Lone Wolf Cowboy (Gold Valley Series #7)

Lone Wolf Cowboy (Gold Valley Series #7)

by Maisey Yates

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Will Gold Valley’s most reclusive cowboy finally find a reason to heal?

As a former EMT and a wildland firefighter, there’s no one Jacob Dalton can’t rescue—except himself. Since his best friend’s tragic death, Jacob has isolated himself…until Vanessa Logan returns to Gold Valley. He saved her life during a medical call years ago, and he’s never forgotten her. The instant jolt of heat between them takes him by surprise, but he knows that giving in to it would only end in disaster…

For Vanessa, returning home was about healing, not about exploring her attraction with Jacob. He is the guardian angel from her past—with strong, capable hands and an irresistible mouth. A temptation she knows she can’t afford. Until the chemistry between them explodes, and unites them in a way they could never have imagined…

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ISBN-13: 9781488096860
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 07/30/2019
Series: Gold Valley Series , #7
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 3,781
File size: 934 KB

About the Author

USA Today Bestselling author Maisey Yates lives in rural Oregon with her three children and her husband, whose chiseled jaw and arresting features continue to make her swoon. She feels the epic trek she takes several times a day from her office to her coffee maker is a true example of her pioneer spirit.

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Vanessa Logan had been avoiding going home again for a very long time.

And for most of that time, she had been convinced that no one was terribly sad about her absence. It had been seven years since she'd seen her family by the time she'd come back to town about two years earlier for her sister Olivia's wedding.

She'd been in a haze then — not a drug haze — which she imagined is what her family would have assumed, but just a kind of strange, surreal sensation, returning to a place that she hadn't been to in so long.

It was different this time.

Different now two years later as she drove past the welcome sign all done up in blue and cheery yellow, welcoming her to the town of Gold Valley.

Back to the county that bore her last name, where she had been born, raised and let everyone down who had ever loved her.

She was closing the loop. That's why she was back. Anyway, there was an opportunity here, and she figured she might as well take it. Olivia had a baby. Olivia had a family, and no matter what had happened between them in the past, Olivia was her twin. It seemed ... it seemed like she should be closer to her.

Geographically, and emotionally. Though she knew it would all have to be done in stages.

She imagined her parents would want her near eventually. Maybe. She couldn't say for sure. She wouldn't particularly blame them, she supposed, if they couldn't get over it.

She had been difficult. She'd caused them worry. They had assumed the worst about her ... and in many ways they'd been right to. At least, at the time.

Her childhood had been ideal for a while. Before she'd wanted to be anything other than Olivia's twin, and Cole and Tamara Logan's daughter. Before she ever got curious about the forbidden things her parents had warned her so sternly about.

She ached for that sometimes. For those simple days. When a hug from her father had healed all wounds. When she'd gone for long lunches with her mom after shopping in town.

When she and Olivia had whispered secrets under the covers. Until Olivia had gotten scared of secrets, and Vanessa's had gotten too dark to share.

She might never get back to those times. It might all be too broken. But even if it was ... even if it was, she was still glad she was here.

She was back for her.

Gold Valley was the last refuge for her demons, and the final locked door in her life.

It was her origin story. And everyone needed to revisit an origin story.

She'd gone out on her own, failed, hit rock bottom and healed. But she had healed away, not at the site of her very first fall from grace.

And it was time.

It was just time.

She maneuvered her car through Main Street, marveling at the brick buildings, the faded advertisements painted on the side, the lone neon sign above Gold Valley Saloon — allowed only because it had been installed in the early sixties and was considered historic.

Any new neon would not be considered historic.

And the fact that Vanessa still knew those things — could still hear her father explaining them and that cool, authoritative voice of his that Vanessa could've listened to forever — made her smile.

Though, it wasn't an entirely happy smile.

Home was complicated.

That was for sure.

Well, home would be a little less complicated now than it had been, maybe. She had her own place, and the keys were waiting for her. All of her possessions fit in the back of her car, and she was ready to start a new job in a couple of days.

