Lock 'n Load Tactical Core Rules v5.0

Lock 'n Load Tactical Core Rules v5.0


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For over 15 years the Lock 'n Load Tactical system has set a new standard in Squad-level gaming. Its innovative gameplay mechanics, unparalleled artwork, historical scope, and accessibility have entertained veterans and new gamers alike. Over that time, our rules have grown, too, introducing new unit capabilities and concepts; they have also matured in their presentation.

The LnLT version 5.0 rules manual contains the latest set of guidelines and regulations for the game system. Our goal is to present the rules in a straightforward manner without disrupting their existing structure and foundation. The biggest difference between the v5.0 and the v4.1 rules is that the World War II- and Modern-era core rules are no longer separate, making these rules a more comprehensive set, for use with the entire system. For clarity, some rules sections have been modified not with content but with a new structure, e.g., additional subsections, more bullet points, or more images and examples—and even in-depth examples. Additional cross-referencing of rules expanded unit-image diagrams and a detailed Index have also been added.

Other new additions to the v5.0 rules are numbered examples within each rules section and the implementation of a hexagonal color-coding system in the Table of Contents and throughout the manual, to make referencing certain sections and subsections easier. Two new rules sections have been added: one on Scenario Information, which breaks down how scenarios are laid out, to aid new gamers; and another on unique Weapons and Equipment. And a Series Resources section introduces new and veteran gamers to additional ways to expand and enjoy the LnLT system.

Learning any game system can be daunting, but don’t be dissuaded; we use a large font-size, to accommodate

the eyes, and have lots of examples, to illustrate the mechanics. Further, the best way to learn is to have another person show you how to play, but that’s not always an option. We encourage new players to read the two gameplay narratives (for infantry and vehicles/ordnance) found at the back of the booklet before reading the rules, to familiarize yourself with how a scenario plays in an intuitive and observational manner.

The v5.0 rules can be used with any previously published LnLT module, including the Solo system.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781087809168
Publisher: Indy Pub
Publication date: 11/07/2019
Series: Lock 'n Load Tactical Series , #1
Edition description: Hardcover
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.88(d)

About the Author

David Heath has been playing games and reading books in some way or another for most of his life. They are and have always been a large part of who he is. Since high school, he has wanted to write, design, and develop great games and stories. David took his first step at Victory Games and is grateful to Mark Herman and Eric Lee Smith for giving him the opportunity as an intern. It started a fire that has never gone out in him.

David is currently the owner and operator of Lock 'n Load Publishing as well as being the founder and President of The Gamers Network, Matrix Games, Strategic Games Publications, and at one point, the owner of The Wargamer. He has owned a few other businesses over the years but has always kept coming back to gaming.

His other interests include music, movies, and technology, and how he can combine his interests together. His faith in God has always been a major driving factor in his life and is thankful for God's blessings in his life. - John 3:16

I am a problem solver. Seriously. Give me a problem and watch me run with it. Right now, this is being fully realized as a producer of our books, board, and computer game lines.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: General Concepts

Chapter 2: Outline of Play

Chapter 3: Rally Phase

Chapter 4: Operations Phase

Chapter 5: Fire Combat

Chapter 6: Movement

Chapter 7: Laying Smoke

Chapter 8: Melee Combat

Chapter 9: Administration Phase

Chapter 10: Line of Sight, Spotting & Terrain

Chapter 11: Single-Man Counters

Chapter 12: Skills

Chapter 13: National Characteristics

Chapter 14: Ordnance

Chapter 15: Vehicles

Chapter 16: Passengers

Chapter 17: Infantry & Artillery

Chapter 18: Indirect Fire

Chapter 19: Aircraft and Helicopters

Chapter 20: Night Combat

Chapter 21: Fortifications and Obstacles

Chapter 22: Scenario Information

Chapter 23: Additional Weapons and Equipment


Infantry Gameplay Narrative

Outline of Play

Charts and Tables

Rule Reference



Starter Kit

Counters and Maps


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