Love Me Do: 50 Great Beatles Moments

Love Me Do: 50 Great Beatles Moments

by Paolo Hewitt

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Love Me Do tells the story of the Beatles by highlighting and then examining in detail fifty significant events in their amazing career. Using huge amounts of research and personal insight, respected music journalist and author Paolo Hewitt will take the reader on a roller coaster ride, from the band’s early days in Liverpool, their raucous behavior in Hamburg, their famous stint at The Cavern, onto the birth of Beatlemania and the incredible worldwide phenomenon that The Beatles became. The effect of worldwide fame on the band was highly significant. It forced them into the studio where they recorded classic albums such as Sgt Pepper and The Beatles.

This book will look at their incredible music and their activities outside of that music. We will meet the Maharishi and go shopping with the band on the Kings Road. As the story unfolds we will witness how their ideals and their interests all served to influence their generation and many others. We will also take in the band’s reformation in 1996 when Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr recorded and released two of John Lennon’s songs. Here, then, are the 50 Great Beatles Moments.

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About the Author

Paolo Hewitt is a music journalist and author. He has written for Melody Maker, NME, Vogue Germany, Fare Musica and The Sunday Times. He is the author of over 20 books and novels on music, fashion and popular culture and has written extensively on bands like Oasis, the Jam, The Small Faces, and, in particular, the Beatles. Recently, Paolo has written about his childhood and adolescent experiences in care.

Table of Contents

Introduction. John Lennon meets Paul McCartney. John Lennon meets Stu, then Cynthia. George Harrison joins The Quarrymen. John gets his picture in a national newspaper. The Beatles go to Hamburg. The Beatles perform at The Cavern. The Beatle Haircut is born. The Beatles meet Brian Epstein. George Martin invites the band to Abbey Road Studios. Ringo Starr joins the band as drummer. The Beatles record Love Me Do. Beatlemania sweeps Britain. Marsha Albert writes a letter to her local DJ. The Beatles perform to 70 million Americans. The Beatles make their debut film A Hard Day's Night. The Beatles meet Bob Dylan. John and George experiment with LSD. The Beatles play their biggest ever concert. The Beatles meet Elvis Presley. The Queen awards the band MBEs. The music of Lennon and McCartney becomes a TV show. John says The Beatles are bigger than Jesus. The Beatles record Revolver. The Beatles go to the Far East. The Beatles play their last ever concert. John Lennon meets Yoko Ono. The Beatles make their best ever single. The Beatles launch Sgt. Pepper. All You Need is Love is sung to 400 million people. The Beatles try to buy an island. The Beatles meet the Maharishi. The Beatles renounce drugs. Brian Epstein dies, aged 32. The Beatles depart on a Magical Mystery Tour. The Beatles open the Apple Boutique. The Beatles go to India. The Beatles turn into cartoons for Yellow Submarine. Ringo leaves The Beatles. John and George get busted for drugs. George quits the band. Paul McCartney marries Linda Eastman. John and Yoko bed in for world peace. John and Paul record The Ballad of John and Yoko. Paul McCartney is rumoured to be dead. The battle to manage The Beatles. Paul sues The Beatles. John Lennon is assassinated. Three Beatles get on stage at Ringo's wedding. Anthology: The Beatles re-form. The death of George Harrison. Diary. Bibliography. Index.

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