Living Inside-Out: The Go-to Guide for the Overwhelmed, Overworked, & Overcommitted

Living Inside-Out: The Go-to Guide for the Overwhelmed, Overworked, & Overcommitted


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Living Inside-Out is a thoroughly empowering, accessible, and resonant book for anyone who wants to grab the reins, connect the dots between their inner life and their outer circumstances, and, in so doing, move from overwhelmed, overworked, and overcommitted to discover how to live—and sustain—a happy, healthy, and purposeful life.
Throughout the book, author Eddie Miller shares his own personal process and masterfully interweaves the inspiring, hard-won wisdom of sixteen national experts including best-selling authors Brian Biro; Barbara De Angelis, PhD; Felice Dunas, PhD, Jane Greer, PhD; Jim Karas; Byron Katie; David Katz, MD; Lisa Nichols; Bob Proctor; Paul Scheele, and Marci Shimoff.

Living Inside-Out explores various life disciplines, and help all readers get to the heart of their true desires in order to create an effective 'action plan' in all areas of their lives—fitness, finances, family, intimacy, nutrition, weight management, disease prevention and management, aging, and more.
At its core, ‘ultimate living’ is a decision, more than a journey or a destination. Living Inside-Out offers a unique opportunity to embrace that decision, and, in doing so, learn to create lasting positive change and live a life of ultimate health, well-being, and prosperity.

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ISBN-13: 9781600377976
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 02/01/2011
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Eddie Miller is creator of the “Inside-Out Philosophy,” CEO of Miami Property Solutions LLC, a motivational speaker, best-selling co-author of "The New Masters of Real Estate," and host of the popular Answers Are Within teleseminar series.

As a leader in the nonprofit sector for more than a decade, Miller is chair emeritus of the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education and the former COO of the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine. Moreover, he is a member of FarmHouse Fraternity and is involved with Future Farmers of America (FFA), having received an American FFA Degree – the highest award in the organization.

A Psychology major at University of Missouri and Ottawa University in Kansas City, Miller currently lives in Miami Shores, Florida.

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Focus Your Intention

"Focusing your intention is the key to tapping into your inner wisdom."

— Eddie

I'm about to take you on a journey.

By the end of this book, you will not only know things you didn't know before, but you will understand how to apply that knowledge in real life terms. That doesn't make Living Inside-Out a "how-to" book. No, I didn't want to write that book, because I don't think anyone can tell you "how to" live your best life, because your "best" life is subjective.

Most self-help books I read, with a few rare exceptions, were based on the premise that I couldn't find answers myself and so I had to seek them elsewhere, outside me. This led me down many garden paths — and winding roads. For a few years, like most of us, I didn't know what I believed in, didn't know what direction I was going, and thought that, if I felt aimless or dissatisfied, it must be because I didn't find the right source yet. The right person's theory or method to plug into and make work for me.

You might assume I lacked concrete direction. But that's not really it. What I have come to realize, after many years, is that I lacked intention. Maybe more accurately still, I had intention, but had not yet learned how to focus it.

Our Internal Energy

Many of us get caught up in our daily dramas. That's human. And these days, who isn't overscheduled and overwhelmed? But, often, many of us take this anxiety and spiral. We waste a lot of time worrying about what might happen, when most of the time, our fears never become a reality. However, our fears escalate our anxiety, worry, and stressful feelings.

I used to think that if I thought enough about positive emotions and intentions, then, by some magical force, I'd be rewarded with my heart's desires. But over and over again, when I thought I was thinking positively, nothing happened. I became disillusioned. You know what that looks like? Impatience. Anger. Frustration. Self-criticism. Self-doubt.

I must not be doing it right, I thought.

My mentor and best-selling author Jack Canfield (and the person who wrote this book's foreword) understood the roadblock. He said, "You will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to will come back to you. You are creating your reality in every moment of everyday. You are creating your future with every single thought: either consciously or subconsciously." [Jack Canfield's Key to Living the Law of Attraction, Health Communications, Inc., 2007, p. 7]

Focusing our intention is the key.

