Lovers Revealed

Lovers Revealed

by Nikki Lynn

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Enter into a world of darkness, where danger stalks two lovers as their passion burns out of control.

Struggling to understand the weird things happening around her, Liana is looking forward to a night of mindless abandon. When she encounters a stranger that comes to her only in the darkness, she is helpless against his drugging kiss…eager to explore the promise in his eyes.

Nikoli has given up on love and family. With the growing threats against his people, his time is better spent fighting. But when his attention is caught by a beautiful human, he is consumed with need. Unable to help himself, he abandons his duty, and together they embark on an erotic journey as danger slowly closes in around them.

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ISBN-13: 9780857158147
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group
Publication date: 11/21/2011
Series: The Dark Guardians , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 104
File size: 254 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Nikki, originally from sunny California, now lives in the southern region of the United States with her husband and son, along with an array of family pets. An avid reader in her youth, she has always enjoyed hearing and telling a good story. Her love of reading spicy romance has led to an adventure in writing. With a background in education, she strives to create strong characters in exciting, and sizzling, situations.In addition to her family and writing, she absolutely loves chocolate! On most days she can be found curled up on the couch with the cat, working on her latest novel with a chocolate snack at her side!

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"Oh, yeah!"

Liana froze just inside her apartment at the words.

"That's it, baby! Just like that!"

More words, accompanied by grunts and groans and the slight squeaking sound her bed made. Somehow, she didn't think someone had broken into her apartment just to have sex, which meant only one thing. A glance at the table by the door confirmed her suspicions. There, in the silver tray, were John's keys.

Damn him! That bastard wasn't just cheating on her — he was cheating on her in her apartment, in her bed! Anger boiled in her veins. Throwing her purse and keys onto a chair as she went, she stormed across the living room to the bedroom door.

There, on her new cotton sheets, was her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend — flat on his back with a skinny, pale blonde straddling his waist. The woman was sitting up, her body arched like a bow, head hanging between her shoulders while she rocked forward and back. John continued to encourage his partner with words, rolling her pebble-sized nipples between his fingers. Engrossed in their own pleasure, neither of them noticed her as she stomped to their side.

Rage engulfed her and, with a cry of outrage, she raised her arms, unaware of what she intended. Focusing on the woman because she wanted her to know that John was a cheating bastard, Liana was shocked to see her go flying across the room, hit the wall with a loud thud, and fall to the ground.

"What the hell?" John jumped off the bed, glaring at Liana. "You bitch!" Before she could get out of the way, he backhanded her across the face. "What the fuck did you do?"

"Get ... out!" Liana stood her ground, ignoring the trickle of blood she felt at the corner of her mouth and the strange looks John was giving her. She had always known he had a violent streak, but he had never turned it on her before.

"Gladly" — he stepped into his jeans and grabbed his other clothes — "you crazy bitch!"

The woman, who thankfully hadn't been hurt by her flight across the room, pulled a skimpy red dress over her head and followed John out. Liana wasn't shocked to find that the woman didn't have any undergarments. Leaning back against the wall, she listened to them complain until they slammed the front door firmly behind them.

Once she was sure they were gone, Liana went into the bathroom to check her sore face. Clearing away the blood, she was glad to see that he hadn't split her lip. The blood was from where she had bitten down when he had hit her, but the bruise on her cheek would definitely be visible for a few days. She returned to her bedroom, gathered all the bedding and shoved it into a garbage bag. Once she had sanitised her mattress with disinfectant and put on new sheets and a blanket — a new quilt would have to wait — she gathered her garbage and headed down to the dumpster.

After tossing the garbage, literally, she stopped by the manager's office to order her lock changed. Thankfully, the man didn't ask about her face — an explanation would be a struggle right now. Unfortunately, before she could make it back to her apartment, her neighbour and friend, Carrie, stopped her.

"Hey, are we still going out tonight?" Carrie's bright green eyes widened when she saw her face. "That isn't gonna go well with your costume!"

"It'll be fine!" She covered the bruise with her hand. "I can use makeup to hide it, and if that doesn't work, it will look like a shadow in the club's lighting. And, yes, we are still going out — just you and me!"

"Does that mean you have John to thank for that lovely bruise?"

"Yeah!" Liana slumped against the wall. "I found him in my bed with some slut and he wasn't too fond of my reaction!"

"I hope you gave him hell!"

"Not exactly, but I gave something." She thought for a moment. "Have you ever been so angry that you did something without being aware of it?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, when I found John and his 'friend', I felt so much rage I thought about hurting them, but before I could do anything but yell, the woman went flying across the room. I don't remember hitting or pushing her, but I must have ... right?"

"I guess ..." Carrie shrugged. "I've heard stories of people doing amazing things when they are extremely emotional. Adrenaline or something like that."

Liana guessed that was it. She had been so angry that she hadn't realised what she was doing.

After agreeing to meet in a few hours, she went back to her apartment. She was in desperate need of a shower.

