Managing the Planet: The politics of the new millennium

Managing the Planet: The politics of the new millennium

by Norman Moss

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We are at a watershed of history. The human race is now so numerous and its technological power so great that we are having an unprecedented impact on the biosphere, the entire planet. The need to control this impact is giving rise to a new kind of politics - the politics of the planet. The most urgent problem we face is that of climate change. This book gives a vigorous and candid account of how governments tentatively felt their way to the first international agreements on climate change and the ozone layer, how these work, and the long-term implications for global governance. It points to the roles that businesses and ordinary citizens can play, and the changes we can expect in our daily lives. This is an area in which politics, technology and economics meet. In this sweeping and energetic book, the author goes on to look at the major planetary issues that confront us now or that are close over the horizon, and the ethical issues of our relationship to our environment that they raise. Amid the dangers, he finds ground for hope. Anyone with an interest in the human condition as we spin further into the new century will find this an enlightening and rewarding book. Originally published in 2000

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ISBN-13: 9781134195251
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 06/11/2014
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Table of Contents

Dedication Introduction Chapter 1 Midgley's Children Chapter 2 The Climate of the Times Chapter 3 Who Does What? Chapter 4 Some Nitty-gritty Chapter 5 What Price the World? Chapter 6 Some More Nitty-gritty Chapter 7 New Ways of Doing Things Chapter 8 Near Future, Far Future Appendix Political News from a Warmer World: Items from the US Press in the Year 2060 Notes Bibliography Acronyms and Abbreviations Index

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