Lies (Gone Series #3)

Lies (Gone Series #3)

by Michael Grant


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The third book in Michael Grant's New York Times bestselling Gone series, Lies is another heart-in-your-throat page-turner, both chilling and thought-provoking.

It's been seven months since all the adults disappeared. Gone.

It happens in one night. A girl who died now walks among the living; Zil and the Human Crew set fire to Perdido Beach, and amid the flames and smoke, Sam sees the figure of the boy he fears the most: Drake. But Drake is dead. Sam and Caine defeated him along with the Darkness—or so they thought.

As Perdido Beach burns, battles rage: Astrid against the Town Council; the Human Crew versus the mutants; and Sam against Drake, who is back from the dead and ready to finish where he and Sam left off. And all the while deadly rumors are raging like the fire itself, spread by the prophetess Orsay and her companion, Nerezza. They say that death is a way to escape the FAYZ. Conditions are worse than ever and kids are desperate to get out. But are they desperate enough to believe that death will set them free?

“Disturbing, brilliantly plotted, and boasting a balanced mix of action and scheming.” —ALA Booklist

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780061449116
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 04/08/2014
Series: Gone Series , #3
Pages: 464
Sales rank: 20,901
Product dimensions: 7.80(w) x 5.42(h) x 1.21(d)
Lexile: 550L (what's this?)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Michael Grant, author of the Gone series, the Messenger of Fear series, the Magnificent Twelve series, and the Front Lines trilogy, has spent much of his life on the move. Raised in a military family, he attended ten schools in five states, as well as three schools in France. Even as an adult he kept moving, and in fact he became a writer in part because it was one of the few jobs that wouldn’t tie him down. His fondest dream is to spend a year circumnavigating the globe and visiting every continent. Yes, even Antarctica. He lives in California with his wife, Katherine Applegate, with whom he cowrote the wildly popular Animorphs series. You can visit him online at and follow him on Twitter @MichaelGrantBks.

