Living the Luxe Life: The Secrets of Building a Successful Hotel Empire

Living the Luxe Life: The Secrets of Building a Successful Hotel Empire

by Efrem Harkham, Mark Bego


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For Efrem Harkham, hospitality isn’t just a job—it’s a way of life. And that attitude is evident when you walk into any of Harkham’s one-hundred-plus luxury hotels. In a true, rags-to-riches American success story, Harkham built a renowned international hotel brand that is synonymous with comfort and refinement.

Part memoir, part business-success book, Living the Luxe Life is the story of Harkham’s success, detailing the secrets behind his accomplishments. Taking a philosophical approach to business, Harkham describes his commitment towards maintaining excellence in all aspects of his life, succeeding in a constantly evolving marketplace, and mentoring employees. He firmly believes that this method is the best way to provide his customers with a superior product. Additional chapters expand on Harkham’s business model, touching on his belief in the importance of philanthropy, education, and patience in building a strong and successful business.

Profound and insightful, Living the Luxe Life is a must have for any reader who aspires to one day succeed in the business world.

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ISBN-13: 9781510740860
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 09/03/2019
Pages: 280
Sales rank: 1,132,325
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Mark Bego is the New York Times bestselling author of sixty-two books on rock & roll and show business. He has over twelve million books in prints in a dozen languages. In 2017 he shifted gears to become a celebrity chef, when he published his all-star cookbook Eat Like a Rock Star. He chronicled his life in his 2010 memoir Paperback Writer. He lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Efrem Harkham is the owner of The Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard and The Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, California. He also owns and operates L.E. Hotels, which has over one hundred affiliated hotels around the world. He is one of the producers of the film Gorky Park. This is his first book. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xiii

Preface: Meet Efrem Harkham, Rock Star Hotelier Mark Bego xvii

Introduction: Showing Up Is Everything Efrem Harkham xxi

Pillar 1 Family 1

Chapter 1 Genesis 3

The Tomb of Ezra 3

From Riches to Refugee Camp 4

A Purim to Remember 14

My Siblings 15

They Told Us We Came from Royalty 17

Motivated by Poverty 18

Memories of My Mother 21

Father's High Expectations 27

The Bedouin Kids 28

Seeking a Better Life 29

Chapter 2 Going Down Under 31

An Act of Kindness 31

A New Beginning 32

The Small Family 33

A Joyful Home 37

A Foreigner in a Foreign Land 38

The Tunnel 39

Anti-Herd Instinct 44

The Family and the Fashion Business 46

Opportunity Knocks 49

Quality Control 54

Persistence Pays Off 56

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens 59

Chapter 3 Hello Hollywood! 63

Laurel Way 63

Lulu USA 68

No One Dresses a Woman Like Jonathan Martin 70

Moving to Beverly Hills 81

Gorky Park 82

Get Outside of the Fishbowl 85

My First Memory 88

A Decision Is Made 90

Pillar 2 The Art Of Hospitality 95

Chapter 4 Sunset Boulevard 97

From Threads to Beds 97

Credibility Is Everything 98

Love Thy Neighbor 100

Don't Vote on an Empty Stomach 103

J. Paul Getty Museum, My New Neighbor 105

Chapter 5 Rodeo Drive 109

The Odds of Buying a Hotel on Rodeo Drive 109

Marketing Rodeo Drive 110

Dancing in the Street 113

Chapter 6 A Dream and a Vision 117

Inspired by the Magic of Disney 117

Luxe Is a Feeling 118

No Man Is an Island 119

Chapter 7 Birth of the Luxe Collection 123

Creating an International Marketing Solution 123

Filling a Void 124

A Personalized Approach 125

Global Representation 126

Chapter 8 Luxe Hotels 129

Building a Brand 129

The Test of Any Brand's Strength Is Its Ability to Recover 131

The Stoneleigh and the Luxe Brand 133

Ultimate Branding and Marketing 136

Talent Is Not Enough-It Must Be Marketed 138

All That You Want, More Than You Expect 138

We Are Customer-Centric 139

Honor Your Promise 140

Encouragement from Ronald Reagan 142

Assemble an "A" Team 145

Acknowledge and Appreciate 147

A Proud Recognition 149

Hospitality Is Contagious 151

Chapter 9 Wine Is in Our Culture 153

Harkham Wines 153

Make It Kosher 154

Pillar 3 Settling Down & Parenting 157

Chapter 10 Finding Love 159

Marriage 159

Thoughts on Relationships and Marriage 163

Chapter 11 Parenting 165

The Art of Good Parenting 165

Parental Roles 166

A Healthy Environment 167

Shaping a Child's Identity 168

The Teenage Years 169

Set Boundaries and Limitations 170

What Gets Praised Gets Repeated 172

Set the Standards 174

Parenting Never Ends 175

Chapter 12 Reinforcing Values 179

Culture of Honesty 179

Breathe Through It, Baby! 181

Loving Something Greater than Themselves 182

Defeat Anger 184

Resolving Conflicts 184

Reading Expands a Child's Mind 185

Pillar 4 Inspiration 187

Chapter 13 The Quest for Meaning 189

Looking for Answers 189

Remain Authentic 189

Laughter Is a Meditation 191

Tears Are the Most Beautiful Expression 192

Stilling the Monkey Mind 193

Seeking Inner Strength 194

Don't Sit on the Fence Too Long 194

Chapter 14 Returning to My Roots 197

The Never-Ending Search for Meaning 197

Lashon Hara: The Potency of Negativity 199

All of Wisdom in One Word 201

The Comfort of Rituals 202

Death: An Intrinsic Part of Life 205

Meaning of the Moment 208

The Power of the Word 209

The Kind Act of Civility 211

It Only Works When You Show Up 212

This Too Shall Pass 213

Chapter 15 Teachers are the Heroes 215

Teachers Change Lives 215

Education Is Key 216

The Smallest Gash in a Young Sapling Results in a Deformity of the Tree 217

The Harkham Family Commitment to Education 220

Harkham-GAON Academy 221

Shakespeare Asked, "What's in a Name?" 222

Teachers Are the Heroes of Our Community 223

Bringing Education to Forgotten Places 224

Inspiring Minds 226

An Enlightening Sojourn 227

In Closing: Lessons for a Luxe Life 233

About the Authors 237

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