Letters to Penthouse XI: Where Your Wildest Fantasies Come True

Letters to Penthouse XI: Where Your Wildest Fantasies Come True

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In these uninhibited letters to Penthouse magazine, the writers reveal everything that goes on behind closed doors, as well as in back and front seats of cars, locked offices, airplane toilets and other places.

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ISBN-13: 9780446608503
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 12/28/2000
Series: Letters to Penthouse Series , #11
Edition description: Reissue
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 726,621
Product dimensions: 4.25(w) x 6.75(h) x 1.00(d)

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Letters to Penthouse XI

Where Your Wildest Fantasies Come True
By Penthouse International

Grand Central Publishing

Copyright © 2000 Penthouse International
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780446608503

Swinging & Swapping


A girlfriend of mine at work showed me my first copy of your magazine about a year ago. She and her husband like to read the letters together as a way of enhancing their sex life. We would sneak off to lunch or break and read through the letters.

One time we were giggling about the exploits of a wife who had cheated on her husband many times. The husband not only knew about her infidelity but actually encouraged her to sleep around. He most enjoyed sex with her right after she had been with another man. I told Donna that I couldn't imagine doing such a thing to Keith, my husband. Besides, I didn't think he would get turned on by such a kinky activity.

I admitted that the idea of sleeping with a new lover every once in a while did get me aroused. Donna looked very sly for a moment, and said I would be surprised how many men fantasize about that stuff. Her husband had bought Penthouse Letters for years before they met.

When Donna found out about it, she just thought he liked the sexy stories and the pictures. After she started reading the letters, she asked him what he liked about the magazine. It became quite clear that he liked the letters about unfaithful wives.

I asked her if she had ever really thought of doing it, to which she replied, “Remember Andy, the guy who used to work with me? He transferred over to the other division a while ago.”

I told her I remembered. Andy was a lot younger than we were; Donna is in her late twenties and I am thirty-three. He was a nice-looking guy with dark hair and blue eyes, about twenty-two or so. I remember him flirting with Donna.

Donna blushed a deep red and then blurted out that she had been sleeping with Andy for over a year. Not only that, but her husband knew about it!

I was flabbergasted. I had known her for five years and I had no idea. Keith and I did social things with them all the time. The younger of our two daughters was best friends with Donna's daughter. She swore me to secrecy, saying she just had to tell somebody. She went on to say that the idea that she find a lover had been her husband's, and when she'd told him about Andy's advances, it had been his idea for her to go for it. She said her sex life had never been better, both at home and otherwise.

This revelation about one of my best friends was pretty outrageous. I tried not to think about it too much, because whenever I did I started to feel my own urge to stray. I really didn't think Keith would understand. I loved him dearly and I would never do anything to hurt him, but the idea of having a fling or two was very appealing.

It sounds terrible, but I knew several men who I wanted to sleep with. There was this man, Stan, who I had recently met at a trade show and found very attractive. There was another guy, Bruce, in our corporate headquarters, who was always coming on to me.

Then there was a friend of Donna's who I met a couple times, Lamont, who is black. He hadn't known I was married and had asked Donna if I was available. It seemed very naughty, but I had always wondered what it would be like to sleep with a black man.

Keith and I had been married for almost fourteen years and I didn't want to screw up what had proven to be a great marriage. We got married soon after I graduated from high school and we started a family soon after. Keith is a few years older than I am. He's nice-looking, stays in pretty good shape and is a good lover. However, I had noticed that the frequency of our sexual activity had gone down a lot in the last two years or so.

Quite frankly, I have never been more interested in sex in my life. I would never leave Keith, but the sexual frustration I was feeling just seemed to get worse. When Donna told me about her affair, that was the last straw. I couldn't just go out and have a one-night stand. I couldn't do that to my husband. I wasn't sure what I was going to do just yet, but I knew something new and exciting was on the horizon.

One evening I told Keith about what Donna had revealed to me. I was very surprised at his reaction. He wanted to know all the details of her illicit activity. After I told him we ended up fucking like crazy. Keith had always been very curious about my sexual experiences before he met me.

There wasn't that much to tell. I had been with two guys, and both of them were steady boyfriends. There were no steamy one-night stands or anything too racy.

His reaction to Donna's affair made me wonder if I should reveal my own extra-marital desires.

A few days later I brought up the subject of Donna again, with some hot new details. Again he got very aroused, and then totally blew me away by asking if I had ever thought of having an affair myself.

I put on the faithful wife routine and said I would never do anything to hurt him. But I added, “It wasn't Donna's idea to have an affair—her husband gave her permission to do it. That would be different, if you knew and approved.”

Keith said it would be interesting to try some new experiences. He always seemed disappointed that I had not been a bit more of a “bad girl” when I was younger. Now he was going to find out first-hand.

My first opportunity to try out my new-found freedom was a convention and trade show that I knew Stan would be attending. The first day of the convention, I looked for him as I went about my business. By late morning I had talked to someone who had seen him. With a little more looking, I found him and made a big deal of “running into” him. I asked him if he had any plans for lunch, and we left to find a restaurant.

Over lunch, it was pretty obvious that he had less than honorable intentions toward me. We ended up making plans for dinner that evening. I suggested that we meet at my hotel and eat there. They had a very good restaurant, and we wouldn't have to bother with taxis or anything.

I dressed much more provocatively than I had in years for my night out. I had bought my outfit especially for this occasion. I put on a very short, tight, dark red dress with sheer black pantyhose. The dress accentuated my narrow waist and made my rather full bottom look great. I put on a black push-up bra that made my 36C tits look even bigger. I finished it off with the full makeup routine and a set of four-inch heels.

I let my long, honey-blonde hair down over my shoulders and left to meet my date. Stan couldn't believe his eyes when I met him in the lobby. Normally quite talkative, he seemed a little short on words as we walked to the restaurant. All through dinner he was beside himself. It was very satisfying and arousing to know I still could have this effect on men. I consider myself quite pretty, but I had always felt I was a little big through the hips, and having two kids didn't help. Keith always told me how attractive I was, but it was especially nice to hear it from a new and very nice-looking man.