* * *

Nikoli ran after the young man, his heart pumping with adrenaline. He and his team had been chasing these fuckers for months, with little success. This was the first time they might actually bring one in alive. When the man — really no more than a kid — stumbled, Nikoli jumped and tackled him to the ground.

"Please, don't kill me!" the kid pleaded, tears streaming down his face.

"Oh, I don't want you dead, boy." Restraining his hands with zip-ties, he pulled the kid to his feet. "We need you alive!" Seeing the terror that crossed the kid's face, he continued, flashing his fangs. "Didn't they tell you that? Fresh blood is so much better ... Sometimes we keep our meals alive for days ... weeks ..."

Overcome with panic, the kid frantically struggled. Before he could cause serious damage to himself, Nikoli gave him one swift punch, knocking him out.

"You just couldn't resist, could you?" Alex came up beside him.

"With their ludicrous superstitions and inaccurate history, it's so easy."

They laughed as they loaded their captive into the back of the SUV.

"You could try being nice," Alex added.

"Do you really think being nice to one kid will change centuries of lies?"

Alex didn't answer, but they both knew there was no chance in hell that would ever happen. This kid was part of the new generation of Jaegers, a group of well-trained hunters, born and raised to hate, hunt, and kill his kind.

"The others?" There was no need to elaborate. Alex knew who he was asking about.

"Dead." Alex looked back towards the alley where the fight had started. "If this one hadn't turned tail and run, he would be dead, too. They weren't the best fighters, but they were persistent."

With Alex driving, they returned to the alley, where Dimitri and Sergi jumped in.

"You got him." Sergi pointed out the obvious.

"Yeah, but he won't be worth much till tomorrow." Alex glanced at their guest. "Nik clocked him pretty good."

"Good!" Dimitri ran his hands through his hair. "That means we have time for a little recreation. All this exertion really works up an appetite."

Nikoli silently agreed. It had been too long since he had satisfied his appetites, and since the kid was out, they could relax — at least till dawn.

The anticipation of slaking his desires with a willing woman occupied him until they reached the Manor. It had taken longer than normal because of the groups of partiers out celebrating. After all, it was Hallowe'en. Nikoli silently laughed at that. It always surprised him that these humans would use any excuse to party. What better day than one set aside by many religious groups to honour their dead? Ironically, the type of partying humans often engaged in focused around fear and, many times, led to pain and suffering the next day. Thankfully, alcohol had little effect on his kind — otherwise he might act just as stupidly.


Scanning the crowd from his position in the VIP balcony of The Raven, Nikoli searched for just the right one. His friends were already occupied — in the bathroom, the hallway, the alley — it really didn't matter where. With minimal effort, they had the power to hide things from the human eye. A mental nudge to the human mind to look the other way or turn around was a task even the youngest Vampir could accomplish. His friends weren't picky — any woman would do, and they often preferred hookers. They were more accustomed to anonymity and asked very few questions. But tonight he wanted something clean, something a little more pure. He didn't mind the alcohol, but when they pumped themselves full of drugs their taste was different — sour.

Another pass over the gyrating dance floor and he was just about to give up. Then something caught his eye. A slight halo created by the roving spotlight formed around her head. Thick, strawberry blonde curls piled high, with escaped tendrils cascading down her long, smooth neck. For a moment, he was transported back to the ballrooms in Renaissance England — filled with dancing ladies, curls draped around their faces and necks. Except tonight, the woman wasn't wearing a modest, floor-length gown, but a tight, short black skirt and corset top that left very little to the imagination. Quickly descending the steps, he navigated easily through the crowd, his extra height allowing him to keep her in his sights.

Slipping into place behind her, he boldly wrapped his arms around her, placing both hands, fingers spread wide, on her stomach. She stiffened for a moment, then relaxed against him, obviously feeling safe here in a large group. Bending forward slightly, he took a deep breath — alcohol blended with female and vanilla, but no drugs. Tempted by her steady pulse, he pressed his lips against her neck, directly over her vein. She sucked in her breath, tilting her head to give him better access. While her body continued to bounce and twist to the beat of the music, she brought her arms up and around his neck. Her actions silently gave him permission to touch, to taste, and he tightened his grip, intending to take all she was willing to offer. Moving one hand, he cupped her ample breasts, enjoying the feel of her nipple as it pebbled. He slid the other down to her abdomen, almost reaching the juncture of her thighs. He held her, lips caressing her exposed neck while the music grew louder, reached its peak, and ended. Before they could become involved in another dance, he spun her in his arms — deep green eyes met bright blue for just a moment before he took her lips in a searing kiss.