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Lies 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 479 reviews.
Awesomeness1 More than 1 year ago
I am a little bit sad. For the past two weeks, my life (well, my book life) has been revolved around reading this series. I re-read the thrill rides which are Gone and Hunger-- then it was time for the main event, the newest installment in the Gone series. Lies. I have to say it wasn't my favorite in the series. The flaws I had previously brushed aside in the first too became so blatant in this one that I couldn't ignore them. Don't get me wrong- it was still fantastic and I enjoyed it immensely, but it just wasn't my favorite. The first disappointment was the length. Hunger was a monster, but this one was like it's runty cousin. I was confused about that. Usually books get longer as the plot thickens, and I didn't see why that wasn't the case for this installment. I mean, it was certianly possible to make it longer. There were plenty of loose ends and point that could have been ellaborated on. Perhaps he wanted to leave that to the next book (Plague!!). Also, maybe the fact that the time period for this one was shorter (only a few days as opposed to a couple weeks) had something to do it. All the characters were great though. They become darker, more complex. Gone (yay for puns!) are the innocent children. Now they are intense. Every person to the smallest tot carries a weapon. Everyone is looking out for themselves, most concerned only about getting food. They aren't hesitant to kill, either, or do what they have to to stay alive. And yes, everyone lies. Big manipulative lies that are the reason for the title. Everyone is changed though, for the worse or for the better. We are also introduced to some new characters, which makes up for the loss of some of the old ones (kinda). I really think Michael Grant is accurate is portraying the desperation these kids would have. The writing was meh. I mean, it was never amazing to begin with, but in this book it got worse. I think he should get a new editor. Many typos and things that didn't add up to previous infromation given in the previous books. Sam said Caine and him where half brothers, when they are twins. Dekka said she loved Brianna from first sight, where in Hunger, she said she fell in love with Brianna when they were imprisoned. And where did Astrid's powers go? After the first book, they are never mentioned again. The plot was kinda jumpy. I really love how he tries to get everyone's point of view in, but it didn't pull together that nicely. It was very character driven, and there was less sci-fi (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). It was also more slow-paced than the previous two. Overall, I still really enjoyed it. This is one of my favorite series. It's thrilling and thought-provoking and dark. All the things I didn't quite like about Lies, I shall attribute it to being a middle book in the series. I am very excited for Plague and cannot believe the release date is an entire year away! Fortunately, Michael did some foreshadowing, which leaves me with great material for speculation. And does anyone mind telling who the kids on the back cover are supposed to be? I'm guessing Brittany and Drake, but I'm not sure.
Harryjamespotter More than 1 year ago
Michael Grant, yet again, pulls through for his growing fan base. Gone has always been my favorite series and each time a new book comes out, the love grows. I've gotten almost all of my friends and most of my family reading the series! Lies is great in many ways and disappointing in only one. I'll break the bad news first: It is extremely short compared to Gone and Hunger. I was slightly disappointed when I looked at the binding. IT'S SO SHORT. Frustrating that I had to wait a year for this, but still fulfilling. The great things about Lies and Michael Grant's writing. It seems like the climax occurs in the middle of the text, so it keeps you wondering of what is to come. You know something is up from the start with all the mystery. The writing makes you feel like you're actually there. I get hungry when they do, when Drake whips them, I feel the sting. I also get annoyed with the characters. The FAYZ is a forever growing mystery. With Orsay's 'visions' found out in the end and then with the most surprising part of the book following it, you can't help but to wonder if they're real. The ferocity. If you haven't read this series yet, you best get on it.
popetgrl023 More than 1 year ago
The first to books were amazing, in my opinion! They are similar to lord of the flies, but that probably doesn't sound very appealing. If you like books with survival, a little romance, and adventure, you will love these. The following books are some very similar to the gone series, but I personally like gone better. Still, you would give them a try. Brittany (13)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Got this book on 5-04-10 and finished it on 5-05-10! One day! The best book in the series yet, in my opinion. There are very shocking twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it! And NO Astrid does NOT die for the person who lieing about that. I wuz literally freaking out when i saw that lol. It was a really good book with a very interesting discovery about Pete. That's all im saying. I recommend it ~<3
LUNATIC210 More than 1 year ago
Wow! Way better tha all those stupid twilight books :D
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is up there with percy jackson and harry potter now ive gotten two people in my class reading this book it has gotten even my teacher hooked ptaisr michael he is a fenominal writer that i will read over and over again goof job diamonds and golden apples to you and i hope no creepers will blow up your house.
the_artist More than 1 year ago
i personally love this series, it has adventure, a little romance, and makes you think about what you would do in those situations, im curious as to when this series will end though.. i wish it had ended on the third so i wouldnt have to wait for the fourth book but i still love it anyway, good job Grant, and hey did they change the anika chick on the cover!!?? and they are starting to look too old on the covers lol
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read the first two books in two days and now im reading the third i love this series. The only thing im having a problem with is that in earlier books Astrid is labeled as a freak and has the power to gauge other peoples powers, but in this book it is said she is powerless. Did I miss something or is it just a mistake?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Best book ever. So intense it has u on the edge of ur seat every page...... 12 and over becouse there is some griusome details such as eating people killing each other battle, shooting, whipping, beating and strangling to death in this book. Also this book does talk about drugs
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Definitly team sam he is such a good fighter and sounds really hot this book dlseries is up there with the brotherband chronicals, percy jacson series, rangers apprentice, and the cane seriees.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sam and astrid had better not break up, or i'll send michael grant a piece of my mind. I mean honestly,a surfer and a brainiac? Cutest couple ever. Also, i think lana and quinn are totally hot for each other. Do you support me? Tell me your thoughts.