As the evening got late, Stan asked if I wanted to go for a nightcap. I said I'd love to, but I was getting a little tired. I suggested we go up to my room for a drink. He must have been thinking the same thing because he jumped at the idea.

Inside my room I turned and put my arms around him. I kissed him deeply as I loosened his belt and reached up under his shirt. I soon felt his hands roaming over my behind and up to my waist. I removed his jacket and shirt and then undid his pants. I just let them drop to the floor around his ankles.

As he was stepping out of them, I pulled his boxers down to reveal a very large uncircumcised penis. I knelt down and slipped his foreskin back as I took the head into my mouth. I felt my pussy getting very wet. His cock tasted great, and the smell of his manhood was strong and enticing. For some reason, I had never done this to my husband, maybe because nice married ladies don't do such things. I, however, was no longer a nice lady, and licked and kissed his big boner with lust.

It was not long before I had to have him inside me. He was already naked, but I still had my dress on. As I kicked off my shoes he turned me around and lifted my dress up to my waist. I put my hands on his and we pulled my pantyhose down over my hips. As he knelt down to finish removing them, he kissed me on my behind and massaged my cheeks. I instinctively bent over on the bed to give him better access. He soon found that I was already very wet and ready for him.

He pushed my dress up around my waist and pressed his cock against my swollen lips. I felt his big penis stretch my pussy wide open as he pushed himself into me. His cock was much bigger than my husband's, and I felt myself starting to approach an orgasm within minutes. He went slowly at first, and then more quickly as he bounced against my big cheeks. He stroked his big boner in and out of me as I felt the big one coming on.

After what seemed like an hour, he started to shudder and shake as he thrust into me with one more powerful stroke. His cock swelled and pulsed and I could feel the faint sensation of his semen squirting inside me.

I went over the edge with a barely muffled scream as I pressed back against him to get his cock inside me all the way. I never did get my dress off!

We slept together four more times over the next few days. We took a little more time getting to know each other after the first night, and I finally did get all my clothes off! I even sucked him to orgasm and let him come in my mouth. That was the first time I had ever done that.

The change that came over Keith after I told him about my exploits was amazing. We had sex every day for two or three weeks after that. Unfortunately, he eventually seemed to lose interest again, and I decided that I was going to have to spice things up on a regular basis. Stan lived about three hours from us, and I started to see him about once a week. I had also been curious about Bruce. He was very good-looking and had the reputation of being a good lover. He had dated a friend of mine recently but they broke up when she got back together with her ex-husband. This friend had told me that Bruce was good in bed.

Then there was Lamont. After I returned from the convention, Keith was encouraging me to explore some more, so I asked Donna for more information about Lamont. It seems he preferred white women and had found me very attractive.

Donna said he was hung like a horse. She had that sly look in her eyes, so I asked her how she knew. My dear friend, it seems, had been a little naughtier than I first thought. She had slept with Lamont also.

Keith really enjoyed the stories about my meetings with Stan. Now he wanted to make love to me right after I had been with someone else, just as Donna's husband had with her. I thought this would be a good time to see if I could get Bruce or Lamont in the sack.

The next day Donna informed me that everything was set up, and all I had to do was give Lamont a call. So I did. We made plans to meet for drinks near his place. We ended up back at his place and in bed in record time. Lamont turned out to be great in the sack, and Donna's description of his cock was not an exaggeration.

I sucked him as best I could, but his cock was almost too big to get into my mouth. The dark color of his skin and the dark purple head of his big dick were immense turn-ons. As I lay back against the pillows with my legs spread wide to let him enter me, his cock just seemed to keep sliding into me forever. I wondered about being able to fit his whole cock inside me, but I soon felt his big testicles press against my bottom.

He stretched me out like no man had before. I watched with amazement as his shiny black penis slipped in and out of my pussy. Lamont fucked the hell out of me and brought me to an orgasm that felt like an earthquake had hit.

We made plans to meet again as I got dressed. On my way home my pussy was so wet and hot that I almost brought myself to climax at a stoplight!

Keith was waiting for me as I walked through the door. Just as I had promised him, I hadn't cleaned up at all. My lipstick was smeared, and my tight jeans were showing a big wet spot between my legs. He almost tore the clothes off me as we kissed and groped each other. He knelt in front of me and pulled my pants down, then my soaked panties. He buried his face in my sticky bush as he laid me down on the bed. After he licked me to orgasm, he positioned himself so he could enter me.

With my pussy all wet and stretched out from Lamont's big cock, my husband slipped his dick in easily. He moaned about how slick and hot I felt, and he came very quickly, adding his load to Lamont's.

I saw Lamont several times in the next few months, but he was not very interesting aside from his large equipment. I still see Stan fairly often, and eventually linked up with Bruce a couple of times. I also had two one-night stands with old boyfriends at a recent class reunion. Each of those times Keith waited in the car outside our motel room and then joined me for seconds after they had left.

Then something happened that changed this whole cozy arrangement. Keith had had a vasectomy a few years after our second child was born. And while sleeping with my new lovers, I had been a little careless about birth control. And Keith always enjoyed the feeling of slipping his cock into my pussy after I had let them come inside me. Well, you guessed it. I got pregnant. Keith was very understanding, and he says he loves me more than ever. Amazingly, our relationship is even better than before. We fuck like crazy all the time. Keith is such a great guy! And I know that when he reads this he'll need me for release.—H.G., Portland, Oregon


I recently made a wager with my wife Sharon, to whom I have been married for eleven years. My contention was that any of my male friends would fuck her if she gave them a chance. She couldn't believe that my friends would do that. But I told her that a hard dick has no conscience.

The bet was that if the guys went along with it when she made herself available, then she had to fuck or suck them without telling them I knew about it. If I lost, and my friends turned her down because of our friendship, then I would cook dinner every night for a week.

The first test came the night of our company Christmas party. Most of my friends were there with their wives. I told Sharon that I would pretend to be sick and go home early. Then she could ask one of the guys to take her home later.

