Long Road Home

Long Road Home

by Stacey Lynn


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I left home ten years ago, promising myself I'd never return to the place where I had never been accepted. I was despised and ridiculed for circumstances completely beyond my control.

But when my grandmother passes away, I'm forced to return to Kansas. I will have to face everyone who hated me. But they're not who I'm most afraid of.

My biggest fear? Facing him.
Jordan Marx.
The boy I once loved more than life itself. The boy who defended me from them. The boy I'd disappeared on, leaving him nothing more than a horrible nasty lie and hastily scribbled note.

When Jordan finds out the secret I have carried for so long, I'm in for the battle of my life.
Or so I thought.

I might have wandered for years on a path riddled with thorns but with Jordan by my side, taking the long road home means more than reuniting with the only man I've ever loved. It might just mean finding myself, and the family I never thought I could ever have along the way.

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ISBN-13: 9781987014259
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 11/05/2018
Series: Love In The Heartland , #3
Pages: 298
Sales rank: 856,141
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.67(d)

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Long Road Home 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn't wait for Jordan's story. But I didn't know it was going gut me the way it did. Stacey Lynn didn't hold anything back with this story. It was a very emotional second chance romance. This book kept my attention from the beginning to the very end. I had a couple sleepless nights because I couldn't put it down. The connection between Jordan and Destiny was off the charts. The emotions and hurt just bleeds off the pages. This book was also about healing and hope. I love a book that has my emotions all over the place. This book is definitely a MUST read.
JWright57 More than 1 year ago
This story and the characters blew me away ........ Destiny or Jane as she goes by now is back in the small hometown she left 10 years ago she is only back for her grandmother’s funeral and to sell the house she grew up in. Destiny knows the residents are not going to welcome her back with open arms but she hopes they at least will kind to her son after all it’s not his fault she ran all those years ago. Jordan Marx returned home a few years ago to build and run a golf resort in the town he grew up in and over the past few years he has taken care of Destiny’s grandmother, he knew she would be back for the funeral what he didn’t expect was to see a miniature version of himself standing next to her... This is an emotional read the secrets and lies were their past can Destiny and Jordan get past them and make a future for themselves and their little boy. A second chance romance that can certainly be read as a stand-alone it has wonderful characters and it takes you inside a family that are loyal and protective, you will be drawn in to their life’s and you won’t want this love story to end. I really hope we get more in the Love in Heartland Series because I love this town and it’s residents.
BBBGirlsBlog More than 1 year ago
Second chance romance perfection! Destiny and Jordan's story has so much going for it: love sacrificed by one, with the other being left in the dark for 10 years. A death brings them back to face each other but hurt and lies still keep them apart until they can put that all aside and come back to each other. Long Road Home is a must read for any fan of Ms. Lynn and second chances (which I love!!!!) Reviewed by: Dana D.
Heather Mitchell More than 1 year ago
Destiny has returned to her hometown after ten years to attend her grandmothers funeral and pack up her house. She was expecting to her people whispering about her, but she wasn’t expecting to see her former boyfriend, only love, the man she broke up with and shattered both of their hearts. Jordan Marx was in love with Destiny as teenagers. When everyone in town was mean to her, he was her protector. That was until the day she dumped him and broke his heart. Jordan is angry at seeing her again. But he finds out about a secret that she kept from him and he needs answers. Destiny and Jordan had a lot of issues to work through and while doing so they find their way back to one another. I really enjoyed this story and plan to read the others in the series.
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
