Life Beyond The Final Curtain

Life Beyond The Final Curtain

by Barry James Goddard

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This is not a book full of religious dogma. What it is, is a book designed to enlighten and promote the reader to a much higher level of understanding of the spiritual world into which we are all cast.

While writing it I have endeavored to bring to anyone facing the twilight years of their lives, the answers they need to the many questions regarding the reasons for their being here living a lifetime upon this earth.

Questions like:

“I'm a Christian person but am I good enough to make it to Heaven?”
“When I die, what is going to happen to me?”
“Am I a part of some great divine plan or am I just a cosmic accident?”
“I don't know what to believe, what should I do?”
And many more!

Your lifetime on this earth is a gift from God. And with that gift He gave you the right to make your own choices, so the question you really need to answer is: “Have I made wise choices?” because you cannot make wise choices until you have been exposed to both sides of the story.

I have endeavored in writing to present both sides in such a way as to give you the opportunity to reach your own conclusions and make your own decisions on the many questions regarding the reasons for your lifetime on this earth.

Often in my lifetime I have met people faced with the dilemma of trying to come to terms with the reality of a terminal illness and yet, despite all the help and well meaning advice offered I found it rare to be able to offer them much. It is only now when I find myself faced with that same dilemma and living beyond that final curtain myself that I am able to really understand both the mental and spiritual problems associated with living with a death sentence hanging over you.

Some go down with the curtain but many, like myself, and possibly you, find the curtain suddenly closes behind them leaving them with a situation where they are now unable to live their past life and find themselves staring into a great abyss struggling to come to terms with the sudden change of lifestyle and often, full of in-trepidation and fear.

If you are a believer you already have a head start but this book does have plenty to offer you that will help to reinforce your faith.

If you are an unbeliever, or are confused as to what to believe, you need to start by asking yourself what has brought me to this point in time. Why do I not believe? You might be surprised to find that you have no particular reason other than the fact that you were brought up that way and have never had any formal education on the question of faith. In other words you are totally uninformed and have based you belief on misinformation offered to you by also uninformed unbelievers leaving you with no real purpose or direction in your life.

The good news is that you do have a mind of your own and are capable of making your own decisions by breaking the mold from which you were cast. It is surprising how once you open your mind and decide to take control of your life how you can change it.

Don't know where to start? Why not try reading this book to the end and discover the many life changing opportunities available to you. It's never too late to discover the true purpose for your being here on this planet.

This book will offer you an abundance of food for thought, It puts science against faith and sets out to prove that every great scientific discovery regarding evolution simply endorses the creation story.

You may find this hard to believe but Charles Darwin's claims of having discovered his “theory of evolution within the species” are not entirely correct.

All Darwin did was reveal to us what was already a fact because “evolution within the species” was actually a part of God's divine creation. Darwin was simply a messenger from God, sent to reveal to us just another of the many great gifts of divine creation.

I trust that you will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Barry J Goddard

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