We decided on Frank, whose wife happened to be visiting her family that week. Frank had been a friend of mine for about four years. He often boasted about how he would never cheat on his wife. He talked about how he loved her and how she always satisfied him at home, so he did not need or want any other woman.

Sharon told me later that after I left the party she started dancing with several of my friends, who seemed concerned about her getting home safely. Frank appeared to be particularly interested in talking to her, and when she agreed to let him take her home he seemed eager to leave the party. She said he was a little tipsy, and started talking about sex before they got into the car.

He told her how his wife was gone a lot and did not have an interest in sex anymore. He said he wished he could find a married woman who did not want any commitments to have sex with on occasion. With that he leaned across to kiss her, and his hands immediately went to her tits, squeezing and massaging them eagerly.

Sharon said it felt strange letting another man fondle her tits, but admitted that the unfamiliar touch was exciting. She allowed him to open her shirt and pull her bra down to play with her naked breasts. She couldn't believe she was sitting there in a car with this friend of mine while he openly fondled her bare tits. He began to suck them as he placed her hand on his cock. She stroked it through his pants until he pulled his zipper down and took his dick out.

Then she started jacking him off in the car. He told her he wanted to take her somewhere to finish what they had started. When he started the car, he guided her head down to his lap. She admitted that it was kind of exciting, giving him head while he drove. She felt like a teenager again.

His cock was about the same size as mine, according to Sharon, but it felt different. Frank drove to a deserted spot and they got out, leaning against the side of the car. He pulled her shirt and bra away from her body, leaving her standing there naked to the waist.

Sharon said he was like a teenager, the way he grabbed her tits and played with them, his hands meanwhile pulling off her skirt and panties. Then he sat her on the hood of his car, spread her legs and put his mouth on her crotch.

Evidently Frank was quite skillful at licking pussy. He brought her to climax several times, until she was really anxious to have his cock inside her. He finally slid his prick slowly into her pussy. She said it felt different, having another man's cock in her, but it was exciting too. She really loved the feeling of being such a slut.

Frank did not last very long before he shot his load inside her. Afterwards he apologized to her and asked if she was going to say anything to me about what they had done. She assured him she would not, and they left.

I was so excited when she got home that I licked her pussy clean. I could taste his come on her pubic hair and inside the lips of her pussy. Then I fucked her with a lustful passion that I had not felt for quite a while.

Since it turned us both on to have her fuck one of my friends, we decided to try it a second time, with someone else.

Max is a friend of mine, but he is a real jerk sometimes. We planned something special for him. He is single, which made it easier to set him up. We saw him one night at a bar after work. Several of my friends were there, so we waited until after they had left. Then Sharon started dancing with Max and rubbing up against him. I could see him surreptitiously rubbing her ass. When he thought I wasn't watching, he got bolder and slid his hands up her thighs under her skirt.

He was hard when they finished the dance, but Sharon just walked off, making him walk back to the table unescorted and sporting a hard-on. She loved teasing him, and I was almost unable to keep a straight face. Of course Max tried to play it cool so I wouldn't know what he was doing. The last thing he wanted me to know was that he wanted to fuck my wife. But he wasn't too good at keeping that secret; every time she got up he would stare at her ass.

When she went to the bathroom he followed after a few minutes. When she came back, Sharon told me he had tried to kiss her in the hallway leading to the bathrooms. He had eagerly rubbed her ass, and tried to feel her tits as well. Then we decided to act on our plan.

About thirty minutes later Sharon announced she was going to the bathroom again. A minute later Max said he was going to get another drink. But I knew where he was really going. The plan was working so far.

Sharon came back after a while, laughing and saying we had better get out of there, so we did. On the way home she told me what had happened.

Max had caught her in the hallway again. This time she kissed him back, and allowed him to put his hands under her shirt to feel her breasts. She could feel his hard cock through his pants. Then she told him to let her know when the men's room was empty, so she could go into one of the stalls with him and suck his cock.

Max went for it like the fool he was. As soon as the men's room was empty he pulled her in and they went into a stall together. He immediately started taking off her shirt. She let him unbutton it and pull her bra off.

He started kissing and sucking her nipples wildly. Then he pulled her skirt up and took her panties off. There stood my wife, in a toilet stall, in front of my friend, with her naked tits exposed and her skirt pulled up over her hips as he felt her pussy.

Sharon told him to step out of his pants and underwear. As he did, she folded them neatly and placed them on the floor by the door.

Then she started stroking his cock, which was quite large. She could hear other men coming in to use the urinals, but they didn't seem to be aware of anything unusual going on.

Now she slowly started sucking Max's cock. His hands rested on the back of her head as he slowly fucked her face. She stroked and rubbed his hairy balls. She didn't want him to come yet, so she pulled his cock out of her mouth and told him to turn around so she could lick his ass. He smiled as he turned.

Then she started telling him how she was going to stick her tongue up his ass, and how after that she wanted him to lean her against the wall and fuck her from behind hard and fast, until he shot his load inside her pussy. All the time she was talking she was quickly buttoning her shirt, pulling down her skirt and gathering up his clothes from the floor. Then she reached around and gave his cock one last hard squeeze.

She put her hands on his ass and told him to lean forward and not to move. When he agreed, anticipating her tongue in his ass, she quickly opened the door and walked out of the stall. She told me she was embarrassed when several men looked at her as she walked out of the bathroom with Max's pants and underwear in her arms. But she just brought it over and laid it down on our table, and we quickly made our escape, laughing as we walked out of the bar.

It gave me a kick to imagine Max standing in the stall in just his shirt, and wondering how he was going to get out of there. It also turned me on when Sharon told me about him feeling and grabbing her tits and pussy. I loved the thought of my friends seeing my wife naked. I only wished she could have fucked him as well.

