Life Coach - Discover Your Purpose: Do What You Love and Live a Purpose Driven Life

Life Coach - Discover Your Purpose: Do What You Love and Live a Purpose Driven Life

by Dan Miller


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There is written rule that some people will succeed no matter how little they try and that others will fail irrespective of how hard they try. The truth is we all live in an existential framework where we are presented with opportunities to pursue our purpose. Despite the odds that are stacked against a considerable portion of humanity, a few people have successfully attained their goals. One interesting thing is that these people do not necessarily come from privileged backgrounds but they have one thing in common; they were able to seize the opportunities available, work hard and ultimately they became prosperous. They live purpose driven lives. When you look at the available data on the lives of successful people, you will find out that because of their determination, they have formed a solid support system and have a well researched and sophisticated toolkit that they use to confront challenges. Determined people are not successful by default but rather they have trained themselves to always think and troubleshoot before undertaking projects and pursuing a certain cause. In their toolkit lie so many things, amongst them resourceful people and mentors, ways to cope with uncertainty and negativity, positive visualizations, goal setting techniques and alternative course of actions. With this determination, you cannot afford to scroll through life without a clear understanding of your inner potential, goals and personal strengths. To understand your purpose, you have to set aside time to think deeply about the things that make you happy when you do them. This is your path of passion and the moment you discover it, pursue it to the very end. In your quest to live a purposeful life, you should zero in on the fundamental components that motivate you so that you do not spend your entire lifetime aimlessly on something that is not in sync with your potential. It is disastrous to waste your time chasing after the wrong goals whether in life, career or business. Instead, you need to find some quality time and ask yourself some soul-searching questions. Find out whether you are currently happy in your life. What can you do to improve it? Take care of unfinished business and find things you are passionate about. Sometimes the light that you need to shine on your path is right within you. It is known as the instinct. Remember the words of Edgar Allan Poe, "If you run out of ideas, follow the road; you will get there.

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Publication date: 02/14/2015
Pages: 82
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