An uncontrollable craving slammed into him at her taste — sweet and spicy, she was like a drug he just had to have. Holding her tight against him, he swiftly guided her through the crush of people to a private corner. He could barely control himself as he sank down onto a cushioned seat and pulled her onto his lap facing him. Sinking into her mind, he easily read her deepest desires. She wanted this ... needed this almost as badly as he did. The pure sexuality that radiated from her was like a match to a flame, and he quickly moved to divest them of their inhibiting garments. Before he could, she surprised him, reaching between their bodies to undo his pants. Keeping their lips fused together, he helped, freeing his painfully swollen staff. Breaking their kiss, he moved to her neck, nipping and tasting her skin while he stroked his hands down her back and slipped them beneath the hem of her skirt to palm her ass. She moaned softly as he fingered the thin thread of her G-string and easily pushed it aside and rubbed against her core. Thick liquid coated his fingers — proof that she wanted him as much as he needed her. Sending a silent prayer of thanks up to whatever god might be listening, he guided her hips, raising her up slightly, then back down, slowly filling her with his pulsing erection. She moaned again, more loudly as her welcoming body fully engulfed him.

Keeping one arm around her waist as she rode him — slowly at first, then faster as her passion rose — he angled her head, lips finding her erratic pulse once again. Just as her orgasm hit, her inner walls beginning to milk him, he sank his fangs into her vein. Her body tensed at his invasion, but soon relaxed. With gentle sucks, he drew her essence into him. Her taste, so mild in a kiss, exploded in his mouth. As her body undulated in his arms, squeezing his cock, he gave his animal instincts full rein. His hands tightened, holding her in place while he thrust into her. Again and again he spewed his cum within, unwilling to release her until he had filled her completely. It was amazing — the taste and feel of her as she fucked him. Adrenaline and lust pumping through his veins, he was almost overwhelmed by her moans and cries of pleasure. With one final thrust, he stiffened, shooting the last of his cum deep into her womb.

Somehow, he managed to retract his fangs and stop feeding before he took too much. Holding her body as she slowly came back into herself, he pondered the patterns he had found in her mind. There was something different — something unique. Shoving that thought to the back of his mind to look at later, he tilted her head so he could look into her eyes, bright blue and unbelievably engaging. He imagined staring into them for hours and learning all the secrets they held.

"That was ..." She thought for a moment. "Amazing!"

Giving him a small smile, she pressed her lips against his. Gently, he lifted her off him and adjusted his clothing. As much as he wanted to explore the strange connection he felt with her, it was almost dawn and he needed to get back to the Manor before the sun came up.

Thanking her with another kiss, he led her back to the dance floor, near where she and her friends had been dancing. Before he could change his mind, he left her, drifting back into the crowd.

* * *

"Hey! Where did you disappear to, Liana?" Carrie, still bouncing with the music, linked her arm with Liana's. "The last I saw of you was your back as you made out with that gorgeous hunk."

"I ... um ..." Liana frowned, struggling to recall everything that had happened. Certain things were crystal clear — like the mind blowing orgasm — but other things were not. She only had a vague image in her head of the man she'd been with — dark, spiky hair, green eyes — and she certainly hadn't got his name. She did know that he was massive — tall and very muscular. Smiling to herself, she recalled the benefits of such a large man.

"Really, Liana! You look like the proverbial cat that ate the canary. You must tell me everything." Carrie pulled her towards the bar, obviously intent on getting another drink.

"I've had enough for tonight, Carrie." Liana stopped in her tracks, pulling her friend to a halt beside her. "It's late and I think I should go home."

Carrie stared at her for a few moments, their bodies bumped and nudged by the crush of people around them. Coming to a decision, she turned them both around and went back towards the dance floor. "Ok, we'll both go home" — she gave Liana a sultry look — "but I'm not going alone!"

As she reached the edge of the dance floor, Carrie threw her arms around the neck of a handsome guy and gave him a long kiss. A little uncomfortable, Liana thought that she just might be heading home alone after all, but Carrie stepped back.

"Liana, this is Carl."

With one arm around her friend's waist, he reached out and shook Liana's hand while Carrie whispered something in his ear. Liana could tell by the expression in her eyes that Carrie saw this man as her next 'knight in shining armour', and Liana wondered if she should be worried. Carrie was always searching for some man to swoop in and 'save' her from her boring life, and it usually turned out badly. But then, maybe she was analysing the situation too deeply. If Carrie wanted to bring home a good-looking guy for the night, who was she to talk? Was it really that different from what she'd been doing?

After stopping to gather her coat, she joined the clingy couple at the doors, shaking her head at the way Carrie was hanging all over the guy. She hoped they could make it back to the apartment building before clothes started falling off!

As it turned out, she had nothing to worry about. Carl, who was much more sober than Carrie, was extremely solicitous to both of them. As they walked back to the apartment complex, he asked all sorts of questions — about everything. Carrie didn't seem to mind, but Liana grew increasingly uncomfortable. Maybe he was just being polite, but she couldn't see a reason for him to ask such personal questions. With the thought that she was just being paranoid, she answered, smiled, and said goodbye at Carrie's door. Exhausted, she climbed into her own bed a little later, and quickly fell asleep, Carrie and her man completely forgotten while visions of glowing green eyes haunted her dreams.


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