To this day, Max has never said anything to me about that night. I guess he thinks I don't know how he tried to fuck my wife, and what she did to him. Actually neither Frank nor Max has said anything to me about what they did with Sharon. But I love knowing that they have seen my wife naked, and that Frank at least has fucked her. They try to act like they would never do anything like that to a friend, and I'm sure they think the joke is on me. But they don't know how much it turns me on.—L.G., St. Joseph, Missouri


My wife Rhonda and I are in our fifties and have been married for about thirty-three years. We met in college and married shortly afterwards. We live in Nevada, but her family still lives in Idaho.

We don't really visit her family often. We were there for Christmas, and before that for Rhonda's fortieth high school reunion. It was then that I found out about Gary, her old high school sweetheart.

They had evidently dated during their last two years in high school, and then gone their own way. It seemed Rhonda wanted to go to college, and her family could afford to send her; while Gary really didn't want to go, and his family couldn't afford it anyway. Rhonda had not seen nor talked to him in almost thirty-seven years.

They met again at the reunion, and she introduced me to him. He was really a nice guy, and we all laughed at their memories of some of the juvenile things they had done together. When Rhonda went to the bathroom Gary asked me if I would mind if he asked her to dance. I told him that was fine with me. I didn't feel threatened or anything. Rhonda had never mentioned him, and I thought that she surely would have said something about him over our thirty-three years of marriage if she was still interested in him.

Upon her return he asked her to dance, and she looked at me for approval. I just smiled and agreed. Her eyes lit up, and for a second I wondered whether she was really over him after all.

I love Rhonda a lot and I want her to be happy, so it made me feel good when I saw her eyes sparkle that way. As we said our good-byes Gary gave us his address and phone number, and asked us to visit him the next time we came to Idaho. We assured him we would, and departed.

I asked Rhonda about Gary when we were alone. She told me that she did love him once, and always thought she would marry him. She said that over the two years they dated he was always trying to have sex with her. She told him that she wanted to, but she thought they should wait. She would let him touch her breasts, but that was as far as they ever went.

As Rhonda talked about him I noticed how she smiled and looked really happy. At the same time, I thought she was trying to conceal her feelings for him. I knew she loved me, but I think she wondered what her life would have been like if she had married him.

During Christmas vacation we took our kids and went to Idaho again, staying with Rhonda's family for several days. One day while the kids were out playing I suggested we call Gary to see if we could visit him. She gave me such a surprised look I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head. But she called and arranged for us to go to see him at his house.

He lived just outside of town on a nice quiet farm, with a small pond and a large barn. He loved animals and had quite a variety. He showed us around his place, and then offered us something to drink. We talked about a lot of different things, and the two of them seemed quite comfortable and happy.

I could see in Rhonda's eyes how she felt about him. I never once thought she wanted to leave me for him, but I felt she wanted to know what he was like to be with sexually, since she never got the chance when they were dating. They sat next to each other as he showed her a photo album of his kids. I saw his hand brush her leg, and she responded with a little catch of her breath.

I knew she secretly wanted him but would never tell me. Again, I never felt threatened. I just wanted her to be happy and never have any regrets. While they sat next to each other on the sofa, I excused myself to go look at his animals.

I kissed Rhonda on the forehead and smiled at her warmly, saying that I would be back in about thirty minutes or so. She looked deep into my eyes and gave me a loving look. I just nodded to let her know it was okay. Then I left.

I thought about Rhonda and Gary as I walked around looking at the property and the animals. I knew what was going on in the house. I just hoped it would help Rhonda to feel that she had lived her life with no regrets, and that her desires had been fulfilled. I have never wanted to feel that I missed out on something that I wished I had done, no matter how unconventional it might be.

About thirty minutes later, Rhonda walked into the barn where I was standing. When I heard her footsteps I turned to face her, and was struck by how beautiful she looked. She just smiled at me, told me she loved me and thanked me. At that moment I realized again just how much I loved her and how badly I wanted her.

I suggested we stop at a motel on the way back to her family's house. We were undressing each other as soon as we closed the door to the motel room. I pulled her blouse from her body and admired her large breasts, covered by her lacy bra.

As I unfastened her bra her breasts drooped a little, but looked as sexy as ever. Her large nipples stood out erect and proud.

I tried to imagine what Gary had thought when he saw them. I thought that he probably grabbed them and squeezed them together. I started sucking on her nipples while wondering if Gary had done the same thing only an hour or so ago. I unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down her legs.

I gazed admiringly at my wife, standing in front of me in just her panties. I could see her dark pubic hair showing through the white material. She turned slowly around, showing me her firm round ass cheeks, and then turned back to face me, smiling warmly.

Soon I had removed her panties and she was lying on her back across the bed. I removed the rest of my clothes and lay down next to her. I gave her a deep passionate kiss to let her know everything was okay with me. More than anything I wanted her to know I loved her and understood how she felt, and why she had to do what she did, and also that I had no problem with Gary being a part of our life in the future.

I continued to kiss her as I rubbed her breasts lovingly, and then moved my hands down her body. I could feel the wetness of Gary's semen in Rhonda's pubic hair. Slowly I moved between her legs and lay on top of her. I still remember how soft her breasts felt pressed against my chest. I wondered what Gary had thought as he finally slid his penis inside Rhonda after so many years.

As I entered her I thought of how she must have felt when Gary entered her. I wondered if it would have been better for her if I had not been just outside the house while she did it. It didn't matter. As I trembled on the brink of orgasm I again thought of Gary, twitching as he felt himself about to come inside my wife; and of Rhonda, crying out with joy as her high school sweetheart emptied himself inside her.

Rhonda never told me exactly what happened in that house, and I never asked. But our marriage is as good and as strong as it ever was, and our sex life is even better. Just last night she surprised me by joining me in the shower, where she slid to her knees and gave me a fantastic blowjob while I was still trying to get the shampoo out of my hair.

I don't know what will happen the next time we go to see her family. But I will have no problem if she decides to visit Gary again. This time I will let her go alone to have more privacy. All I want is for my wife to be happy.—J.S., Reno, Nevada


My wife Tammy is crazy about black men. She loves what she sees as their raw power and strength. Our marriage is a union of her need for big black lovers and my desire to please her and keep her happy.