Sarah Stepanek More than 1 year ago
I love this book. I neglected my school work and the two novels i had t read for school just to finish this book and move onto plague. This is the first book in the series to have some slow parts but i could not predict what would come next
Keira Rosner More than 1 year ago
Hunger was alright, but Lies was incredible! The plot in Hunger interested me. I got sucked into theplot in Lies. Not that Hunger wasn't good... I guess I'm just trying to say that these books don't get worse throughout the series, they get better!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Action packed! I love these books :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book overall was good and im not going to spoil anything so im just gonna say that it had action, romance, special abilities, and left you wandering what will happen next!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yes, i believe the girl on the cover, next to sam is astrid
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is madw by a boss
beastlybooks More than 1 year ago
i so happy that Lies is finally ouut now! i can't wait to read it. i already read and own Gone and Hunger and they were phenomenal. i expect the same quality from Lies : )
jasmine.gomez on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book is the third book from the book Gone. Everyone is telling lies. Noone can trust anyone. Others turn against eachothers. Many don't know what to do. There is less food. More kids are dieing and more a poofing out. They are taking the easy way out.I gave this book a five star rating. I gave it a five star rating because it was very good. It was well written. The author used a big vocabulary. I recomend this book to everyone. The author used great description. I can't wait till the fourth book. I loved this book.
AaronKAwesome on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is another Gone novel but this time it is the last book. In this book it comes down to the final battle. Sam thinks Drake in dead but he is not, and a young girl comes back to life called Brittany. Caine wants to deliver one last blow. Zel works with Caine to burn the town. While Zil is burning the town Caine and his group capture the emergancy boats and go to a nearby island. At the island Caine mights some kids, but the kids drug them and fly off in a helicopter. Sam funs off because he has seen Drake. Zil is laying waste to the town. The kids start to run to the cliff were Mary will poof and take the young kids with her. Sam comes back to take out Drake whil Deka takes care of Zil. Sam finds out that for some strang reason Drake and Brittany share the same body. They fight and Mary poofs but they save the kids. Little Pet after the battle cuttles in a ball and startes to yell and the FAYZ wall desipers for one small secent. So with Drake/Brittany lock up live goes on in the FAYZ. This is a awesome book. I am kind of upset with the ending but it was ok. Lies is I think the worst book of the series but it is still very good. I like how Mary kind of loses her mind in the book. Lies is a very good book that you should read. My favorite thing is that Sam has to face his fear. I also like how Astrid and Mary get is a really big fight.
brittanybear79 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The novel Lies is really unique. It is told in many different perspectives. These perspectives are from many of the major and minor characters. After being faced with so many hard, and tough times, the children of the FAYZ managed to survive through it all. That is one of the really important things Lies teaches us. Just imagine living in a dome shaped force field for over a year. I would go insane. It seems as though everyone over 15 just disappears. There are two types of "cliques" the Normals which have no powers and the Freaks they have powers unlike the normals. Its a never ending war it seems like. Astrid is in a relationship with Sam. Astrid is head of the counsel and is trying to make rules so that no one kills themselves or anything. I personally enjoy this book because it makes you think about how life and an how society works. It may be fiction but it could possibly relate to what is going on around us, we just dont know it. I for one encourage people to read this. Its the type of book that makes you want to keep reading it over and over again.
beckylynn on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Third book in the trilogy and I think this is the best one yet.Once again, the kids' true colors are coming out. Do you turn good or evil during a life altering experience? Relationships change, and once again, a few new faces change the dynamics of everything. How do you ask, can new faces appear within a 'bubble', Grant has a few interesting things up his sleeve with this novel.***SPOILER ALERT***Although, I do believe, in the end, when the truth comes out about Nerezza, Drake, Brittney, and the Gaiphage that it's a little stretched. Also, the way that Mary is sent out, I really hate that Grant does this to her character, she proved time and time again how devoted she was to the 'littles' and to try to lead them to their death is a little out of range...
jenreidreads on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Another fun installment in the Gone series. This one was probably the weakest so far. (Why did it have to be so much shorter than the other two??) A new character, Nerezza, is introduced, and none of our main protagonists have seen her before. They live in a tiny, cut-off dome - uh, that's pretty lame foreshadowing that Nerezza is BAD NEWS if you ask me. We also get to meet some other characters who live on one of the islands (that felt more natural, since our friends hadn't made it over there yet). The scenes with them were my favorites, because they felt the freshest. Maybe Grant is getting a little tired of dragging this series out, too. Yes, this installment felt a little like filler (exactly how many things can go wrong in the FAYZ??), but I'm still enjoying the story and the characters. Maybe in the next volume, we'll get to see more of what's going on outside the dome...
JRlibrary on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I had a really hard time getting through book three. It took almost a month for me to finish it; I'd read a page or two and then put it aside. I had hoped this was the end, but it isn't, and I really don't think I'll be reading book four. The story has just dragged on for too long, and I've lost interest. It seemed like the battles and the violence and the conflicts were just non-stop, and there wasn't much more to the story except that. It became numbingly boring. Spoilers follow:Bringing Brittney and Drake both back from the dead seemed to be cheating on Grant's part. Introducing the new characters, but not letting us know much about Sanjit and the rest was just annoying, leaving Caine and Diana on the island didn't even really interest me much. Reading book three was a chore, and book four would be pure drudgery, which is too bad because I really enjoyed book one.