Making Perfect Popcorn

Making Perfect Popcorn

by John Beigel

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Do you love popcorn? Then this book is a must read. Making Perfect Popcorn, written by John Beigel - physicist, former CEO, author, and popcorn aficionado - explains, in detail, how to prepare America’s favorite, healthiest snack. In this changing health conscious world, Beigel’s book is very timely. He illuminates the reader on the benefits and superiority of his approach to other popular methods such as the microwave, air popped or movie popcorn – including health benefits and dramatic cost savings.
Beigel’s definition of perfect popcorn features a fully popped, light, fluffy ‘melt in your mouth’ texture, with an addictive aroma. His approach details in a simple step-by-step fashion how to make inexpensive, healthy, perfect popcorn in less than three minutes.
Loaded with personal anecdotes, interesting scientific tidbits, tips on selecting and storing popcorn kernels and his foolproof popcorn recipe, this book will have you wanting to invite family and friends over to make and eat perfect popcorn.
No. Falmouth, MA, June 20, 2012: John Beigel, physicist, former CEO and author of the newly released book, Making Perfect Popcorn, is a popcorn aficionado. His book explains in detail popped-to-perfection expertise on how to prepare America’s favorite, healthiest snack. He uses a scientific approach to explain how to make perfect popcorn and what makes it superior to other methods such as microwave, air popped or movie popcorn.
Mr. Beigel’s definition of perfect popcorn is that it features a fully popped, light, fluffy texture, with no crunch and an addictive aroma. The biggest obstacle in making perfect popcorn is achieving just the right “crunch factor” - too much crunch, less perfect popcorn.
Why do so many people pay 10 times more for microwave popcorn and all of its added chemicals? According to Mr. Beigel, “It’s probably because they think other methods are too much work.” Mr. Beigel’s book explains in detail how to make inexpensive healthy perfect popcorn in only two to three minutes. It discusses necessary ingredients for a perfect popcorn experience, best equipment for popping popcorn, specific steps and stages in the process, scientific explanation of why popcorn pops, and best brands of kernels to buy and why.
Mr. Beigel states: “Popcorn when prepared correctly is not only the healthiest snack of all time, but it is an opportunity to spend time in a healthy way with family and friends. With a booming obesity epidemic in our country especially with our youth, we need more opportunities like this to break unhealthy snacking habits.”
According to Registered Dietitian, XXXXXXX, “Popcorn is recommended by many nutritionists because it is low in calories and fat, high in fiber and antioxidants. It is composed of whole-grain food and provides about 30 kcal and 1gm of fiber”
Making Perfect Popcorn has been nominated for the prestigious Global EBook Award in the category of food/cooking and for best book cover.
John Beigel is available for interviews, book signings and readings. Hardcopy is $16.95 and the eBook is $12.95. The eBook is available for the Kindle through Amazon, the Nook at Barnes and Noble (July) and the iBook at Apple or iTunes (July). The printed version and eBook are available at the web site:

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Publisher: McOsprey Publishing
Publication date: 07/08/2012
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About the Author

While John Beigel has devoted his professional life to physics and high technology electronics, he’s spent his free time perfecting popcorn. As a physicist, he has earned two advanced degrees in physics from the University of Massachusetts and held two CEO positions in high-tech companies. He has also published two books and numerous articles in national and international magazines.

In recent years, John turned his attention to documenting his skill, knowledge, and experimentation in making what he lovingly dubs “perfect popcorn.”

John’s love affair with popcorn began when he was four years old and greatly intensified during college, nearly 40 years ago. Since then, popcorn has not only been his favorite snack but one of his favorite meals—Friday night dinner.

In four decades of popcorn making, John has tried various types of popcorn kernels, oils, cook tops, and cookware, and he’s markedly improved his process and results. He’s employed an array of popping approaches and tried various flavorings, seasonings, and herbs—all in his quest for perfection.

An organic gardener and avid fisherman, John brings a conscious commitment to having fresh, healthy ingredients in his popcorn making. Email him at to share your experiences or stop by this website to learn even more:

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