I knew what I was getting into before we were married. After we had been dating six months I knew I had to have her. But Tammy made it clear to me that she wasn't a one-man woman. She said, “Fred, I love you, But you wouldn't satisfy me with that little cock of yours.”

I told her I figured she was right, and I asked her what she had in mind. She said this handsome black guy at work had been hitting on her. She wanted him too, but had been afraid of me finding out. I looked at her and told her to go for it. I also said I wanted to hear all the details. Then she asked me if she should make him wear a condom, as she always insisted that I do. I said yes.

After that I didn't see or hear from Tammy for a week. Finally she showed up at my house, saying she was sorry for not calling, but that she had been with Larry, the black man. Then she told me the details.

“Fred, Larry has a cock twice the size of yours, and it's really thick. He reaches places you could never get to. The reason why I haven't called you is because I've been sleeping with Larry every night. I hope you're not mad.”

“No,” I said. “I just want you to be happy.”

“Another thing,” Tammy said. “Larry only used a condom twice. He was complaining it was too tight, so he stopped. And Fred, I love it that way! Larry shoots so much creamy seed in me that I'll never be the same! Fred, do you still love me after all I've told you?”

“Yes, Tammy, I do.”

“Good, Fred, that's all I needed to know. Fred, do me a favor. Please eat my pussy. Larry has made me so sore down there. I need a rubdown with your tongue.”

As I started licking and sucking her pussy I realized it was wetter than usual. “That's right, Fred,” Tammy said. “It's Larry's come you're eating. Do you like it?”

“Like it?” I said. “I love it! Marry me!”

“Are you sure?”


“You know I might be pregnant,” she said.

“That's okay. I will always love you and Larry's kids. I wouldn't want it any other way.”

Tammy was so happy she said she would let me fuck her, but she wanted me to use a condom, as she didn't want my sperm to get mixed up with Larry's. I was fine with that. After we fucked and I had filled that condom with my jism, Tammy asked me to dump the contents down my throat. She wanted me to get used to the taste. She had a date with Larry later on, and she said she would come back afterwards and let me eat his sperm from her cunt.

I was perfectly happy to take second place to Larry in Tammy's sex life. I knew she would always take black cock over mine, but still we set a date and got married. We took Larry along on our honeymoon, and most of the time it was his cock that was in my wife's beautiful pussy. But finally I got to watch. The first time I could hardly believe my eyes. Tammy must have come three times in fifteen minutes with Larry's cock pounding away at her. It was so exciting watching her cunt getting filled up with Larry's seed. Afterwards Tammy looked at me, pointed to her crotch and said, “Fred, I've got your wedding present down here!” I tell you, Larry was fascinated watching me eat his seed out of my wife's cunt.

Well, that's how it's been for the last four years or so. Tammy lets me fuck her with a condom on occasion, but not too often. She says she can't feel my cock, so why bother? And she knows I always get satisfaction out of eating her sweet pussy.

I love her so much, and just want her to be happy.—F.E., Pensacola, Florida


Two very significant things happened to me last year. Early in the year my wife Dana began taking testosterone supplements for her menopause, which kicked her sex drive into high gear. Then she decided she needed a new body and had her tummy tucked, her face lifted and her breasts augmented from a sagging A-cup to a firm C-cup.

I got a real charge out of watching other men stare at my wife's new saline-inflated boobs. The only down side was that she absolutely refused to flaunt them. That's when I began teasing her about taking her to a strip joint and having her give me a lap dance. The more I teased her, the more I became obsessed with making it happen.

This past weekend all the ingredients finally came together. The kids were out of town, so we made plans to go out for a romantic dinner and then to a nightclub for some drinking and dancing. Then we were going to come home for some hot and kinky sex. Only Dana didn't know that I had a different plan in mind.

On the night in question she made things real easy, as if she actually wanted my fantasy to come true. First of all she wore a tailored red dress that did a good job of showcasing her shapely new body. Underneath it she wore a white bra with matching panties, garter belt, stockings and white high-heeled sandals.

At our candlelit dinner she discarded her usual two-drink rule and had five glasses of wine. Alcohol does a great job of killing her inhibitions, and the wine put her in a very lascivious mood. After dinner we drove to a certain club I know that caters to gentlemen but also welcomes couples.

Dana was in such a fog that she didn't realize what kind of club it was until we were sitting at our table. When she figured it out, she grabbed my arm and said, “I'll stay, but I'm not stripping for you.”

We sat there for about an hour, drinking and watching the dancers, and then these two handsome young hunks sat down at the table next to us. They soon began eyeing my wife and smiling at her, and when she didn't object I began to sense some kind of sexual chemistry building between them. After a while I noticed that the guys were staring at Dana's legs. I looked down at her crossed legs and saw that she had opened a couple of buttons and folded her dress open to a point where they could see the tops of her stockings.

I began getting aroused as I sat there thinking of all the sexual possibilities. Figuring things might heat up more quickly if I wasn't there, I headed off to the men's room. On my return, my cock began to harden when I found the two hunks sitting at our table talking to Dana.

She introduced them to me as Tommy and Chuck, from Houston. The more we talked and drank, the more flirtatious Dana got with them. The sexual innuendos were getting thick and heavy, and finally Chuck flipped out a hundred-dollar bill and asked the pertinent question. “How about a lap dance?”

The alcohol had done its job. Dana picked up the money, leaned over to me and said, “Here's what you've been longing for.” As the band began a new number she stood between Chuck's outspread legs and slowly started a seductive, gyrating dance. Even in her tipsy state she gave a pretty good performance.

Everyone in our area was watching my wife as she slowly unbuttoned the front of her dress. She carefully peeled the dress off and threw it to me. Then she stuffed the hundred-dollar bill into the waistband of her panties. A couple of other men came up and deposited more money in her panties. She turned her back to Chuck and he unsnapped her bra. She teasingly removed it, exposing those luscious, firm tits for everyone to drool over, and then draped the bra over Chuck's head.