She had things lined up. She was responsible now.

Had been for a number of years.

And she'd been too cowardly to get in touch with her family and let them know that she was doing better.

So, maybe she wasn't totally responsible.

She tried not to dwell on that as the road carried her through the main part of town, and back out again, out into a densely wooded stretch of highway, with long, direct, gravel driveways.

One of those long gravel driveways would be hers.

Well, hers and a couple of other people's. There were typically several homes back up one of those roads.

Her car's navigation system buzzed and let her know that she was in fact at her road. She turned left and started to look for numbers. Every few trees, there was a sign posted and Vanessa kept watch for the four-digit number that marked her new home.

She would have hated this when she was a teenager.

She'd hated where she lived already, and a road like this — that took her out farther away from the nearest larger town, that was several miles out of Gold Valley, and over all this dirt and gravel — would have mortally wounded and offended her.

Thinking of that girl, with her bright, big ambition, her seeds of dissatisfaction and her deep certainty she knew better than everyone else around her ... It was almost painful.

She'd had no idea what she was going to walk herself into.

And she supposed that was another reason she'd had to come here.

It was the last place she'd been that Vanessa.

It was also where she'd changed. Completely and utterly.

She saw the number for her rental, nailed to a tree. She turned her car onto a much narrower gravel road than the one she'd just been on.

The house at the end of the drive was small, humble, with white siding that was peeling in places, a shingled roof and a covered porch with a few hanging flowerpots.

She wondered if Ellie Bell, her contact in Gold Valley was responsible for the flowers.

She doubted it was the landlord's work, given the state of the paint.

Rustic was a generous description. Both for the landscape, and the house itself.

She got out and looked around, the pine trees that towered overhead seeming to swallow her whole as she stood there, feeling increasingly smaller. As if her place in the universe had shrunk significantly.

She didn't mind the feeling. She grabbed her shoulder bag from the car and began to walk up the porch steps, one of the pieces of wood creaking beneath her feet.

It was such a lovely little place and would make a welcome change to the apartment she'd called home for the past few years. Quiet. Isolation.

Well, except for all the teenagers she would be working with.

That wouldn't be very quiet.

She was okay with that too.

Teenagers shouldn't have to be quiet. They should get to live as loudly as they could, in safe spaces where they wouldn't be punished for trying and failing.

Of course they needed boundaries too. She did know that.

It was just boundaries had been suffocating for her, and sometimes it was tough to remember that others suffered from a lack of them.

She heard the sound of tires on gravel, and she turned just in time to see a mint-green SUV headed up the roadway.

She frowned.

There was a blonde woman in the car, looking harried. She parked behind Vanessa's car and got out.

"Hi," Vanessa said hesitantly.

"Vanessa?" the woman asked. She moved to the back of the car and opened the door. A little blonde girl hopped out, her hair bouncing with each movement.

The tiny child gave Vanessa a momentary feeling of discomfort.

"I'm Ellie," she said, walking forward and extending her hand.

"Oh," Vanessa said. "It's nice to meet you."

"I'm Amelia!" The little girl spun in a circle as she announced her name.

"Hi, Amelia," Vanessa said, not sure what to do with her hands.

"I didn't make it up here earlier to put the key out for you," Ellie said. "I'm really sorry. I was hoping to beat you here, but I had drama with Amelia's sitter. It's just been a day. Plus, everything at the ranch is a little bit nutty right now."

"I'd guess so, with you just getting everything up and running."

The whole endeavor sounded great to Vanessa. An alternative school for kids who were either having trouble in school, or at home. Or in the system. Kids who were at their last stop, basically.

As a kid who'd been there, Vanessa wished there had been something like that for her. Of course ... she doubted her parents would have ever been able to admit she needed help.

That was if she'd ever been able to admit to them that she did.

"It should be. Now that we're getting all the bugs worked out. And just in time to get started. We're going to have about twenty students, most of whom are from out of the area and will be living with foster families in town."

