Letters to Penthouse XVIII: The Hottest Sex Just This Side of Legal

Letters to Penthouse XVIII: The Hottest Sex Just This Side of Legal

by Penthouse International

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What do Americans love almost as much as sex? Talking about it. In their letters to Penthouse magazine, the nation's hottest forum for contemporary sexual issues, they reveal everything that goes on behind closed bedroom doors-as well as in the back and front seats of cars, locked corporate offices, and airplane rest rooms, not to mention on kitchen tables and in other erogenous ports of call.Here, as told in their own uninhibited words, is the state of the union between men and women today, in all its inventive, eccentric, energetic variety. The sex is unbelievable. And every word is true.

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ISBN-13: 9780446613040
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 07/11/2003
Series: Letters to Penthouse Series , #18
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 102,526
Product dimensions: 4.25(w) x 6.75(h) x 1.00(d)

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Copyright © 2003 General Media Communications, Inc.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0446613045

Chapter One


My name is Christine, and I have been married to Sam for four years. We have been faithful to each other throughout our marriage (until recently), and I only had two premarital affairs. It's not that I don't love sex, it was just how things turned out. My husband tells me I am extremely attractive, and the way men look at me seems to reinforce that opinion. I am twenty-seven, five feet six, with an hourglass figure, 36C breasts, large perky nipples which get hard at a touch and a very tight butt, the product of continuous time at the gym. My husband is equally good-looking, and I melt at his touch. What happened last month was completely unprecedented, and I'm sure will never happen again. Sam was born and raised in this city, and he grew up with a group of buddies with whom he is still close. Though as married adults they don't get to hang out all the time the way they used to, they still stay in touch by playing cards once a month.

Last month's card game was at our house. Sam's friends-Walt, Victor, Greg and Lyle-all arrived around seven o'clock. Since I was usually bored during these poker nights, I had decided to go out for the evening with a group of girls from work. We ended up going to a local club which was presenting a "male revue" featuring some Chippendale-type dancers. My coworkers and I had a great time, drinking a little too much and getting quite a charge from dropping quarters into the dancers' shorts.

When I got back home the game was still going on. Beer cans and tequila bottles were scattered around, and the guys had a bit of a buzz on, but the game was still serious, with hundreds of dollars on the table. I greeted the guys and flopped down on the couch to watch.

After a little while I could tell that Sam was not having a great night. I walked over and stood next to him, and after watching him lose two hands in a row, I commented that he needed a good-luck piece. He laughed and said, "Let me rub this for good luck," sliding his hand under my skirt and caressing my ass. After the drinks. I'd had, and the male flesh I had been exposed to at the club, this made me quiver a little. The group saw what was going on and made a few friendly cracks.

"Hey, barmaid," Walt said jokingly, "how about getting us some more beers and shooters. And get one for yourself if you like." Getting into the spirit of this, I gave a mock curtsy and said I'd be right back. But before getting the drinks I went to the bedroom and changed out of my dress and into a white shirt (with no bra) which I tied at the bottom, exposing my bare midriff, and a short, flimsy, black silk skirt. This was the closest I could get to a barmaid's outfit. When I walked in with the drinks, I watched the guys' jaws drop open. They obviously loved the outfit. I opened six beers and poured six shots. I handed them round, and we each downed the tequila and chased it with a beer. The warm glow hit me immediately, and seemed to linger in my already charged body.

As it happened, after rubbing his "good-luck charm," Sam had begun to win. Greg was the big loser on the next hand, after which he called out to me, "Hey, Christine, come on over here, I need a little of that luck!"

Not thinking much of it, I walked around the table to Greg. The guys laughed (including Sam) as Greg proceeded to slide his hand under my short skirt and rub my leg. I knew he could feel the heat emanating from my pussy. Unlike Sam, Greg slid his hand up the inside of my thigh, getting very, very close to my crotch. I was sure they could all see the shiver that ran through my body. I stepped away quickly, breathing a little heavily, and watched the game. I could feel the juices starting to flow within me. Then, to everyone's great amusement, Greg won the next two hands!

Victor was the next to want to change his fortune. So far it was still all a big joke, even though I was starting to burn up. I walked over to Victor, who asked me if I would sit on his lap for the next hand. I sat down on his leg, my skirt almost up to my waist. I must have burned his thigh as I sat there. The cards were dealt while Victor rubbed my ass. Between his hand on my ass and the pressure of my pussy against his thigh, I started to squirm.

"You got to sit still during the hand," Victor said.