Even though she wasn't dancing for me, I still felt pretty good watching my favorite fantasy finally coming true. There was my forty-something wife, wearing only panties, garter belt, stockings and high heels, shaking her perfect 36C tits inches from Chuck's face.

The number ended, and Dana sat on Chuck's lap as everyone in the surrounding area gave a big round of applause. She wrapped her arm around Chuck's neck and gave him a long French kiss as he bravely copped a quick feel. Then she got up, gulped down the last of her beer and said loudly, “Take me home, honey. I need to be fucked!”

I quickly helped her on with her dress, and we made a hasty retreat out of the club. When we got to our car, instead of getting in the front seat Dana crawled into the back, lay down, and removed her panties. “Come on, honey,” she said breathlessly. “Fuck me. Fuck me right now.”

After her little performance I was more than ready to accommodate her request. I dropped my pants, slid in on top of her and aligned my hard-on with her hungry pussy. Just as I penetrated her fully there was a sudden rap on the window. I looked up, and there were Tommy and Chuck, looking in at us and holding up my wife's bra. By now Dana was totally out of control. She reached back to open the door and then pulled down Tommy's zipper as she told him, “I need to suck your cock.”

I paused with my pulsing dick deep inside my wife as she bent her head back, opened her mouth wide and engulfed the grinning stud's nine-inch erection. Watching that strange cock sliding in and out of my wife's mouth was more eroticism than my cock could stand. I started plunging into her pussy, and it only took a few strokes before I was filling her hot hole with the biggest load of my life.

I backed out and jumped into the front seat. Chuck, pulling out his own sizable shlong, took my place, moving between Dana's outstretched legs and ramming the full length of his erection into her hot pussy. I knelt up on the seat and watched, hardly able to believe I was observing my once-virgin bride, now a mother of two, eagerly taking on two studs almost half her age.

It was a good thing she had her high heels firmly planted against the roof of the car, because Chuck was driving into her like a jackhammer. It only took about ten hard thrusts before Dana spat out Tommy's cock and went into a massive convulsive orgasm. Chuck kept ramming her at a torrid pace. A few moments later he arched his back, driving his tool fully into her, then let out a loud grunt and became only the second man ever to deliver a load of come into Dana's pussy. Before he could pull out, Dana grabbed his ass, holding him deep inside her, and aggressively rocked her hips back and forth, bringing herself to another climax.

Chuck joined me in the front seat as we watched Tommy take his turn with her. Tommy's movements were slower than Chuck's, but he used his nine inches of steel to drive Dana into outer space. He brought her to three more orgasms before pulling out of her. Then, just like in a porno movie, he knelt between her thighs and began jacking himself off, finally shooting a ton of his white cream sauce all over her tits and tummy. Dana massaged his come into her breasts and then licked her fingers clean.

Before the guys left, Dana reached for her purse and pulled out a couple of business cards. She handed one to each of them, saying, “Why don't you call me the next time you're in town?” Then she lay back down on the seat and stayed there without moving until we got home.

Dana had a bad hangover the next day. She claimed she could only vaguely remember what had happened the night before. She acted embarrassed when I told her, but then she took me to bed and gave me the hottest fuck I can remember.

I can't wait until Tommy and Chuck come back to town and give her a call.—Name and address withheld


My wife Daisy and I are cross-country truckers. We have also been swingers for the past ten years. Our time on the road together has been great. You wouldn't believe how many trucking couples are swingers.

One day this past fall we were heading up to Chicago. At one point I pulled out to pass another truck, and when I looked over at the driver I saw that he was an acquaintance of ours who we called Ringer. Right away he and I started talking on the C.B. Daisy had been sleeping, but the talk woke her up. She joined in on our conversation, some of which got very spicy.

We agreed to meet up at the next truck-stop. Once there, we parked next to each other, and when we got out of the trucks Ringer and I shook hands, but he gave Daisy a big hug. She responded by giving him a wet kiss.

Inside the truck-stop we had coffee and talked. Since Daisy and I had a reputation for being swingers, the subject soon turned to sex. After a while Ringer asked Daisy, “What's the biggest cock you ever had?”

Daisy shrugged and said she didn't know. He kept on trying to get an answer out of her, then finally said, “Ever have a ten-and-a-half-incher?”

Daisy looked at him skeptically and replied, “I would have to see it to believe it.”

He said he would be happy to let her see it, and feel it too. So we ended up renting a room at the motel next door.

As soon as the door closed, Daisy sat on the bed and asked Ringer to show her his lovesnake. He went over to her and she pulled his belt loose, unzipped him and pulled down his pants. There hung a very large, half-erect cock. Daisy picked it up and brought it to her mouth. She sucked, licked and sucked some more, until he was hard as a rock.

Then she peeled off her clothes and lay back on the bed. “Fuck me with that monster,” she moaned. He got between her legs and entered her. I believe she came right away. Slowly he slid his shaft inside her until his balls touched her ass. Then he pulled all the way out. He did it again, this time faster. Soon he was fucking her with wild abandon. Daisy was very vocal, begging him to do her harder. They screwed like that for a while, until Ringer announced that he was about to come. “Oh yes, baby,” Daisy gasped. “Yes, give me your sperm. Come inside me!” With one last thrust he shot a mighty load deep into her pussy.

He pulled out and left her gaping open. I couldn't help myself. My cock needed relief. I ripped off my pants and fell down on Daisy, trying to fill the space that he'd just left. He had stretched her wide open. It felt strange, my cock swimming around in all their come, but I was so horny it wasn't more than a few minutes before I came inside her too.

Back in the truck she told me how much she had enjoyed our little adventure. Now she is always on the lookout for Ringer. I enjoyed it too, and I guess I wouldn't mind watching him fuck her again. There is one drawback though. For two days afterwards, she was too sore to sit and drive!—L.E., Atlanta, Georgia


My beautiful wife Gayle and I recently took a vacation trip to Florida. Our motel was on the beach, and during the day my gorgeous blonde twenty-four-year-old wife and I lay on the sand soaking up the sun. Gayle's five-foot-three-inch, one-hundred-fifteen-pound frame looked great in her small thong bikini. The guys on the beach couldn't help but check her out.

