Lyle Lizard, Carlton Cricket and Marvin Mockingbird in Questionable Justice

Lyle Lizard, Carlton Cricket and Marvin Mockingbird in Questionable Justice

by George W. Weber

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Marvin Mocking is a bird that is very happy, who loves to sing. When Marvins feeling low, he will sing about almost anything. He sings high or he sings lowany season is a reason to sing. When the suns behind a cloud, this is a reason to celebrate. When hes alone or with someone, he sings, even on a date. While there are others with dark and dour faces who hate, whose principles look for any reason to scowl and frown, these unhappy ones seek any reason to be low-down. Who thinks this is the way life is supposed to be. In my life I would prefer to hear a happy song rather than walk with my chin on the ground.

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ISBN-13: 9781496971951
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/16/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 38
File size: 8 MB
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

About the Author

George Wm. Weber, born in Chicago, September 26, 1927. I have a younger brother, Tom. I was married to my first wife at the age of seventeen. We had eight children. Our first child died soon after being born. I have four grandchildren and a great-grandchild, with another due later this year. I started to write when my wife became ill, and after a bit, I joined a couple of poetry clubs, where we read our poems and discuss them with each other. My wife passed away on December 26, 1997. I was alone for four years before seeking a new companion, who, after a bit, became my wife and companion. I continued to write, and one day I wrote a child’s tale that is the story of a cricket, lizard, and mockingbird. I continue to write what I call poetry, and that’s me!

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Lyle Lizard, Carlton Cricket and Marvin Mockingbird in Questionable Justice

By George W. Weber


Copyright © 2015 George W. Weber
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-7159-3


Friend's Cricket, Mockingbird, and Lizard, have been best friends for many seasons. But as seasons change each of them must go their own way.

Marvin mockingbird would fly to a warmer climate. While his friend Carlton Cricket was glad to crawl underground, And Lyle Lizard is happy crawling into his burrow.

Marvin Mockingbird loves singing and finds joy in singing his songs. But sometimes his songs may disturb his friend's ears. But most of the time his music is quite pleasant to hear.

Marvin's friend cricket been in a grumpy mood all day. Most likely it's because he's been pumping iron in his gym. When his friend Lyle Lizard calls out "what's wrong cricket?"

Carlton Cricket's a lady's man who likes to Impress his friends. He's very proud of his good looks his strength and his ability to cricket croon so beautifully. For Carlton believes he is the epitome of all cricketry.

Lye Lizard listens as Carlton complains about how hard he works while all he wants to do is to lay down on his favorite heated rock When his friend Lyle lizard notices this, he asks him 'What's wrong friend cricket"?

Carlton feels he should tell everybody about his abused senses It's that crazy mockingbird's constant trilling, warbling, and singing. Why He's even imitates a doorbells ringing, It makes me furious "I believe all his singing, and trilling is mentally injurious."

Carlton feels he must let Lyle know how he makes his love songs. "See how my wings are worn thin, from rubbing them together. Well!! that's how I make my beautiful Love songs" By rubbing my wings against one another.

Lyle Lizard is always eager to have his say. We know cricket works hard, when he makes his mating call. See how thin his wings have become from rubbing them together. Just then Marvin starts to mimic Cricket's favorite love song.


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