Logbook of Life

Logbook of Life

by Don Smith


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"I love Don's book, Logbook of Life, because I am a pilot, interested in aviation, and especially when it has to do with missions. Don is a friend of many years, beginning when he was Wycliffe's Chief Pilot in Ecuador. Arriving as a freshman jungle pilot, I worked with Don who became my supervisor and mentor. Don had organized and was leader of Ecuador's Aviation program. Much of Don's expertise became mine and prepared me for my future role as Chief Pilot in Colombia. Fasten your seatbelt as you fly with Don in South America, Africa, and Asia where God used his many talents as he provided leadership to new and established programs. This book has special appeal to those interested in types and models of mission aircraft and in harrowing experiences inherent in bush flying. Seeing God's hand of protection and blessing in Don's life and ministry will encourage and bless readers as it did me." -Forrest Zander, former jungle pilot, Chief pilot, Field Director, Minister-at-Large, and Associate Director-Advancement for Wycliffe North Central.

"You will be amazed at the experiences Don writes about, describing his years of flying Bible translators in and out of South American rain forests and later in other countries around the world. Without air service, many of these pioneer Bible translators could not have done the job God called them to. This book will give you a greater insight into the hardships and joys of a missionary aviation couple. During our early years as missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators, my wife and I often used the story of Don's 1976 aircraft accident to illustrate, along with Don, the important things of our life. The only four things left over from the airplane fire were symbolic: his watch, suggested giving the Lord our time; the hasp from his briefcase, giving the Lord our things; the glob of melted aluminum, giving the Lord our money; and the ignition switch and key, giving the Lord our talents." Pat Cochran

"The aircraft that Don flew were more than a means of transportation. There were his friends. May you enjoy the adventures that they had together as they provided vital support for Bible translation throughout the world." Ron Barkey, First met Don at JAARS in mid 70's, Raised family in Peru for 25 years, Currently in H.R., JAARS - last 15 years

"I have had the pleasure of serving as Don Smith's pastor for the past decade. In addition to him being a missionary pilot, Don is also a man after God's heart. I have had many wonderful experiences with Don as we have evangelized the community, studied the Word of God, participated in prayer gatherings, and taken part in times of fellowship with one another. Don's heart goes out to the lost and dying. I know you are going to enjoy reading this book because the man who wrote these pages has such a desire to see the gospel spread to the ends of the earth. As you go with brother Don as he remembers flights to faraway places, I hope you will get caught up in the adventure of his 'missionary journeys.'" Rev. Donald Gamble, Pastor, Hermon Baptist Church

"I could write a book about the book I enjoyed it so much. I found it hard to put down. Aviation? Yes. Aviators will love this book and so will you! You will read about airplanes, missionaries, snakes, and head hunters, but there is so much more for all of us. Young and old alike will be blessed as you read how God has worked in the lives of so many. We are drawn even closer to God when we read Don's personal reflections from his logbook. May you be as encouraged, enlightened, inspired, and challenged as I was." Dick Blauser, Friend and co-worker, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc. Retired

"Logbook of Life brought back so many memories to me! You will enjoy reading of Don's many experiences and be thrilled by God's provision and protection. Join me in praising God for what He has done in and through this servant of His." Roy Gleason

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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/04/2015
Pages: 268
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About the Author

Donald "Don" E. Smith was born October 15, 1927 in Des Moines, Iowa. Don was raised on a family farm in Iowa with four older siblings. His father was a college educated man who loved to work outdoors. His mother was the daughter of an evangelistic Methodist Minister.
Don came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at age twelve after listening to a missionary speaker from India at a revival meeting in the Methodist church.
While in the Navy, Don met Weyman Patterson, a young man who was very committed to the Lord. Weyman's passion for Jesus rubbed off on Don. While being stationed at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Waukegan, Illinois, Don attended Moody Memorial Church during the pastorate of Pastor Harry Ironside. He also attended Youth for Christ rallies on Saturday nights where Bob Cook (head of YFC in Chicago) and Billy Graham were occasional speakers. He also visited Pacific Garden Mission. These experiences renewed Don's faith, and it was there that he dedicated his life to missionary work.
While stationed in Southern California with the Navy, Don obtained-on his own-a private pilot's license.
While taking advanced electronics training in Corpus Christi, Texas, Don met Jeanne Whitworth who eventually became his wife.
Don served in the Navy for about two years, and then, in 1948, he enrolled in Moody Bible Institute's technical training program specializing in aviation.
Don and Jeanne were married on December 31, 1949 (New Year's Eve). Don completed his studies at Moody in 1952.
Jeanne shared Don's call to the mission field. In September 1954, they left with a young family for South America serving in Peru and later in Ecuador with occasional furloughs to the United States. While in Ecuador, Don inaugurated the first airstrip for Rachel Saint, the sister of Nate Saint who was martyred by Auca (Waorani) men on January 8, 1956.
Beginning in the 1970s, Don served as a missionary pilot trainer at JAARS Headquarters in Waxhaw, NC, and occasionally took on assignments to launch new missionary aviation programs in Africa and Asia. He retired from aviation in the mid 1990s.
Don and Jeanne had five children. Jeanne passed away in April 1998.
Don met his present wife Maxine in 2006, and they were married in January 2009. They make their home in Waxhaw, NC.

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