One day I noticed three college-age guys about thirty feet in front of us, talking among themselves and smiling while glancing frequently in our direction. Soon they got up and began throwing a football around, but their real focus was on my wife.

After a while I got up and asked the guys if I could join in, and as we threw the ball around, we started talking. One guy mentioned how sexy and good-looking my wife was, and then said he hoped I wasn't offended. I told him I wasn't.

We took a break and sat down. One of the guys offered me a beer, then asked if Gayle might like one too. I called her over, and we all introduced ourselves and began chatting. The guys' names were Karl, John and Ben. The three of them continued checking out my wife as we talked.

Gayle was sitting with her legs bent and slightly parted, her feet flat on the sand. This position enabled the guys to see her bikini-covered crotch as well as a bit of pubic hair peeking out the sides. I noticed their interest and so did Gayle, and she was evidently enjoying it. As the conversation continued she seemed to enjoy it more and more.

After a while Gayle asked John to rub some lotion on her back, and he readily jumped at the offer. Gayle rolled over onto her belly, treating all of us to the sight of her perfect ass. John rubbed the lotion onto her back, starting at the shoulders and worked his way down. Gayle was purring like a cat. She spread her legs slightly and John took advantage of the implied invitation to rub the lotion on her upper thighs. He covered the backs and insides of her thighs, working his way up as high as he could. Then he moved to her ass, rubbing and kneading it. He glanced over at me, and I smiled to show him I had no objection to what he was doing. Gayle spread her legs a little wider and moaned softly as John rubbed her harder. Then suddenly she stopped him and said that was enough for now.

John reluctantly stopped and we continued our conversation, although there was a lot of tension in the air. Gayle went on lying there with her legs spread. About half an hour later, she rolled over and asked Ben to put some more lotion on her. Ben began spreading it on her upper chest as the rest of us looked on. As he neared her tits everything got quiet. Ben rubbed the lotion on the slopes of her breasts, down to the bikini top. Then he skipped to her stomach. Having covered that, he moved down and, starting with her feet, began to work his way up her legs to the tops of her thighs. Gayle spread her legs once again. Ben massaged the lotion into her hips, then slipped around to her inner thighs. Gayle's breath began to come faster as his fingers worked around her crotch, eventually rubbing her pussy through her suit. At one point Ben boldly slipped his finger under the bikini bottom, and then actually slid one finger briefly inside her pussy.

Suddenly Gayle sat up and said she had to go back to our room. She gathered her things and was gone in a few seconds. The guys looked puzzled. I apologized and said maybe we'd see them at the club later. I went back to the room and found Gayle lying on the bed, rubbing her pussy vigorously. I immediately stripped and got on the bed, and we had a wild fuck. When we were finished, she said she had gotten really turned on by the guys, and we decided to continue the adventure that evening.

When we went out that night Gayle wore a black miniskirt and a black lace top with a matching bra and thong panties, as well as sheer black thigh-high stockings. When we got to the club the place was packed. After about an hour I ran into John at the bar. As we stood there and talked I glanced around the place and saw Gayle talking to a guy with long blond hair. John and I both watched them. Soon Gayle and her new friend were out on the dance floor, moving flirtatiously and rubbing against each other. At one point Gayle turned around and bent over, wiggling her ass against the guy's crotch. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him, pretending to hump her from the rear. As the song ended he put his arm around her and they walked off the dance floor and found a seat.

John and I were joined by Karl and Ben, and the four of us watched as Gayle and the guy got more intimate. Eventually they were rubbing each other brazenly, his hands sliding over her thighs and hers exploring his groin. Then he was kissing her deeply, his hands moving between her legs. He must have been fingering her pussy, because her expression was blissful. For a moment the movement of the crowd hid them from my sight. When the view cleared, the two of them were gone.

I told the guys I would see them later and went off in search of my wife. I finally caught sight of her on a deck outside the club. She was still with the blonde guy, and also a dark-haired man, apparently a friend of his. Both guys' hands were all over her. They were fondling her beneath her skirt, front and back. As I watched, the three of them left the deck and headed down to the beach. I followed them from a distance.

They went about a quarter of a mile up the beach, the men squeezing Gayle's little ass from time to time and reaching under her skirt to rub her thighs and finger her pussy. They stopped at a dark, deserted spot under a pier and began kissing. Gayle undid both their zippers and was soon stroking their hard cocks while she kissed them. The blonde guy hiked her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties off. Then he lifted her up, leaned her against a support pole and slid his cock into her tight pussy. Gayle wrapped her legs around his back and continued kissing the other guy while still stroking his cock.

The first guy fucked her hard and fast. Gayle was moaning and panting and gasping, and she climaxed while he continued fucking her. After a few minutes the blonde guy grunted and came in her pussy. He went on pumping for a little while longer and finally pulled his wet, shiny cock out of her.

The second guy took my wife in his arms, turned her around and bent her against the pole, then slipped his cock into her and fucked her from behind. Gayle moaned louder than before and began to talk, telling him to fuck her hard and saying how good it felt. She also begged him to come in her, saying she wanted him to fill her pussy up. He let out a gasp as he shot into her, and then pulled out when Gayle slumped over.

After a few minutes they straightened themselves out and started back to the club. I hurried and beat them back there. I found Karl, John and Ben and was talking to them when Gayle came back in by herself and walked over to us, saying she had just gone out for some air.

I said maybe it was time to leave, but Gayle wanted to stay, so we did. The four of us took turns dancing with her. During one slow number I put my hand under Gayle's skirt and felt the come running down her thighs, making them slick. She continued dancing the night away with her pussy swollen and come running down her legs. The guys rubbed against her when they danced, feeling her up and occasionally even kissing her.