"I'm trying," I replied. I saw that Sam was looking at me with a funny expression on his face, but he didn't say anything. Now Victor was dealt two queens and two tens, and then proceeded to draw a third ten, giving him a full house-a winner. He howled. I started to get up, but he begged me to stay there for one more hand. The guys claimed unfair advantage, but the game continued. As the cards were dealt, I could feel Victor's hand slide around from my ass to my crotch, and begin lightly to rub my pussy and clit. I was building up like a volcano, and I was pretty sure Sam could tell, not to mention the others. My head rolled back from time to time, and it was hard to keep an occasional moan from escaping my lips.

Victor won the next hand as well, after which we all had another drink. Tequila has a wonderful effect on me. I had a serious buzz on, and felt as if I was going into sexual meltdown. Finally Sam said "Darling, I am about out of money, so you need to bring the luck back here." I went over and sat on Sam's leg. He reached around and rubbed my pussy, slipping a finger under my panties and stroking my pussy lips and clit. He could tell I was close to exploding. As the cards were dealt, he reached up and fondled my tits, first through my blouse, then under the shirt. I squirmed on his leg as he rubbed and squeezed, and I groaned when he tweaked my hard nipples. The others were looking on with great interest. The game seemed to be changing from poker to watching Christine get hot and horny.

But the card game went on too. On the next deal Sam ended up with two aces and three kings. It looked like an unbeatable hand. But as the betting went on, Sam ran out of money. The rule was that the players could only bet the money they had with them, which kept any of them from losing too much. I was bummed. I knew that Sam had a great hand, and an excellent chance to win back a lot of what he had lost. But he couldn't match the bet.

Then Walt spoke up. "Hey, buddy, if you don't have any more cash on you, you could always bet Christine." He said it jokingly, but there was something in his tone that said it didn't have to be a joke. Sam didn't say anything, and my heart started to pound.

"How much would I be worth?" I asked lightly.

"Well, Sam needs about five hundred to cover the bet," Walt replied. "Let's say you represent the five hundred bucks."

"And what happens if Sam loses?"

"Then the winner gets an hour with you," Walt said, still smiling. "Alone."

I felt myself getting wetter than ever. It was a crazy idea, but I knew Sam had a very strong hand and wasn't likely to lose. I stifled the little voice inside me that said it might be exciting if he did ...

"What do you think, Sam?" I said. "I mean, what could happen in an hour?" Plenty, I thought to myself.

Sam was pretty confident too, or else desperate to win back some of his money, for after thinking it over for a minute he said it was a deal. Walt, who was a lawyer, wrote out a kind of contract on a napkin, and we all signed it. It was all part of the joke, only it really wasn't a joke any more.

The bet was made, and when the cards were turned over it turned out that Walt had four threes, which beat even Sam's full house. Walt was the winner.

I couldn't hide it from myself any more; I was very excited at the thought of being with another man, and Walt was a pretty attractive guy (actually they all were). But I tried not to show it to Sam, though he didn't seem too concerned. In fact he suggested that he and the other three guys go out to a bar for a while, leaving me and Walt alone. I said I was going upstairs to take a shower and change, and would be back in twenty minutes. I wanted to look very sexy for my new lover, and after my shower I dressed in a black bra, black silk stockings, garter belt and panties, and went downstairs wearing nothing but that. Expecting to find Walt alone, I was surprised to see that Victor, Greg and Lyle were also still there, although Sam had left.

Walt smiled at me. "Christine, as hot as you were tonight, I thought you might enjoy this more if we all took part." "What are you talking about?" I responded, my heart racing. I loved the way they were all looking at me in my scanty undies.

"See, I sold part of your contract to these other guys," Walt said, as I tried to conceal my excitement. "We each get fifteen minutes now, but we figured it would be best for all of us to sort of combine our time, you know? What do you think?"

"I think it's a great idea," I said. And I did. I couldn't believe I was about to do this, but I couldn't wait to get started. Without wasting any more time I went over and sat on the couch between Walt and Greg.

They did not waste any time either. Each of them kissed me on the neck and softly caressed my tits through my bra. Victor and Lyle knelt in front of me and started to massage my calves, one to each leg. As Walt and Greg played with my tits, the other two slid their hands up my legs and gently rubbed my thighs. I was burning up, and I was so wet I was starting to soak my panties. I had never done anything like this before, and now I wondered why.

