Love, Life, & Happiness

Love, Life, & Happiness

by Tracy Reneé Offer

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Love, Life, & Happiness



This book was written due to having many trials in life, but in the midst of it all the sun continued to shine for me. Although, I am excited about each poem written or poetry book published

I am more excited about my second publication than I was with my first.

Each poem has been written with lots of feeling and dedication.

There may be many who will agree or disagree with what I have written

but my work is written for society''''s approval; it is written due to how I feel or the things I see.



Life is a challenge for us all; even the richest of the rich have trials and tribulations in life.

No matter what, we can''''t escape what lies ahead for us.

We have to learn to adjust to our own situations to better help ourselves as well as others.

We have to learn to help one another not be against one another. I know it''''s easier said than done. But we have to try to make this world a better place for ourselves and mainly for our children.

Yes, it will take a lot of time and effort but we have to start somewhere and remain dedicated to helping one another and try and maintain a more positive atmosphere for everyone.



Many have said to me "when your book is published don''''t forget me"

There are many I won''''t forget and there are many I''''d rather not deal with

I am only being as honest as possible. For those of you that vanished from my life for whatever reasons please don''''t plan to re-appear just because I have published a few books.

A friend will be a friend till the end not when "money" appears.

No, I may not be like my poetry but do I have to?

Are you the same in every way possible of your life?

We all have different ways of expressing how we feel when no one is there to listen, as

for me, I write.

I have worked hard and struggled and have overcome many obstacles there are few who have stood at my side through it all and there are few who will join in my celebrations.



I would like to thank each and every person that has supported me by purchasing my books and

forwarding me your letters.

Thank you to each and every "true" friend" that has been there for me

Thank you to each and every "true" family member that showed support from the very beginning.

Thank you to each and every staff member at 1st Books Library for doing such a wonderful job.

Thanks to the websites that have displayed my work.

Most of all, thank you God for showing me a side of me that I didn''''t know existed.

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