When the club closed we walked up the beach toward our motel, all four of us feeling up my wife along the way. Finally I grabbed her, spun her around facing me and kissed her. She dropped her shoes to the sand as she wrapped her arms around me. Karl came up behind her and began rubbing her ass beneath her skirt, and she spread her legs to allow him better access to her pussy. At this point John suggested that we should move to somewhere less public.

We composed ourselves and continued walking until we came to a screened-off area near our motel that had beach chairs with umbrellas. It was about three in the morning by then, and nobody was around. Once again I turned to grab Gayle, but when I did I saw that John had beaten me to it. He was kissing her passionately, his hands moving down to clutch her ass. Karl came up behind and started rubbing against her. Gayle spread her legs as before, and soon his fingers were in her pussy again. Karl yanked his zipper down, as did John, and Gayle once again had a cock in each hand, as she had earlier that night.

As Karl furiously fingered her pussy Gayle sat down on one of the lounge chairs, then took John's cock into her mouth and began sucking it. Karl pushed his cock at her lips also, and she alternated between the two, first sucking one, then the other. Ben dropped in front of her, spread her legs and began kissing her thighs and licking her pussy. He was caught off guard when he tasted the come in her cunt. He looked up at me with an expression of surprise on his face, then after a pause started licking her again.

Karl pulled away from Gayle's mouth and shot his come all over her chest, soaking her tits and her dress. John immediately took his place between her lips and swiftly came down her throat, moaning as she swallowed his jism. When they were done, Ben stood up and pushed her back onto the chaise lounge. She spread her legs and he slid his cock into her well-used pussy. He fucked her hard, causing her to groan and gasp for breath. The lounge chair rocked in the sand and almost broke apart before he came in Gayle's pussy, while she was taken by an orgasm of her own.

When Ben pulled out of my wife, I stood her up and then lay down on the lounge on my back, so that she could get on me and ride my cock. She straddled me and did just that, riding me hard and sucking Karl's cock back to stiffness at the same time. After a few minutes, Gayle's receptive pussy took in its fourth load of the night.

When my wife got up off my cock, John slid onto the lounge and Karl bent her over so she could suck John's cock while Karl fucked her from behind. Gayle's head bobbed up and down on John's straining dick as Karl drove fiercely into her body with strong thrusts. Once again John gasped and came in Gayle's mouth, and she swallowed it happily. Karl pounded into her for another ten minutes before finally giving her her fifth load of come for the night. When he pulled out, come ran down her thighs to her stocking tops like a thick white river. She collapsed on top of John, moaning and quivering and gasping for breath.

When I looked at my watch it said four-fifteen. I roused my exhausted wife and told the guys good-bye, and said that maybe we'd see them again sometime. I helped my thoroughly fucked wife to our room, where we slept almost all the next day.

That evening Gayle was packing and I was in the bathroom when there was a knock at the door. I heard Gayle answer it, but couldn't hear anything else. When I came out, I found Gayle kissing John and jerking his cock. She looked at me and explained that John hadn't gotten to sample her pussy yet. I shrugged and said okay. They took off their clothes and lay on the bed in a 69 position, and John ate Gayle's pussy while she sucked his cock. John stopped her before he came this time, then maneuvered around and got on top of her and pushed his cock into her pussy. Gayle gasped and curled her legs around him.

John fucked her very slowly for about five minutes, and then began fucking her so hard that the bed was bumping against the wall. Gayle's mouth was wide open, and she was moaning passionately. John fucked her like that for another few minutes, and then flipped her over like a rag doll, pulled her onto her hands and knees and rammed that cock into her doggie-style. Gayle was screaming and begging him to come in her pussy. John finally gave a shout, and with one final thrust flooded Gayle's womb with a massive load of come. When he pulled out and rolled over, I climbed on the bed and fucked her till we both came. Thus ended an adventure that we'll never forget.—L.Q., Wheeling, West Virginia


Lately I have become obsessed with the married women in my office. I try to think of how good or bad they would be in bed. A while back I became friendly with several women in my office. I went to happy hour with them from time to time. They often spoke freely of their sexual relations with their husbands.

One night after the other two had left, Carol and I decided to play some pool. We went to a sports bar and were drinking, playing pool and darts. Before we left I suggested we play the last game for clothes. If I won she had to show me her breasts, and if she won I would show her my cock. Surprisingly she agreed, and luckily I won.

We went to my car in the parking lot and got in. She unbuttoned her shirt and showed me her tits with her bra on. I kissed her and felt her tits through her bra and reminded her that according to the bet she had to show me her breasts. I slowly pulled her bra up. Her breasts were large and sagged somewhat, but she is a little older and that happens. I still thought they were very sexy, and kissed them and licked her nipples. Unfortunately that was as far as she would let me go.

Another night after Carol left us, Heidi and I continued drinking pretty heavy. She is extremely small, about five feet and a hundred pounds. Her husband travels a lot and was away for a week. I convinced her to go back to her house. She rode with me and I started playing with her breasts. I took her shirt off and played with her small tits. I sat her up so people passing could see. I pulled my cock out, and she instinctively knew what to do. Almost immediately I felt her tongue gliding over my shaft. Then I felt the familiar warmness of a woman's mouth over my dick.

I felt a little nervous with another man's wife in his house but was overcome when Heidi walked out of the bathroom with nothing on. She walked to the bed. I took off my clothes and started licking her pussy. She squirmed around, obviously enjoying the attention. I crawled up in between her spread thighs. I rolled on a condom and put my cock next to her slit. I reached under her to palm her butt cheeks. Then I sank my cock balls-deep in her.

I am not really that big, but she was so tiny, I wondered if I might be too big for her. But she was soon groaning loudly and I relaxed. It was not long before I felt my balls tighten. I knew it was time and buried my dick deep inside her and held it there until my balls were empty. Then I pulled out.

The third and last married woman I have fucked in our office is Beth. I talked to her one night at a party for another woman from the office who was getting married. Her husband was not present. I soon convinced her to meet me at a local motel. We departed separately so as not to arouse suspicion. Inside the motel room we started kissing and undressing each other. She had a plump ass but very nice tits.


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