and What Important Dates Do Each Contain163
Question #78What is a Shofar? What is it Vsed for164
Question #79Who Were the Essenes? What is Their Relationship With John the Baptist168
Question #80When 1 Think of Jewish Clergy, 1 Think of the Pharisees and Scribes. Are There Still Pharisees and Scribes Today171
Question #81How do Jewish Communities View Jews Who Convert to Christianity173
Question #82My Neighbor Has a Small Scroll Looking Object on His Doorpost. Are They Jewish? I Thovght Jews Were not Allowed Icons. is This Item Some Type of Religious Icon or Artifact174
Question #83Do Jews Believe That the Temple Will Have to Be Rebuilt Before Messiah Arrives175
Question #84In Every Religious Book Store, I See Books About Jewish Mysticism or Kabbalah. Please Explain179
Question #85Do American Jews Study and Read the Bible Like Many Christians182
Question #86I'm not Quite Sure What the B'nal B'rith Does. Are They Like a Service Club184
Question #87A Friend at Work is Hosting a "Bar Mitzvah" for Her Son. I Have Been Invited to Attend the Ceremony. Help186
Question #88What Does it Mean for a Jew to Study Torah188
Question #89What Does the Word Midrash Mean190
Question #90Explain How the Mishnah and Oral Traditions Work192
Question #91Is the Mishnah Laid Out Like the Bible194
Question #92What Exactly is a Semite197
Question #93Who Directs the Music in a Synagogue Service197
Question #94What is the Tosifta199
Question #95Do Synagogues Use Musical Instruments200
Question #96Why is it so Important to Plant a Tree in Israel202
Question #97Do Jews Blame Christians For the Holocaust203
Question #98I Read an Aritcle in Which the Phrase 'Outside the Pale' Was Used Referring to Jewish Cities in Russia. Could You Please Explain208
Question #99Why Does the Jew Have Such a Difficult Time Accepting Jesus as the Messiah209
Suggested Reading Materials Bibliography, and Sources for additional information and study215

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Let's Talk Jewish: 99 Questions Christians Would Like to Ask Jews 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I found the book to be very readable, and learned much about the Jewish faith, I never knew, I never knew. Anyone with Jewish friends/family should read this book.