Long Road Home by Stacey Lynn is the third book in her Love In The Heartland Series. A story that can standalone but is better built as a series so you know the stories of the secondary characters. Told in alternating dual POV between Destiny and Jordan this story will make your heart hurt for the time lost between them. Essentially a second chance secret baby romance this book takes the trope so much further. Well-paced and well-written and extremely well-handled. Destiny was abandoned as a baby and made to pay it for by the small-town gossips and catty girls in her school. Once her relationship with Jordan started it got worse, up to and including his family weighing in on how she would bring him down etc., With their plans to go to college, for him to play pro baseball and everything in their future mapped out, what Destiny never expected was the positive pregnancy test and all the emotional turmoil that followed. Destiny leaves their small town and Jordan behind having never told him of their baby on the way and thinks she has saved his future and his potential professional baseball career and that it was worth it, whatever the cost. It has been ten years since Jordan had seen Destiny. When she returns to their small town for her grandmother's funeral with a son in tow he is knocked off his feet. He can't even comprehend what his sister sees right away, that the boy is his. There is a lot of anger and resentment but underneath it all there is still all the love they felt for each other. With Destiny eager to make amends and Jordan who just can't help but love and protect her they have a fighting chance at making another go of it, but will the small-town gossips get in their way again? Can the doubt ever truly let go and leave their hearts? An absolute pleasure to read - I absolutely devoured this equally heartbreaking and heartwarming story. Enjoy!
gillek2 More than 1 year ago
Destiny’s childhood was never picture perfect. She never felt like she fit in and she was the target of ridicule from the other girls in the school but the one thing that made her life bearable was her high school sweetheart Jordan. He was the one who stood up and protected her but when she received news she wasn’t expecting, she believed the best thing for everyone was to leave even thought it left two broken hearts in its wake. Jordan is the much beloved son of the town who could do no wrong especially after he found success as a professional baseball player. He has now returned home and although he expected to see Destiny at her grandmother’s funeral, he wasn’t expecting the secret she held that was ten years in the making. Jordan had never forgotten Destiny and although he was hurt and angry, he knows that what they had together is far from over. Will they be able to work through their pasts to have the future they should have had all those years ago? This is a story of healing, forgiveness and second chance at love. As a teenager Destiny believed she was doing what was best, but she should have trusted their love would be strong enough to handle the news as Jordan had never been anything but her protector. These two are soulmates and it was just a matter of when. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
chucha delfin More than 1 year ago
4.5/5 Second Chance Romance are one of my favorite genre, and they really don't get old. Long Road Home is a second chance romance that tells the story of Destiny and Jordan. I'm not really a fan of Des. She made an unpopular choice (to me, at least) when she chose to leave Jordan. She might have her reasons, specifically she didn't want to ruin Jordan's future - but it caused a havoc on him when she left town without anything but a note. Destiny's past wasn't really great. She was bullied, constantly. Despite the fact that she has a popular boyfriend, it didn't stop the bullies from targeting her. Being left by a drug addict mother for her next hit doesn't really help at all. She wanted all of that to stop, and just start anew. Ten years later, she was back again in their old town to bury her grandmother. But this time, she wasn't alone. She was with someone who is a game changer. Someone who might change all their lives when the secret is out. Can they start over again? Or is the trust not enough after what happened in their past? I couldn't blame Jordan to be an a** to her initially. He was hurt, he was angry - he needed to vent. He needed to let it out. I was just glad he at least gave her a chance, to explain, to do things he didn't think he'd do and he's capable of. I like Jordan - he's a charmer, and he knows how to make Des (and me) just swoon). It was indeed a Long Road Home. There were loads of issues between the two of them, mostly communication and trust that was important in a relationship, but in the end they had worked it out. It wasn't easy. There was too much past and baggage along the way. But they made it. The story was paced nicely. It wasn't that fast, but it wasn't too slow either. Just enough to get things burning again. If you enjoy second-chance romance stories, this one is worth the read.
CrystalsBookWorld More than 1 year ago
Since I started reading Stacey Lynn books I feel like my heart is on my sleeve. I can get gutted with all the emotions and sliced into hundreds of pieces. Long Road Home held me as a prisoner to the words. Before I knew it, the world around me faded and I was lost in Destiny's and Jordan's world. The world of open wounds and a lot of heart ache. Toby was our little sunshine, but with the little "tween" attitude, I would laugh as my son is in that same awkward stage. I related to everything! Destiny and her past made me weep. The cruelty she had to endure. Jordan and his huge heart. Made me wish I could cuddle with him lol. In all seriousness, I could not stop reading Long Road Home. I had to make sure that in the end these characters would be okay, with or without each other. Long Road Home has become my new Stacey Lynn favorite!
