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Ludwig Faddeev Memorial Volume: A Life In Mathematical Physics

Ludwig Faddeev Memorial Volume: A Life In Mathematical Physics


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Ludwig Faddeev is widely recognized as one of the titans of 20th century mathematical physics. His fundamental contributions to scattering theory, quantum gauge theories, and the theory of classical and quantum completely integrable systems played a key role in shaping modern mathematical physics.Ludwig Faddeev's major achievements include the solution of the three-body problem in quantum mechanics, the mathematical formulation of quantum gauge theories and corresponding Feynman rules, Hamiltonian and algebraic methods in mathematical physics, with applications to gauge theories with anomalies, quantum systems with constraints and solitons, the discovery of the algebraic structure of classical and quantum integrable systems and quantum groups, and solitons with the topology of knots.Faddeev's name is imprinted in many areas of mathematics and theoretical physics, including 'Faddeev's equations' and 'Faddeev's Green function' in scattering theory, 'Faddeev-Popov ghosts' and 'Faddeev-Popov determinant' in gauge theories, 'Gardner-Faddeev-Zakharov bracket' for the KdV equation, 'Faddeev-Zamolodchikov algebra' in quantum integrable systems, 'Faddeev-Reshetikhin-Takhtajan construction' in the theory of quantum groups, knotted solitons in the 'Skyrme-Faddeev model' and many others.Ludwig Faddeev founded the St. Petersburg school of modern mathematical physics and distinguished himself by serving the mathematics community for over three decades including his leadership of the International Mathematical Union in the period of 1986-1990. He was conferred numerous prizes and memberships of prestigious institutions in recognition of the importance of his work. These include the Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics, the Dirac Medal, the Max Planck Medal, the Shaw Prize and the Lomonosov Gold Medal among others.A gathering of contributions from some of the biggest names in mathematics and physics, this volume serves as a tribute to this legendary figure. Volume contributors include: Fields medalist Sir Michael Atiyah, Jürg Fröhlich, Roman Jackiw, Vladimir Korepin, Nikita Nekrasov, André Neveu, Alexander M Polyakov, Samson Shatashvili, Fedor Smirnov as well as Nobel laureates Frank Wilczek and C N Yang.

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ISBN-13: 9789813233768
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/12/2018
Pages: 636
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Table of Contents

Preface v

Part 1 Personal Memories 1

1 Some Photographs with Ludwig Faddeev C. N. Yang 3

2 Faddeev R. Jackiw S.-Y. Pi 7

3 Ludvig Faddeev O. Lehto 9

4 Ludvig and Helsinki - A Personal Recollection A. J. Niemi 13

5 Remembering Ludwig Dmitrievich Faddeev, Our Lifelong Partner in Mathematical Physics D. Sternheimer 21

6 A Friendly Ghost Story F. Wilczek 33

Part 2 Scientific Papers 35

7 Coadjoint Orbits, Cocycles and Gravitational Wess-Zumino A. Alekseev S. L. Shatashvili 37

8 K-Theory and the Jones Polynomial M. F. Atiyah C. Zapata-Carratala 53

9 Baxter Operator and Baxter Equation for q-Toda and Toda2 Chains O. Babelon K. K. Kozlowski V. Pasquier 59

10 Poisson Sigma Model and Semiclassical Quantization of Integrable Systems A. S. Cattaneo P. Mnev N. Reshetikhin 93

11 Orthogonal Polynomials in Mathematical Physics C.-T. Chan A. Mironov A. Morozov A. Sleptsov 119

12 OPE for XXX P. Di Francesco F. Smirnov 183

13 Chiral Anomaly, Topological Field Theory, and Novel States of Matter J. Fröhlich 201

14 On Some Hamiltonian Properties of the Isomonodromic Tau Functions A. R. Its A. Prokhorov 227

15 Spectral Equations for the Modular Oscillator R. M. Kashaev S. M. Sergeev 265

16 Quantum Spectral Curve of γ-Twisted N = 4 SYM Theory and Fishnet CFT V. Kazakov 293

17 3D Current Algebra and Twisted K Theory J. Mickelsson 343

18 Tying Up Instantons with Anti-Instantons N. Nekrasov 351

19 A Bäckhand Transformation for Elliptic Four-Point Conformal Blocks A. Neveu 389

20 Vacua on the Brink of Decay G. L. Pimentel A. M. Polyakov G. M. Tarnopolsky 399

21 Wilson Loops in Antisymmetric Representations from Localization in Supersymmetric Gauge Theories J. G. Russo K. Zarembo 419

22 Fredkin Spin Chain O. Salberger V. Korepin 439

23 Scattering on Riemannian Symmetric Spaces and Huygens Principle M. Semenov-Tian-Shansky 459

24 Spectral Approach to Homogenization of Elliptic Operators in a Perforated Space T. A. Suslina 481

25 Hopfions P. Sutcliffe 539

26 Completeness of the Bethe Ansatz for the Periodic Isotropic Heisenberg Model V. Tarasov 549

27 Analytic Scattering Theory for Jacobi Operators and Bernstein-Szegö Asymptotics of Orthogonal Polynomials D. R. Yafaev 567

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