Life in India: Traditions Culture and Bollywood

Life in India: Traditions Culture and Bollywood

by Tom Stewart


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Life In India the Ultimate Travel Guide

This is a complete guide for all aged readers out there who wish to know more about the glorious life in India. From their traditions to culture and even sacred acts that most of us never knew about! Have you ever looked deeper into the nitty gritty details of a certain or specific tradition?
The history behind all the Indian myths? This is exactly what you'll be reading about and soon enough, you'll be so engrossed in the book that you'll just want to read and read. We'll be unveiling multiple unknown facts about Indian traditions that were only thought to be true in folk-tales.

• Indian History
• The culture that prevails in India
• Why Indian architecture is so popular around the globe
• Indian foods and spices
• Yoga & Meditation
• Indian Foods
• Religions
• Ayurvedic Medicine
• And much more!!!

The Indian culture has become popular across the world especially after its independence, but historians say that it was in use long before that as well. All of us are somewhat familiar with their culture since it's so widely advertised everywhere, but there are still a few things that most of us don't know about.
Like we know what Bollywood is but we don't really know about its history or the small details. Similarly, we know about Hinduism but we fail to actually recognize the minute details and facts that come along with it. We have numerous culture fanatics and soon enough, you'll know what they have to say about India and its traditions.

A Detailed Book Which Gives You a Basic Overview Of India.
Mainly For Someone Planning a Trip Also Simple Enough For Individuals Needing Basic Information For a Writing Project

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