"But I don't have an intention, or if I have one, I don't know what it is," you might be thinking.

I've come to understand that the antidote to the turmoil we face lies within each of us. When we learn to access, listen, trust, and follow our own inner wisdom, we can overcome our mental and emotional blocks, negative self-talk, and perceived fears. We then can more fully focus on our positive intention.

I discovered that, like everything else, the Law of Attraction — which is a sublaw of the Law of Vibration — is an insideout phenomenon. It isn't a magic trick. It isn't about attracting what we desire from the outside or making it happen. The Law of Attraction for me is about another process entirely. It's about changing our internal life from the inside to match that of what we deeply desire.

Too often, we don't realize how we contradict the very things we believe in, need and want, creating confusion and turmoil by saying one thing and doing another. Millions of people try to will their dreams through pleading prayers, or wish for them as if those dreams were a long list for Santa to check twice. If we don't get what we want, we think we didn't deserve it — or we feel bitter that we didn't get our due.

We bite our nails, but try to convince ourselves that we feel relaxed.

We spend money that we don't have, and then hate that we're in debt.

We criticize and lash out at a loved one, and feel dejected and discouraged that we don't feel connected.

We have a dream for a wonderful new business, and simultaneously worry that it won't work and unwittingly find ways to stall and slow the process of manifesting that dream.

You see, it is not just about changing our thoughts, but about going deeper to connect with the root of what we feel. I've learned that in every situation — literally every second of the day — we can choose how to react, how to feel, how to show up, how to be. When we become consciously aware of what we're focusing on and giving our attention to, we discover a wealth of insight about ourselves and the world around us.

If we think of life — or the Universe — as something that we are in relationship with, then the Universe will react to our internal energy. We say, "I can't." And we can't. We say, "I'm afraid of becoming too big and too successful because it will demand too much of me." And the Universe agrees.

But, when we say, "I'm ready." When we say, "I want to take my life to the next level and really see what I'm made of. I want to make a difference." The Universe conspires with us to pave that path.

Now, this, I realized, is not about a genie in a bottle giving us exactly what we want. No! This is where millions of us get lost. What it's really about is, once we're open and willing and ready, all those unseen forces of life align with our deepest desires to grow us into the next phase of our lives to achieve our highest good. Because we're ready ... and because we consciously choose to do so.

Living inside-out is not an overnight process; neither is experiencing your heart's desires.

So, what is our relationship with the Universe? It doesn't decide which path is better for us; it responds to whatever energy we're creating and gives us more of the same. It reflects back to us the state of our consciousness.

If we're asleep at the wheel of life, we don't notice all the opportunities passing us by. If we're primed for a fight with every person we meet, we are not open to the kindness of others or the ways in which we can affect others with our own kindness.

Our Emotions are the Key

So, be aware of what you're feeling. Our emotions are the key to manifesting our desires. They really are. I'm talking about the stuff that makes us do what we do. We are not automated machines. We feel, and therefore we react! And those reactions can get us further toward our joy and prosperity and good health or not. You might work hard toward a dream, but if you're constantly interjecting negative thoughts and feelings into the mix, your dream won't materialize. Not as easily or quickly as you'd like, anyway.

Once, after telling a close friend how anxious and frustrated I was over a particular circumstance, he looked at me said simply, "Freedom and power."

"What does that mean?" I said.

"You have the freedom to choose whatever you want. That's your power."

If you're feeling stuck, freedom seems out of reach.

If you're feeling powerless, you may reach for power in all the wrong ways.

So, what would you like to experience in your life? If your intention is to create positive energy in your life, it's imperative to give your attention to positive thoughts and feelings.

How? The answer is in our cells.

What's Your Vibe?

Have you heard people talk about another person's "vibes?" "He has bad vibes about him." Or, "She has great vibes." You know what I mean, when you sense a situation that doesn't quite feel right or are ambivalent about a decision or a person? These feelings are your intuition talking. Your gut. Your inner wisdom. Your deep sense of who you are and what is life-enhancing — or not.