StephPhillips More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this book from the author. Destiny and Jordan are high school sweethearts...with broken hearts. They were in it for the long haul then one day Destiny was gone. Her grandma wouldn't tell Jordan where. Eventually he tried to move on. Fast forward a decade and Destiny is forced to come home when her grandmother dies. There's several secrets surrounding her return. Jordan is determined to figure out what she's been doing and where she's been. Though things aren't as simple as they seem. This story may pull at your heartstrings. These two characters are great. I loved reading their story and seeing how everything worked out. Stacey Lynn delivers another great romance readers will love in Long Road Home.
CeeCeeHouston More than 1 year ago
Long Road Home, the third book in the 'Love In the Heartland' series by Stacey Lynn was an angsty, emotion filled story of betrayal and second chances. Destiny Matsen left her small hometown of Carlton, Kansas when she was just freshly graduated from high school, a place where she had suffered ridicule and harassment from girls in her class. She had only one saving grace and that was Jordan Marx, her boyfriend and the love of her life. But when an accidental pregnancy causes her to reevaluate her life, she chooses to run from him instead of staying with him. Ten years later, she returns to lay her grandmother to rest, not imagining that she'll see Jordan there. He was a MLB ball player and far from Carlton. Or so she thought. Jordan knew he'd see Destiny at the funeral, what he didn't expect was the child she had with her. He's even more stunned when he finds out the truth! Destiny left all those years ago, knowing she carried his baby inside her. He wants to get to know his son, but can he ever get over what Destiny did? Jordan was rightfully angry at Destiny, but he also, had never forgotten her, or stopped loving her. He battled his feelings, but true love has a way of getting what it wants. It wasn't long before they were spending time reconnecting and feeling like they could maybe start over again. This was a hot, sexy story filed with emotional oomph. I loved Jordan, he was a sinfully, protective alpha when he wanted to be, and his bedside manner was pretty intoxicating. I really felt for Destiny, the teenager, even though, she may have read some people wrong, there were plenty of others who did run her down. But with age comes maturity and she showed it in the way she handled everything once she was back home. Yet another great story from Stacey Lynn that I heartily recommend.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Jordan Marx was the boy every girl wanted in high school, but his heart only belonged to one woman, Destiny Jane Matsen. She may have been lucky enough to nab the heart of the most gorgeous boy in school, but that heart came with lots of drama, not from him though, but from all the girls who lost out to her. High school was horrible, she was tortured on a daily basis, and the subject of almost every rumor that floated through the halls. Foolishly she let all the hate effect her relationship with Jordan, they had plans to go off to college together, but at the last minute she disappeared from his life without so much as a goodbye and has never looked back. Now home has come calling and she must return to the place that she has avoided for the last ten years, with a few secrets in tow. Her grandmother has passed and settling all her affairs has fallen on Destiny's shoulders. She knows the moment she lands in town the rumor mill is certain to start up again, and all the people who drove her away ten years ago, will be waiting to take aim once again. But what she doesn't expect to find is the man who she left behind... and he wants answers! Long Road Home is a moving reunion story that is certain to give a nice little tug on the heartstrings, and bring on a few swoons too! From the get-go I could tell this one was going to be rough on my heart and boy was it ever, the story line was riddled with gut-wrenching emotion, it had my heart in my throat and the tears welling numerous times. I loved every minute of this one, the characters were amazing, the words were powerful and heartfelt, hands down one of my favorites from Ms. Lynn yet! Highly recommend this one, it's certain to keep you enthralled from start to finish!! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am leaving my honest opinion.
Kelly_BTCBlog More than 1 year ago