"That ... That seems like a good size."

"Yes. Well, I was really impressed with your work. Not just your art, but your explanation of how you've used art for therapy."

"It's something that I ... that I really believe in." It had saved her. Finding a passion. She wondered what her parents would think of it now.

They would have disapproved if she'd said she wanted to be an artist back when she was in high school. But maybe they'd think trading in pills for paintbrushes was an all right idea.

"Okay," Ellie said, "I don't want to clutter up your day. I'm sure that you want to get settled. But, if you need anything, feel free to give me a call. And if you have an emergency, Jacob is just up the drive. Jacob Dalton, I mean."

Vanessa's heart twisted. "Jacob Dalton?"

She could see that name, clear in her mind, on a name badge. His hand strong, firm. His expression full of concern.

Stay with me ...

She blinked. "I ..."

"Do you know Jacob?" Ellie asked.

"No," she said. It was the honest truth. She didn't know Jacob. Not really. "I know his name. You know how things are in a small town."

"Definitely," Ellie said. "He's home unless he's out fighting fires. Though, the serious part of the season is mostly winding to a close. I don't ... I don't like it when he and Caleb are out on fires."

"Yeah, that sounds like an intense job," Vanessa said, struggling to keep her mind in the present, when half of it was still lost back in the past.

"Yeah," Ellie said. "And it's just ... my husband ... Amelia's father ..." They both looked over at the little girl, who was turning circles just next to the porch. "He died. He died out on a fire. The helicopter he was in crashed."

That brought Vanessa right into the moment. What an awful thing to have to go through. She couldn't even imagine.

She might not know that kind of pain, but she knew what it was like to be an oddity. To be someone with a wound other people had a hard time understanding. And if Ellie wanted to open up, to share her pain ... well Vanessa was here to listen.

She knew what it was to be isolated that way.

"I'm sorry," Vanessa said.

She meant it. She'd lost a lot of people in her life. But not to death. By her own systematic alienation of them. And in some cases, by them cutting ties with her. But those losses had other chances available, no matter how unlikely.

A loss like Ellie's didn't have another chance.

"Me too," Ellie said. "He would've been a good dad."

And Vanessa probably would have been a terrible mother. But she was here. She lost her pregnancy. And this little girl was here without a good father. Because the world was strange, and it was nothing if not horrifically imbalanced.

"I really am sorry about that."

"I appreciate it. It's been a while. But, that is the thing. Jacob and Caleb being out on fires ... It always makes me think of Clint. Of course, so does Amelia's smile. But, that's a happy thing."

"Does she like to paint?" Vanessa asked.

"Oh, she hasn't really done much of it. I mean, besides at preschool."

"I'd love to do some painting with her," Vanessa said. She wasn't quite sure why she offered, particularly given her initial reaction to the child. But, if she could do art, and help Amelia express herself, then she felt like that was a bonus. Anyway, it gave her a place to focus some of the rattling nerves that were jittering around inside of her.

Jacob Dalton.

Well, so much for her particular setup being less complicated.

Not that he would remember her. There was no reason for him to remember her. She would just be one of the many phone calls he'd had during his time as an EMT in Logan County.

"All right, Amelia," Ellie said. "Say goodbye to Ms. Logan."

"Bye, Ms. Logan," Amelia said, her smile cherubic and sweet. Ellie waved and headed back to the car. As Ellie got inside, Vanessa had to wonder what the other woman knew about her, and what she didn't.

Vanessa's fall from grace was something she imagined people in town discussed. Or maybe they didn't. Maybe her parents had done a good job of hiding the activities of their daughter for the past nine years.

Surely, the label of rebellious had been given to her before she'd left town. That, she actually knew for a fact.

She had been running with the wrong crowd. Being wild.

But if there had been any knowledge or subtext to her interaction with Ellie, Vanessa hadn't sensed it. And she usually did. When people knew her background, they often spoke to her as if she was fragile. Perhaps mentally incapacitated. And if not that, then simply with a slight curl to their lip and a bit of disdain. Ellie had given her none of that, and Vanessa was grateful for it.

