Live Your Truth

Live Your Truth

by Colleen Gallagher


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Revolutionizing The Modern-Day Fairytale Diagnosed with cancer at 14, Colleen struggled through the next decade of her life. She created a life filled with subconscious anger and guilt as well as a persistent sense of unworthiness, because it allowed her to blame the world for her own unhappiness. At 23, she'd had enough. She wanted to figure out how to live the life she truly wanted, to turn cancer into a gift. To find herself, she quit her job, moved across the world to New Zealand and healed herself with love. This experience-and the new openness it ushered in-revealed to her that many of us live every day in subconscious negativity, which holds us back from our true and unlimited potential. When we live our truths courageously, we live with no regrets. That is why she's telling her powerful story to spark The Intoxicator Movement. Her mission is to inspire you to free yourself, find self-fulfillment, and release your ultimate potential. She challenges and empowers you to undertake your own journey to not only find your truth but to start to live it, too. She gives you a simplified five-step process, one that took her nine years to figure out. Put yourself on the fast track, so you can start to intoxicate the world with your truth. Becoming an IntoxicatorAn intoxicator creates the space to look within, to remove the toxic, and to become what's left, your truth in the world. This process empowers, inspires, and impacts you to:•See that any dream can come true if you are living your truth•Know how you can become part of the momentum of moving the world forward•Find the courage to intoxicate the world with your truth•Start living a life with no regrets

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ISBN-13: 9780999839003
Publisher: Colleen Gallagher International
Publication date: 02/07/2018
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.33(d)

About the Author

Colleen Gallagher was diagnosed with cancer at age 14. She struggled through the next decade living with anger and stress, overly focused on others' expectations of her, she created a life filled with subconscious anger and guilt as well as a persistent sense of her own unworthiness.

Colleen is now a 24-year-old digital nomad, who's lived in 4 USA states, as well as New Zealand, she's done 3 study abroads, been to 31 countries and visited 28 of the 50 USA states. In 2018 she's traveling around the world staying nowhere longer than 4 weeks, going where the world takes her.

Colleen lives life as a social advocate for universal values. She's devoted her life to finding ways to revolutionize the modern-day fairytale, intoxicate the world with love and give dreamers the tools and path to undertake the journey to start courageously living their modern-day fairytale, a life with no regrets.

When people live a life true to them, it transforms the world with love, positivity and peace. Join her on the journey, to become part of the words largest peaceful army of love. Until she gets to meet you someday, somewhere in the world, all the love.

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