Walt reached behind my back and unsnapped my bra. My tits sprang out, my nipples as hard as stones. I leaned back and closed my eyes, moaning as Walt and Greg stroked, sucked and nibbled at my breasts. Victor had moved up my leg and was now lightly stroking my pussy outside my panties, which were so wet that they stuck to me as he rubbed. My pelvic area started to gyrate as he continued, as if I was trying to suck his finger inside. Victor paused to let Lyle pull my panties off. The two of them spread my legs, positioning one over Walt's leg and the other over Greg's. They then began to take turns stroking my crotch and sticking their fingers in my pussy.

At this point I couldn't restrain myself any longer. I reached for Walt's lap with one hand and for Greg's with the other. I could feel their cocks, rock-hard and straining against their pants. I grabbed them, rubbing and stroking them through their trousers. Lyle inserted two fingers in my pussy, moved them in and out and then started to rub the inside of my cunt. I was never sure exactly where the infamous G-spot is, so I don't know if that was what he found, but he found something that made me feel like a volcano about to erupt. My belly started to quiver and shake. As I lay there writhing in pleasure, Walt and Greg unzipped their pants and pulled out their cocks. Both of them were easily seven inches long, and very hard. I grasped one in each hand and slowly but firmly stroked them up and down. I could see that they liked what I was doing, as driblets of precome bubbled out of the head of each cock.

Just as I was ready for my first orgasm, Lyle stopped stroking me. I groaned with disappointment. I was hot as hell and ready to explode. But my frustration was mixed with anticipation as Victor gently pulled me off the couch and guided me to my knees in front of Walt. The next step was clear. I slowly took Walt into my mouth. I licked the underside of his cock with my tongue up to the head, which I circled delicately. I alternated between doing that and taking him all the way in. I had a vision of the four of them looking at me as I knelt there in only black silk stockings and black garter belt, with Walt's prick in my mouth, and this turned me on even more. I continued to suck on Walt, tasting more and more of his salty, slimy precome.

Soon I felt hands on my ass and legs. Lyle and Victor had taken off their clothes and were kneeling close behind me. Lyle spread my legs open and Victor started eating my pussy and licking my clit. I was going crazy. He quickly stopped as I approached orgasm, which I needed desperately. He started rubbing the head of his dick up and down between the lips of my pussy. For a minute I thought that they were trying to drive me insane. But then Victor stuck his cock in my pussy and proceeded to slowly feed me all seven inches.

After a couple of minutes of being pumped by Victor's steel-hard cock, I began to erupt. As my pussy started to flood, I thrust back against him so hard I thought I might hurt him, but he just fucked me harder, which was what I needed. I was rocking so hard that it was difficult to keep Walt in my mouth, but I managed, and I was rewarded when he started to buck and thrust, and then shot a load of come that ricocheted off the back of my throat. I had never swallowed Sam's come, but now I swallowed Walt's, eagerly licking and sucking every drop out of his cock. This evening and these guys had really touched an area within myself that I hadn't known existed. Max continued to piston in and out of me, and now I felt the intensity of his fucking increase until he erupted. He grunted, grabbed my hips and pulled me tight against him, thrusting his cock as far inside as it would go as he released his sperm into my body.

As my orgasm subsided and Walt began to go soft, I placed my head on his legs, gradually catching my breath. But this period of relaxation did not last long. Lyle and Greg still needed to be satisfied, and I was already eager for more. I willingly let Lyle lead me to the large ottoman on the other side of the room, and lay me across it on my back. Greg got behind me and helped me slide back until my head was hanging over the edge. Then he crouched over me and fed me his balls to suck on. I licked and slurped them for a few moments, and then wantonly licked the area between his balls and asshole. I thought he would jump through the ceiling. Lyle was again working on my pussy, rubbing, touching, pinching and massaging my clit. In no time I was as randy as before. I looked up then at Lyle, and couldn't believe what I saw. The man was hung like a horse. From my perspective it looked twelve inches long, and as thick as my wrist.

As he knelt down and began to lick my pussy, I dropped my head back and took Greg's dick in my mouth. In that position he was able to fuck my mouth deeply enough to actually get the head of his cock down my throat. I had to concentrate on repressing my gag reflex as he thrust slowly in and out, but I managed, and I loved it.

Now Lyle had me wet enough to try giving me his cock. He started to slip it in, going very slowly at first. It was a tight fit, but gradually I opened up. Victor and Walt helped by kneeling down and massaging my tits.


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Table of Contents

Pursuit & Capture85
Fantastic Voyage123
Sloppy Seconds167
Someone's Watching193
Different Strokes243
Girl Meets Girl285

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