Long Road Home is the embodiment of second chance romances! I will start off by saying I haven’t read the previous books in the Love in the Heartland series, so this book can be read as a complete standalone. I was not lost or confused about the relationship between all the characters. It just makes me want to dive into the other books as soon as possible. Long Road Home follows the story of Destiny and Jordan. High school sweethearts 10 years previously, these two have unresolved issues regarding their relationship, along with a huge, life-changing secret. Destiny just wants to lay her grandmother to rest and leave the one place that brings back too many cruel and heartless memories….and avoid Jordan at all costs. But Jordan wants answers, and he doesn’t want her to leave without finally getting them. I can’t tell you how much I loved this book! The story line was touching and empathetic, evoking heartbreak and buried emotional anguish that flowed extremely well with the development of the characters. Destiny and Jordan have a tumultuous history. As much as the bitterness and torment comes through in their interactions together, you can clearly feel their undying love and passion for each other that resonates throughout the book, no matter how much time has passed. Truth and trust become imperative influences in the resolution of their young love, but also becoming building blocks to what could potentially be a HEA together. Long Road Home is a beautifully penned love story that showcases the concession of one’s wrong doings and the endeavors to make things right, the power of finding inner strength in overcoming adversity, and the unequivocal love and acceptance two people can reclaim that was thought to be lost forever. A definite 5 star must-read…without a doubt!
Chloe Trivelpiece More than 1 year ago
Love in the Heartland Oh I was so hoping for Jordan's story!! And what a story it is! Moving, angsty, steamy, romantic....I can't come up with enough adjectives for this fantastic read! In a misguided attempt to make things better for Jordan, Destiny runs. She runs hard, she runs fast and she is gone for 10 years. I could totally understand her need to flee, small town life can be cruel sometimes and Ms. Lynn writes it so well.  She makes you really feel the hurt and agony that Destiny felt years ago and what she still continues to feel when she comes back home.  With a surprise passenger in tow. Jordan has pulled himself back together when Destiny left all those years ago.  Or so he thinks.  When she comes back into town, old wounds are ripped open and new ones are caused.  You can feel his anger, his untrusting nature and you can understand it. The way that Destiny and Jordan navigate through the landmines of their past is beautiful.  It's not all hearts and flowers, nor should it be.  There is a lot of baggage that they need to work through to get where they want to be. I absolutely loved this story.  Make sure you read it slowly, savor the words, get into the story.  It's so worth it! Well done Ms. Lynn!
Marlene976 More than 1 year ago
Book 3 in the series (can be read as a standalone) find us with Destiny, Jordan and Toby. Destiny has come home for a funeral, her son Toby is with her when she sees the man that precipitated her departure so many years ago. What was he still doing in town? Jordan can't take his eyes off her or the little boy she has with her. Why is he so familiar? When the pieces all come together it is gut-wrenching, for all of them. There are sad moments, funny moments (when Destiny and Toby have dinner with Rebecca for the first time, how splendid! her first glimpse of Rebecca's fiancée....) There is also a sub text about memories, and how what we remember may not always be as black and white as we think it is and how forgiveness is a powerful force.
NadineBookaholic More than 1 year ago
Long Road Home is the third book in the Love in the Heartland Series and while each of these books can be read as a standalone I would recommend you read This Time Around first, this is where I was first introduced to Jordan along with his sister Rebecca and Cooper who make several appearances in this book. When I first met Jordan I knew right away that he had been hurt bad and now the cause of all that hurt, Destiny, has come back and a secret she's kept from him is revealed. Was I surprise about the secret...ummm NOPE, and it's right there on the first page so there is no guessing what-so-ever. What I was surprised about was the lengths her grandmother went through to help her keep her secret. Yes Tillie was a wise woman, so wise that Jordan had absolutely no idea and he spent at least one day a week with her for years! My heart broke for Destiny, this poor woman never had it easy. Growing up she was hated and picked on by the "mean girls" in school but it went even further than that, she was abandoned by her own mother as a baby. Like I said my heart broke for her. So when she found herself in a difficult position she did the best thing she could, even though it meant ripping her own heart out in the process. This story was pretty heavy so be prepared but I promise it was well worth it, it was a Beautiful story about Love, Loss, and Forgiveness. Jordan and Destiny are great together. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys contemporary romance and if you enjoy the Second-Chance Romance trope then this is a perfect read for you. Happy Reading!!! **I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book**