Making Money Online - List Building Super Tips -

Making Money Online - List Building Super Tips -

by Dawn Publishing

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People often wonder why it is so important to their internet marketing
business to have a successful and responsive mailing list. Those in the
know, however, understand that such a mailing list is the biggest asset
that any online business could ever have.
A responsive mailing list equates to guaranteed long-term buyers and
customers, which in itself is the equivalent of money in your bank
It is no coincidence that the most successful internet marketers, the
guys and girls who can genuinely make over $1 million in gross
returns in a 24-hour period, have all built huge mailing lists.
In fact, some of these super successful marketers have even gone so
far as paying people on an individual basis to join their lists, and that
fact alone must tell you just how valuable such a mailing list can be.
Of course, once you have added somebody’s name to your mailing list,
then you must have something of value to send to them. For most
online marketers, this will be a newsletter or e-zine that they will send
out to their subscribers on a regular basis.
It is an important skill to learn to create your own successful
newsletter. This will give your subscribers a regular supply of
information that you already know they will be interested in. By doing
this, you will establish the fact that you are trustworthy and credible
and thereby give your subscribers every reason to do business with
you in the future.
You should not underestimate, however, the number of marketers who
are trying to do exactly the same as you are. There are literally
thousands of newsletters and e-zines out there in the marketplace,
and it is therefore an extremely competitive area of online business.
You may read many guides and manuals to e-mail marketing and list
building that indicate that you should in some way tried to ‘stand out
from the crowd’. Unfortunately, such a thing is nearly impossible!
What you can do, however, is make sure that everything you send to
your mailing list members has true and genuine value. In this way,
you gradually turn your subscribers into your own ‘fan club’ and
ensure that they will stick with you even when offered newsletters and
e-zines by other marketers.
As you will discover, there are many ways that you can make money
from your newsletter, but, in order to this, you have to go beyond the
regular average product endorsement that most marketers use.

Of course, such product endorsements can be excellent money
spinners, but there are many other ways that revenues can be
generated as long as you have a responsive mailing list.
Even your newsletter offers other money making opportunities to you.
For example, once you have reached a decent circulation level, with a
few thousand ‘copies’ being sent out every time, then you can sell
advertising space to other non-competing marketers in your market
niche. This is something that we will look at in more detail later.
However, the more people that you can send your newsletter to, the
more money you will be able to charge for such advertising. It is
therefore critical that you continually build your list using every tactic
and technique available to you.
There are many different list building tactics which you will read of in
this manual, and quite a few of them are not going to cost you any
money. This means that even as a relative newcomer to the world of
online business and internet marketing, there is nothing that should be
allowed to hold you back from building your list in the proper manner
right from the outset.
You may have noticed that I have already mentioned that your list has
to be responsive. This means that it is absolutely necessary that you
give your subscribers what they need and want, rather than what you
want send them. By doing this, you will turn many of the individual
subscribers on your list into repeat customers, and these are the best
and most important asset that your business will ever have.

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