Long May You Run: all. things. running.

Long May You Run: all. things. running.

by Chris Cooper

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You are a runner. You know how hard it is to make time to run. So you go out at 5:30 a.m. . . . in the rain. You remember every strain, sprain, ache, and pain you’ve ever felt. You ran through it then. You’ll run through it now. You have great runs. You have not-so-great runs. You run fast. You run slow. You race for a personal best. You race just for fun. This is your time. This is your run.

This is your book.


all. things. running.

Learn how to win a race even when you finish last; the ten “destination” runs every runner should experience; what to do with your old running shoes; why listening to the right song may help you run faster; and how to run across the United States without leaving home. Featuring can’t-miss races, must-run places, tips, tricks, and words of advice and encouragement from some of the top runners today, including: Brian Sell, Bart Yasso, Colleen De Reuck, Nathan Brannen, Jeff Galloway, Suzy Favor Hamilton, Don Kardong, and many more!

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ISBN-13: 9781439194249
Publisher: Touchstone
Publication date: 10/19/2010
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
File size: 4 MB

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Although I have competed in races from the mile to the Boston Marathon, run in foreign countries, on beautiful beaches, through National Parks, and across the Golden Gate Bridge, my running life was lacking something: a good book. Sure, there are many good running books already out there, but I wanted a book that would keep me turning the pages to learn things about running I never knew. One that would help me fill the gaps in my running career, challenge me, and also make me chuckle once in a while. A book that would keep me coming back to it whenever I needed the inspiration of a swift kick in the butt.

That is why I wrote this one—with a little help from nineteen world-class runners and authors. Inside you will discover a whimsical and enlightening collection of nearly 200 topics ranging from training advice and statistics to resolutions and achievable running goals, plus other types of good-to-know information for enhancing the experiences and enjoyment of runners of all ages and abilities. Among other things, you will learn the one road race everybody needs to run; how you can win a race even when finishing last; the “destination” runs every runner needs to experience; where to find a luxury ocean cruise just for runners; what to do with your old running shoes and race T-shirts; how listening to the right song and using visualization can improve your performance; and how you can “give back” and be a vital part of the running community. You will also find uplifting anecdotes on runners who have overcome personal challenges and detailed information on races from the popular to the obscure and from the fun to the formidable.

Adding to the uniqueness of this book are recommendations and tips that have been contributed exclusively by the elite group of runners and authors listed on the following page, for the purpose of enhancing your lifelong experience as a runner. All of us hope this extraordinary book will help keep your running fresh and inspire you to continue following the passion you have for the sport as long as you live.

© 2010 Chris Cooper

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