Light of Victory: The True Story of My Total Deliverance from Fear, Anxiety, and Depression

Light of Victory: The True Story of My Total Deliverance from Fear, Anxiety, and Depression

by Charles Green


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Charles Green had survived the Great Depression in impoverished Mississippi and World War II in Southeast Asia, and was well into a successful career as a pastor when he faced a period of paralyzing fear.

From concern for his family’s financial security and his church’s growth to anxiety for the safety of his children, fear became a constant, unwanted companion, only leaving his side for brief moments during prayer and worship. Writing with transparency and humor,

Dr. Green tells the story of his early life, conversion, ministry and battle with fear, anxiety and depression—a battle that culminated in a dramatic deliverance that can only be attributed to the grace of God.

As Dr. Green writes, “My deliverance did not come because I had discovered a secret formula.” Instead, it was achieved after consistently applying key biblical principles that led to a breakthrough.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

I have known Charles Green since 1965, just after a hunting accident in which Gloria’s 14-year-old brother Richard almost lost his hand. We took him to New Orleans for surgery, where I was supernaturally led to the name of the church Charles pastored.

I called the church phone number listed in the phone book, and Charles answered the phone that he hardly ever answered. I told him about the situation, and he came to Richard’s hospital room, prayed over him, and prophesied that he would be better in basketball the next season. That was in November, and Richard went from almost losing his hand to, just as Charles prophesied, lettering in basketball.

Light of Victory is a book every Christian should read—now! It should especially be read by everyone in the ministry of the Lord Jesus. Charles is ninety-three years old and still traveling the world preaching victory.


—Kenneth Copeland, Fort Worth, Texas

Fear is a topic we all deal with every day in one way or another. We often don’t understand how it affects our lives in a negative way through its ability to cause us to become powerless and ineffective.

Charles Green’s personal journey sheds light on the topic and allows us to put his conclusions into action in our own lives. His book enables us to overcome our fears through powerful insights from the Word of God. It empowers us to recognize how to deal with fear and realize the power of the Holy Spirit in this process. The Word of God can lead us out of fear and into power through the words which we read and implement.

I’m so grateful Dr. Green has shared a pathway to overcome fear and live in victory. It is a powerful teaching for this time in our lives when so many people suffer needlessly from fear.

—Dr. Glenda Pavas, DMD, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wow! Are you ready for an encounter with God? Dr. Green has opened a dark time in his life that very few people, especially ministers, would dare share so openly for fear of rejection and condemnation.

This book is for anyone who is living with a dark cloud over their life or struggling to get free from the prison of their mind that is forged by the master tormentor, Satan. This book will change your life!

Thank you, Dr. Green, for being so transparent with your personal life story so that many captives can be set free. I immediately thought of several family members and friends who need this word, and I’ll make sure to give them each a copy of your book. This is a book that must be in every church bookstore and library.

—Bishop Bart Pierce

Rock City Church of Baltimore, Maryland

My life has been a wonderful experience of following God’s call, a call activated and confirmed at Word of Faith in the early sixties.

Whenever I am asked about what influence had the most effect on my life, I respond that I learned more about ministry and how to conduct myself from Charles Green than any other teacher, trainer, or mentor I ever had. Your confidence in me and the opportunities you provided for me to minister have had lifelong positive effects. I urge everyone to read this book!

—Bishop Gordon McDonald,

General Superintendent, Pentecostal Holiness Church of Canada

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