If she could just find enough people to surround herself with on a daily basis who knew her only as she was now, things would be great.

And if Jacob Dalton could just not remember her. That would be even better.

Or, maybe, she wouldn't end up having to deal with him at all.

It was optimistic, but she could hope.

That was the thing. No matter what, Vanessa Logan could always hope.

It was the only reason she was still breathing now.

So she would cling to it no matter what.

She took a deep breath and walked back to her car, fishing a large duffel bag out of the back. It had everything in it she would need for overnight. That way, if she didn't get around to unpacking the other couple of boxes she'd brought, she would be fine.

She was feeling pretty exhausted, and mostly she felt ready to make herself a glass of iced tea and sit.

That was the point of this new life. This new pace.

That was the point of coming home.

Jacob Dalton was tired down to his bones. It had been a long-ass time since he'd done ranch work like he'd done today. But his brother Gabe was actively attempting to recruit him into a full-time capacity at the ranch, and somehow his sales pitch included working Jacob until his knuckles were bloodied.

He sat down heavily at the table, a beer clutched tightly in his hand. "You're a sadist," he groaned, leaning back in his chair.

"Hey, I got you to come out and drink. So I must've done something right," Gabe said.

His brother was in a good mood. He was in a good mood a lot lately, thanks to his recent engagement to Jamie Dodge, a little tomboy, hell-raiser cowgirl that Jacob would never have thought his brother would take an interest in. But it turned out he'd taken more than an interest in her. He had fallen in love with her.

Nice for him, Jacob supposed.

"Yeah, well, I wasn't going to turn down free beer." Though he had beer up at his cabin, so it wasn't like he couldn't drink there. And, anyway, he couldn't drink to excess, because he didn't have anyone to drive him home but himself. One beer and he was out. He could get back to the solitude of his cabin.

"The place is really looking good," his brother Caleb said, leaning back in his chair.

Only eleven months younger than Jacob, Caleb was almost like a twin. Though things had been different since their friend Clint died in a helicopter accident. He had been a part of their band of brothers, he had grown up eating dinner at their house, fought fires with them. He had been such a hugely important part of their life. And something about losing him, about losing that piece, had made everything different.

It didn't help that he felt responsible for Clint's death in a lot of ways. He and Caleb were the ones that had dragged their friend into the orientation for wildland firefighting. It was along the lines of what Jacob had done in between riding and the rodeo, back in the day. Since he had gotten work as an EMT right outside of high school. And Caleb ... Caleb had just been looking for a hit of something.

He was close to his brother or, rather, he always had been, but something had changed when they become adults, and Caleb was difficult to read. He was friendlier than Jacob, had a readier smile and made conversation with people pretty easily. But if you paid attention, you would notice that it was light conversation. Easy. Nothing behind it all.

"I do appreciate you picking up some work," Gabe said. "This has been a pretty huge project."

"No kidding," Jacob responded.

The throb in his shoulder agreed.

Caleb nodded. "I've been enjoying it."


