Life Won't Wait

Life Won't Wait

by RancidRancid


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Rancid never win any points for originality, but originality isn't their goal. Rancid want to be, to quote an old Clash slogan, "the only band that matters." Where the Clash earned that title by mixing genres, blending the old with the new, Rancid decide to be traditional, spiking the Clash's sound with ska-punk and hardcore. Musically, that might not make the group vital in 1998, since it ignores any musical innovations since 1978, but that doesn't mean the group is impotent -- far from it. Life Won't Wait, the group's fourth album, is a powerful slice of old-school punk -- as powerful as any of their records. Apart from a more pronounced ska influence, it actually sounds a lot like its immediate predecessor, And out Come the Wolves, complete with the fiery intensity and catchy hooks that set the group apart from the retro-punk pack. Life Won't Wait, however, also shares the messy, pseudo-epic pretensions that hampered its predecessor. Taken in small doses, the record is quite powerful, but since the group's attack is fairly predictable, even with the detours into ska
eggae and blues, the album becomes wearing when taken as a whole. Still, Rancid are head and shoulders above their punk contemporaries -- they have better songs, a genuine political stance, and raging energy -- and that makes such indulgences tolerable. Even if it runs too long, there won't be a better old-school punk album than Life Won't Wait in 1998.

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Release Date: 06/30/1998
Label: Epitaph
UPC: 0045778649723
catalogNumber: 86497
Rank: 31193

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rancid   Primary Artist
Mark Myrie   Vocals
Tim Armstrong   Guitar,Vocals
Lester Butler   Harmonica
Alex Desert   Vocals
Lars Frederiksen   Guitar,Vocals
Matt Freeman   Bass
Lynval Golding   Vocals
David Hillyard   Horn
Greg Lee   Vocals
Stephen Perkins   Steel Guitar
Brett Reed   Drums
Jamil Sharif   Horn
Neville Staple   Vocals
Wil Wheaton   Vocals
Mark Mullins   Horn
Dicky Barrett   Vocals
Victor Ruggiero   Guitar,Percussion,Piano,Hammond Organ
Simon Chardiet   Guitar
Israel   Vocals
Eric Stefani   Piano
Roger Miret   Vocals
Roddy Byers   Guitar
Ollie Lattgenau   Vocals
DJ Q Maxx 420   Vocals
Santa Fazio   Harmonica
Tom Johnson   Percussion

Technical Credits

Tim Armstrong   Producer,Engineer
Lars Frederiksen   Producer,Engineer
Kevin Smith   Engineer
Howard Willing   Engineer
John Ewing   Engineer
Ronnie Rivera   Engineer
Jesse Fischer   Artwork
Grace Falconer   Engineer
Cappy Japngie   Engineer
Steve Mixdorf   Engineer
Joe Zook   Engineer
Jim Albert   Engineer
John Tyree   Engineer
Walter Mauceri   Engineer
Rohan "Jimjay" Stephens   Engineer
Robi Banerji   Engineer
Albert Cayati   Engineer
Michael "Cooley" Cooper   Engineer
Kevin Dena   Engineer
Claus Trelby   Engineer
Lior Goldenberg   Engineer
Thomas Johnson   Engineer
Michael Rosen   Engineer
Tom Johnson   Engineer
Jonathon Mooney   Engineer

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