Lubbock (On Everything)

Lubbock (On Everything)

by Terry AllenTerry Allen

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record)

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Although it's all but unknown outside of a devoted cult following, Terry Allen's second album, 1979's Lubbock (On Everything), is one of the finest country albums of all time, a progenitor of what would eventually be called alt-country. This is country music with a wink and a dry-as-West-Texas-dust sense of humor, but at heart, Lubbock (On Everything) is a thoughtful meditation on Allen's hometown. Recorded in Lubbock after Allen hadn't lived there for close to a decade with a small group headed by local legends Don Caldwell and Lloyd Maines, the songs alternate between biting character studies like "Lubbock Woman" and "The Great Joe Bob (A Regional Tragedy)," about a high school football star who ends up robbing a liquor store, and more loving tributes like "The Thirty Years War" and "The Wolfman of Del Rio." Salted through are a handful of songs about the pretensions of the art world (something Allen knows well in his day job as a sculptor and painter) that help keep the album's more cutting lines from sounding mean-spirited. A 20-song masterpiece, Lubbock (On Everything) is essential listening for anyone with an interest in the outer fringes of country music.

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Release Date: 10/14/2016
Label: Paradise Bachelors
UPC: 0616892340140
catalogNumber: 23401
Rank: 15587


Disc 1

  1. Amarillo Highway (for Dave Hickey)
  2. High Plains Jamboree
  3. The Great Joe Bob (a Regional Tragedy)
  4. The Wolfman of Del Rio
  5. Lubbock Woman
  6. The Girl Who Danced Oklahoma
  7. Truckload of Art
  8. The Collector (and the Art Mob)
  9. Oui (a French Song)
  10. Rendezvous USA

Disc 2

  1. Cocktails for Three
  2. The Beautiful Waitress
  3. High Horse Momma
  4. Blue Asian Reds (for Roadrunner)
  5. New Delhi Freight Train
  6. FFA
  7. Flatland Farmer
  8. My Amigo
  9. The Pink and Black Song
  10. The Thirty Years War Waltz (for Jo Harvey)
  11. I Just Left Myself

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