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Lone Wolf Cowboy 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
LynnB888 14 days ago
With the seventh book in her Gold Valley series, Maisey Yates takes us on an emotional journey of healing in LONE WOLF COWBOY. We've heard a lot about the past of Jacob Dalton and Vanessa Logan as we read their sibling's stories, but now we get to the heart of what each of them have been going through over the years. Logan can't find his way through the guilt and pain of feeling responsible for a friend's death. He's just going through the motions of life and wishing he was anywhere else other than surrounded by family, friends and memories. Vanessa finally feels strong enough to return home to Gold Valley to try to heal the rift in her family and prove to herself she can cope with anything. I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys seeing a character work their way through their emotions and pain and come out better on the other side. This series is very interwoven, so even though it can be read as a stand alone, you will get way more out of it if you read the series in order and know the back story of each character well before diving into their own book. I always close the current book anxious for the next in the series to come along!
DebsIN 4 months ago
Can two messed up individuals find a way to true happiness? Jacob and Vanessa are both so dysfunctional in the beginning of their story, it was a miracle that they could find their way to each other. They are both in need of healing from their pasts, but for differing reasons. Vanessa needing to heal from her past finds ways to do that while working with young troubled teens, while Jacob seems to be in a bit of denial of his issues. Can these two find a way to heal each other and begin their own HEA? Depression and addiction are two subjects that need to be handled with care, and Maisey Yates does a great job in bringing these issues into the story, but also giving readers a romance story that is a real page turner. **Receiving a copy of "Lone Wolf Cowboy" from Netgalley, I leave my review voluntarily based on my reading of the story** 4.5 Stars!
MalkaShayna 5 months ago
Although this book is late in the series (#7?), it can still be read as a stand alone, because the author provides lots of back story in the narrative for not only the two main characters, but all those in the periphery. Although Vanessa Logan was born to one of the founding families of Gold Valley, most of her life she felt like she didn't fit in. She did not feel like her parents gave her unconditional love, so pushed the boundaries, which forced her twin Olivia to try to be the "good one". She turned to alcohol and then to drugs to ease the pain and did not even remember the act that got her pregnant at the age of 17, but does remember the bloody miscarriage on the bathroom floor and her hero, EMT, Jacob Dalton, who is the only one who ever knew about the incident. Afterwards, she fled to LA, where she hit rock bottom, until she was given the choice of jail or rehab. It was in court-ordered rehab, that she learned that she loved to paint and worked hard to heal and take classes so that when she does return to Gold Valley, to ace her demons, she is an art therapist, who is going to teach at the new school for "troubled, at risk boys" that Gabe Dalton started as his own redemption. Jacob Dalton does not feel like he is a hero. He had a traumatic experience at the young of age ten, an event that he never shared with either of his brothers or his parents. Instead he acted like a wild, uncarrying, lazy kid. He became an EMT to make up for it, and when he realized that he couldn't save everyone, he became a firefighter. But both his brother Caleb and their best friend, Clint followed him to become firefighter and ultimately lead to Clint's death, leaving a widow and fatherless child. More guilt, forced him to also become a hermit at the top of a mountain. But for some penance, he agreed to help Gabe with both the ranch and school, which leads him back to Gold Valley and Vanessa on her first day back. The heart of this emotional, but beautiful story is how two damaged people, fight their fears to heal and to help others. Neither believes that they will ever be fit for a relationship, but they have a hard time fighting the chemistry between them, which forces them to make choices they never thought they would have to make. It does end with a HEA. Maybe in next book, Caleb and Ellie will find theirs.
BooksAndSpoons 6 months ago
What an amazing, emotional, dark, edgy, and inspiring story this was. I haven't had this kind of emotional connection to a story since Eagle by Janie Crouch and I have not shed as many tears as I did with this one since Redemption by Kelly Moran. I loved every moment of the story, it just got deep under my skin. It had the raw feels, the utter despair that is so real and lifelike, I could feel the pain of the protagonist, as well as triumph and victory when the inner demons were won. Vanessa has faced so much in her life, it was inspiring and encouraging to see her shine, clean from the drugs and alcohol. She had conquered the past, was doing the work with her dysfunctional family, facing the old teenage drama and trouble that set on the hazardous path. I loved how she had found her place in the world and was able to use the dark