Life around Black Holes

Life around Black Holes

by Kenneth Smith


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This book on initial inspection would appear to be a biography but it is, he believes, much more than that and as such should be read with a view to getting an insight into the author's thoughts on life's theatre as it plays out around us all. Home and work environment, mid twentieth century style, give way to his comment on many aspects of the design failures which have sort of painted us all into the corner, with only bigger and bigger "Bucks" to get us out. On the larger and more pressing issues, his main reason for writing this will leave the reader with little doubt on this score!
An appendix which he felt "needed an airing" is an added operation which he tables for debate but please don't take it out on him; or me, should he say; "He's spaced out enough" but Time will Tell, in the end!
P.S. He says he'd love to come back and give the comment "I told you so" but being a realist leaves him with some doubt on this possibility let alone probability! Perhaps he should have gone to "Universe City" in his earlier days that is!
A larger print version of the author's thoughts on the Universe as he sees it is available under the title "LAYMAN'S UNIVERSE".

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ISBN-13: 9781502475381
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/13/2014
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Who is he? Well let's see how to define someone who doesn't really know himself; he's fairly ancient and during his time on this planet, he has been born to parents with a family of 4 lads in a mining community, married to a local lass who produced a fine crop of four (2+2) children, who have in turn produced four grand Grandchildren of the female variety as of today, the 13th of November 2014.
His working or should he say "Employment" life was spent in the coal mining industry of Nottinghamshire in the UK and his profession was termed Electrical Engineering but at one stage of his career he became The North Nottinghamshire Underground Air Conditioning Engineer and that's just one small feature within. Prior to the demise of the UK coal industry he instigated the purchase of a "Listed Building" in an attempt to use the skills he had gained to "resurrect this from the grave it was rapidly declining into" just about describes the situation and being of 5,500 sq.ft. made this quite some project but like they say "Home is where the heart is". This plus renovation of an adjacent "Listed Building" and various projects on the kids places, took quite a chunk out of "allotted span", so to speak and of cause he had no real idea that "Listed" was a very detrimental term in relation to an owners endeavors; but so be it! You can't go back can you?
Invention was another avenue he forayed into and as such feels able to comment on his encounters in this minefield set to trap the unwary as he might describe it!
A eureka moment could describe the "Layman's Universe" birth but it was more likely to have come about after he sort of failed to comply with the cows under parts being fed to him via the media sources available; i.e. He don't like Tripe! Being of a simplistic but realistic design himself has sort of led to his logic being let loose on this topic, however unqualified to comment he may appear to be; but then again "That's just him".

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