Live at Leeds and More

Live at Leeds and More

by John MartynJohn Martyn


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Because Island Records didn't feel it was the right time for a live album, John Martyn independently released this record from his home. The initial release was a limited edition of 10,000 (which Island did manufacture, though they didn't distribute or promote it) that was numbered and signed. Though the album shares its title with the famous Who live collection of the same name, the working title was "Ringside Seat" and photos of Martyn and bassist Danny Thompson in a boxing ring were even taken for a prospective cover, though never used. Recorded February 13, 1975 (the sleeve incorrectly states October), at Leeds University in the U.K., this is John Martyn at a peak in his career. In Thompson, he'd found a perfect foil for his increasingly jazzy textures and their bass and guitar interaction is a particular highlight. Having mastered the echoplex, which was capable of producing waves of echoed and distorted sound, Martyn was doing things with an acoustic guitar that no one had ever done (or has done since). "Outside In" (all nineteen minutes of it!) is a tour de force showcasing the otherworldly sounds he could coax from this device, and is worth the price of the album alone. [The 2006 reissue was greatly expanded, including five bonus tracks and an additional ten-song CD.]

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