times in her life to shine the light to those who needed it. She truly is a heroine, a woman to admire. Jacob was the perfect match for Vanessa, in all the possible ways one could imagine. He had his own dark secrets and regrets, he had his own hickups with his family and friends. Yet there was that man inside Jacob who was willing to stand up for and with Vanessa when needed, who had her back, who believed she was worth sticking around and saw the woman she truly was, inside out. There were so many layers in this story, things I loved, like the victorious, inspiring, engaging story of Vanessa and Jacob, as well as the new side to Olivia, Vanessa's twin sister whom we met in an earlier book. I enjoyed the banter, admired the work they did at the ranch, and swooned over the romance between them but even more swoon-worthy I found the support they gave each other in everyday life, that was so admirable and adorable! The author has taken some very raw, difficult issues from real life, showing the hurt and pain, the true tragedies one can face, and made them into a beautiful, fragile, powerful story of redemption and conquering your inner weaknesses, finding your place, and finding your soulmate. Get some tissues ready and let the feels come as you experience this remarkable story of life, love, and family drama... ~ Five Spoons!
Anonymous 6 months ago
While there wasn't real therapy going on I got tired of all the soul searching that seemed to be repetitive. I loved the concept of the story and the students could have been fleshed out more. I do like this series and will keep reading.
mamalovestoread22 6 months ago
Vanessa Logan has finally decided to stop letting her demons keep her from returning home, she is determined to right the wrongs she made in the past and face her family head on. In her teen years she faced an unimaginable tragedy and it lead her to spiral out of control and down a path riddled with alcohol and drugs. She has stayed away from them for years for fear of further disappointment, and to also get herself back on the right track, and seek treatment for her addictions. Now she comes home with the hope mending fences and also create a life she has craved for so long... but nothing could have prepared her for the moment a savior from her past comes crashing back in to her world! The last time she stared into the eyes of Jacob Dalton, he gave her the hope and strength she needed to make it through one of the toughest moments of her life. But this go around she finds something unexpected lying in those eyes... could he be part of the second chance she has been dreaming of for so long? Lone Wolf Cowboy is a beautifully crafted story of hope, love, healing and second chances. This story unites two people that were first brought together at a time of tragedy, and the moment they shared then has stuck with them all these years. Vanessa knew the moment she hit Gold Valley that there was a chance they would run into one another again, but she never expected their reunion to turn out quite the way it did. What she thought would be an uncomfortable situation quickly turned into one that left her weak in the knees... Jacob had her under his spell in a matter of minutes! I loved this pairing, their captivating story was brimming in feels and sizzling heat. Highly recommend you meet these two, their steamy little reunion is sure to put a squeeze on your heart and leave your toes curled! I received an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, as part of the Maisey Yates Grassroots Crew, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest and unbiased opinion.
boclairedesigns 6 months ago
It's always fun to read the author's stories. The charActers are real and relatable. We all have experiences in our lives that define us. It's how we react to the experiences that determines our character. Vanessa has experienced an assault while a teenager that resulted in an d unwanted pregnancy. It ended in a miscarriage that shaped her for years. As she spiralled down and hit rock bitton, the only way was up. She's now 5 years sober and ready to return home. Jacob has suffered great losses in his life starting with being present at 8 years old to witness his best friend's death. He never shared with his family that he was with his friend when he fell to his death. By ignoring the episode he didn't have to deal with the ramifications. As an adult, he feels responsible for his friend's death in a helicopter accident, because he turned down a request to fly that day. But, Vanessa and Jacob, together learn to accept and embrace the love they've found. Life is too short to let fear stand in the way for finding love. The back story and history provided in the book gives great background and empathy for the characters. I appreciated this as it confirms their mortality and realism. Another great story from Maisey Yates. I was provided a free ARC eBook from Net Galley and the publisher for my honest review. All opinions are my own
Anonymous 7 months ago
many lessons on not letting fear of "what if" rule what you do with your life. 2 lost souls find themselves and allow themselves to take a chance on the unknown I enjoyed this book and the characters They finally allowed themselves to get through the fog of their fears I like the family connections to other stories to see how their stories were continuing
bsnksmom 7 months ago