Our vibes can be measured. Rates of vibration are called frequencies, and the higher the frequency, the more powerful the force. Positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions vibrate at a high frequency, while negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions vibrate at a low frequency.

It's all energy.

Everything, whether solid, liquid, or gas, consists of energy, and all forms of energy constantly move and vibrate. Our entire Universe and everything within it — seen and unseen — is a vibrating mass of atoms and subatomic particles.

The same principles of vibration that operate in the outer, physical world apply to our emotional/psychological world. In other words, our feelings and thoughts consist of energy and have vibrations. Frequencies of like vibration attract each other, and herein lies the key to experiencing what you want in your life — what you intend to attract.

I've learned to catch myself when I'm in a negative mode — angry, sad, anxious, bored, restless, pessimistic — and shift my energy to the positive. No, it's not a switch I flip. (I wish.) Rather, it's a way of relating to myself, talking myself through a difficult situation, making a note, so to speak, that I am in conflict, and then trying to look at that conflict in me through the most objective and compassionate eyes. That means no judgment, no self-hate, no self-doubt.

So, being aware of our feelings is a major part of making this shift from negative (the Impossible) to positive (the Possible).

The other crucial part of this shift is to be consciously aware of our intention. What's the difference between knowing our intention and having intentions?

For me, it isn't just semantics. I see intention as our deep, personal goal for the way we want to live. Intention is tied to purpose. It's our lifeblood. Our practical philosophy. It's stronger and more profound than simply having intentions, which I have come to believe, can pay lip service to our goals but not necessarily sustain a good life.

What is Your Intention?

Living Inside-Out helps you realize you can't create happiness if you're caught up in how badly your spouse or friend treated you. Nor can you create a healthy body if you're focused on how overweight (or underweight or sick) you are, or create prosperity if you're thinking about what you lack.

Understanding the power of your focused intention can mean the difference between a life of lack, hardship, fear, anxiety, struggle and a life filled with joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, profound peace, limitless prosperity. You can either become stuck in life as a victim of circumstance or shift to discover new possibilities by taking 100% responsibility for being that which you desire. This is one of the most important inside-out life lessons I've learned.

Your emotions act as your compass. They always create a path to your focused intention. When you become more and more aware of your inner emotional life, you become aware of your predominant focus and what you're "putting out there." Is it positive — or negative? Encouraging — or self-defeating? When you know what you're dispensing to the world, the kind of emotional and therefore vibrational energy, then you can begin to see how it connects to what you're receiving in return.

We're about to explore the many ways in which our perceptions dictate how we approach our life. And once you discern the nature of those perceptions — whether they block, frustrate, confuse, or help you — you can apply them to better living. More attuned, empowered living — ultimate living.

The Living Inside-Out Principles will help cultivate an awareness of the incredible power of your focused intention, develop a way to replace many of the destructive, self-sabotaging thoughts and self-limiting beliefs that hold you in bondage, and provide guideposts to choose again — and, in so doing, reclaim your innate power to consciously create your best life.

* * *

"The Inside-Out Philosophy&&™ is based on the universal premise that, as human beings, we have within us an innate wisdom and capacity to transform our lives on any level, be it accepting and loving ourselves, achieving our dreams (health, relationships, family, career, or finances), living with passion, or understanding our divine purpose."

— Eddie



Embracing Change from Within

* * *

"One of the biggest impediments to change is that we're unwilling to let go of those things that are keeping us right where we are."

— Chris Waddell

Chris Waddell defied gravity one afternoon on a snowy mountain in his freshman year of college. While in Vermont with his brother and friends, they decided to do what they always did — ski their hearts out. A trained ski racer, Chris had been on snow skis since he was six years old living in Massachusetts. When he hit the ski hill that day, the last thing on his mind was that a change was about to find him.

"I don't remember the actual accident," Chris recalls. "It was a warm day, and we were just skiing and having fun, when my ski popped off in the middle of a turn. You think you'd remember the most significant moment in your life. But even though I was conscious, I was in shock."

