Life in a Potemkin Village: The ultimate reality loves to tease

Life in a Potemkin Village: The ultimate reality loves to tease

by Niranjan Seshadri


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The world that we know may be virtually dismantled in our mind, and rebuilt overnight to our liking if we so desire. Every night, just as the sun dissolves from the sky above us, the mind also disappears. So does our conscious perception. The yoke of the mind drags it away from us, bringing sleep in exchange. We are blinded to a real time experience of the pleasantness it offers its depths. A dimension beyond waking, dreaming and sleeping is available to all, but accessed by very few, these are people who don't wish to "sleep" again. The saint potentially hidden within each one of us may be woken up if we are prepared to truly give up what the mind considers as real or unreal. The problem does not lie not in what is available to our sensory perception from material creation, but the inner potential we make unavailable to ourselves in our mind. Everyday, elaborate thought patterns based on unique individual experiences creates a web, trapping our consciousness. We cling on to it as our reality, while the relentless march of time flings those webs into the basket of the past, whether we consent or not. Whether any situation is pleasant or unpleasant, not letting go turns them into memories. We try to avoid unpleasant memories by getting entangled into another web of thoughts that promise the opposite. Like Grigory Potemkin, who in 17th century Russia was said to have built elaborate settlements along the Dnieper river to create the illusion of normalcy and prosperity in the wake of a devastating war, we often create our own Potemkin villages in our minds and surroundings. This is invariably an effort to overcome disappointments and unhappiness, which we have created for ourselves by desiring something other than what is presented to us at any given moment in time.

An exploration into the mind set in free verse. The evanescent nature of our existence is often forgotten. The castles built in the mind can never be permanent dwellings. With mind as the stage, the ultimate reality loves to tease.

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ISBN-13: 9781512252026
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2015
Pages: 94
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