Two people, damaged emotionally, come together. Can their passion heal their hearts? Vanessa Logan's life went off the rails years ago. Her parents strict rules combined with her twin's perfect adherence to them made her feel broken, until she actually was. A drug addict, her downward spiral stops when she's arrested for possession. She takes rehab over jail and gets clean, discovering a passion for art in the process. Clean for five years, she finally feels strong enough to return home and try to repair her relationship with her family. Taking a job at the Dalton family's ranch as an art teacher for their fledgling "home for wayward boys", who better to teach the boys about owning your mistakes and moving on to do better? When one of the first people she encounters at the ranch is Jacob Dalton, Vanessa isn't sure she can ever get past her youthful mistakes in this place. Jacob was the EMT who came when she needed help as a consequence of a night she can't remember. Will he see the changes she's made, or does he still see the damaged girl she used to be? Jacob Dalton's heart has been heavily barricaded since he was 8 years old and saw his best friend die. The barricades went even higher the day another friend died in a helicopter that HE should have been on instead. Seeing Vanessa Logan at his brother's new school takes him back about 10 years to a frightened girl and an emergency call. Is this strong, beautiful woman the same person? As Jacob is called on to serve as a classroom monitor for Vanessa's art classes, he is impressed first by her beauty, then by her acceptance of each of the boys in her classes. When their passion explodes, leading to pregnancy, can they both open their hearts to the possibility that maybe they're good for each other? I liked this story a lot. Vanessa came back to town stronger than she's ever been, and yet, still, all her family sees is the druggie she used to be. I was so sad for her when she announces her pregnancy to her parents and sister, only to have her mother jump down her throat about whether she's taking drugs still. Granted, she hadn't ever let them in on her struggle, or her victory in getting clean, but I completely cheered when she told them off and left. They needed to bear some of the blame for her eventual downfall. And Jacob, oh, Jacob was so hurt - some of it at his own hand, but some due to circumstance. He needed Vanessa to show him the hero he was deep down. This book will appeal to romance readers who like a bit of cowboy flair. I liked it because Maisey Yates wrote it.
book_junkee 7 months ago
Well. This was the first Maisey book where I thought about DNFing and yet somehow I couldn’t stop reading it. Vanessa and Jacob are decent enough characters. They’ve both got a lot of baggage and that defines most of how they act. I didn’t see the chemistry between them at all and felt like it was a weird leap from strangers to lovers to engaged. I do really like this family and enjoyed seeing the other characters. Plot wise, it was very repetitive. There’s more inner monologue than dialogue: for her it’s drug use, him the deaths of two friends. It’s basically all either of them thinks about and that made a lot of this book a struggle for me. Overall, it was sort of like a car wreck I couldn’t look away from. I never felt fully invested in these characters, yet I still needed to know how it ended. FYI: talk of underage drinking, heavy drug use, miscarriage, and having sex while blacked out **Huge thanks to HQN for providing the arc free of charge**
onemused 7 months ago
LONE WOLF COWBOY follows Vanessa and Jacob on their path to healing and love. Each has had a rough time of the past that has led them to be very independent- something that becomes harder when they meet. Vanessa is a drug addict who is now five years sober- something she has very much struggled with over the years. Being sober has been a big battle fought and continuously won. Now that she is secure in her sobriety, she is heading back to her hometown to rebuild relationships with her twin sister, Olivia, and her parents. However, getting to that point is anything but easy. Jacob has kept everyone at arms length since his friend died while fighting wildfires. Jacob felt responsible for the death and now lives alone and likes it that way. He gets roped in to working at a school for troubled teens where Vanessa will be the (therapeutic) art teacher. As they keep running into each other, they find it hard to deny their raw attraction. As they connect, they must also confront their feelings and the way that they have lived their lives- because all that is changing. I won't give spoilers on this, but this book felt quite a bit different than others in this series. I felt like I really got to know Vanessa and love her, while Jacob was a bit harder to know. They both complimented each other well, and the heat was off the charts between them. I would, however, add warnings for (and this may be spoilery so skip if you are worried) miscarriage, drug/alcohol addiction, unexpected pregnancy, and sexual assault (past). Overall, this was an interesting new romance with some extra depth. Vanessa and Jacob still have a some healing left to do (though the biggest parts, particularly for Vanessa, were before the book), and it was lovely how they did it together. Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher. All opinions are my own.