Sometimes change is a choice from the get-go. But sometimes later becomes sooner, whether we planned it that way or not. And sometimes the necessity to change finds us.

A crisis can be a turning point or a crossroads that creeps up and pulls you down. At times, a crisis is unexpected, and at others, it arrives after whispering in your ear for a decade as you ignore the signals. I'm talking about the kind of changes that turn you inside out and ask how much you're willing to risk to live the life you want. We often resist change. We're afraid of pain, challenge, or being consumed by hardship, failure, disappointment, or loss. We become good at rationalizing our circumstances and frustrations.

I never really knew how to define change until I met Chris.

"Everything happened very fast from the moment I fell — ambulance to the hospital, helicopter to another hospital, surgery, then two months in the hospital," Chris recalls.

Some changes go deep. They want something more from us. They compel us to take a giant leap of faith that we'll have another trapeze bar to grasp after we've let go of the first one. And those mid-air crises have nothing to do with mid-life and everything to do with surrender — and guts. And they force us into mid-air changes.

Define the Stakes

I had never really talked with anyone who was paralyzed as to how it happened. It was a nightmare for me to imagine, and the thought of a star athlete losing his mobility seemed to me a double tragedy and injustice. But, I was about to have my previously narrow assumption blown wide open by a man who lost everything in a split second.

After his accident, Chris barely got out of bed. He couldn't sit up on his own and when someone helped him, he suffered terrible dizziness. When he finally did get out of the bed, he couldn't sit up for more than an hour without getting a splitting headache. He couldn't dress himself ... he couldn't walk.

All he could do was go within.

And in the process became stronger, even as his body wouldn't respond.

"I realized through the process that full recovery didn't necessarily mean walking again," he says. "Full recovery was what I experienced when I couldn't bring myself to indulge any of my negative thoughts. I couldn't indulge any depression. I couldn't allow myself to indulge in those emotions that might affect how I recovered physically. I frequently tell people that the period after my accident was the most important time in my life — though some of them find it hard to believe."

So here's the part where you think his athletics are over, right? You assume he went back, finished his studies, and forgot about his love of skiing. Not even close.

He went back to college two months after his accident, in the middle of a snowy February, to a place built on a hill. He didn't quit or resign himself to a more physically accessible environment to make life more manageable for him. Why?

"It doesn't sound that smart, I know, but for me it was absolutely the best decision I could have made because that's where my community was. That's where my friends and support system were, which meant I could then get better. In a lot of ways, getting better was about being with the people I loved," he says.

After returning to college Chris stunned everyone when he started ski racing — disabled ski racing. He continued on the college ski team and captained the team his senior year. Within two years of his accident, he'd made the disabled ski team. Upon graduation, he went to his first Paralympics Games in Albertville, France, which would become his springboard into an international competitive career. He picked up wheelchair racing along the way to enhance his training, and as he says, "That morphed into another sport." He competed in his first world championship wheelchair racing competition in 1994.


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Table of Contents

Principal One: Focus Your Intention
Principal Two: Embrace Change from Within
Principal Three: Be Present to Possibilities
Principal Four: Know Your Truth
Principal Five: The Questions are the Answers
Principal Six : Awaken to Your Natural Abundance

Minding Your Brain From The Inside-Out: Unleashing the Power of Our Mind
Happiness From The Inside-Out: The Power to Embrace Our Own Happiness
Nutrition From The Inside-Out: Skillfulness the Path to Conscious Eating
Fitness From The Inside-Out: Emotional & Physical Fitness for Life
Vitality From The Inside-Out: Health & Vitality for Life
Financial management from the inside-out: Creating a Lasting Financial Foundation
Prosperity from the inside-out: Enjoying Financial Abundance
Loving ourselves from the inside-out: Loving Ourselves & Empowering Our Children
Relationships from the inside-out: Build Relationships that Last
Balance from the inside-out: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living
Living from the inside-out: The Spirit Within
Principle Seven: Start now! Move To Action

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