Marijuana: The Green Unknown: Prepare Yourself for the Global Legalization of Marijuana by Learning the Basics

Marijuana: The Green Unknown: Prepare Yourself for the Global Legalization of Marijuana by Learning the Basics

by Wellington Z. Gupta


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After over a century of cannabis prohibition, many politicians, lawyers, doctors, and regular people in the Western world are beginning to take a second look at the plant that was once seen as a dangerous narcotic. This trend has raised numerous questions about the social, legal, medical, and psychological ramifications that greater acceptance of cannabis might have on society.
THE GREEN UNKNOWN is a book by Wellington Z. Gupta which tackles these questions head on. The Green Unknown provides an important guide for anyone interested in the subject. Each section offers a clear, concise, and well-researched look at a different aspect of cannabis and its relation to society.
THE GREEN UNKNOWN begins by taking the reader through the history of cannabis use. The use of cannabis as a medicine, a psychoactive substance, a method of social cohesion, and even as the preferred plant for textiles is traced all the way from ancient India to the introduction of cannabis into the United States and Canada.
Next we are introduced to the biology of cannabis and the history of cannabis medical research, with a focus on how cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system. This naturally leads into the application of cannabis in Western medicine, particularly in regards to its potential as a treatment for certain diseases and conditions.
THE GREEN UNKNOWN then explores the interplay between cannabis and mental health. It offers an overview of how cannabis affects one's mental state, as well as what research says about the impact of cannabis on certain psychiatric disorders. The topic of cannabis and sexuality is also discussed.
The next section describes the three species of the cannabis plant, summarizing their main traits, differences, and uses. This provides the perfect lead-in for a review of the main delivery methods for cannabis' psychoactive chemicals. THE GREEN UNKNOWN explores how cannabis can be smoked, vaporized, and eaten, as well as the lesser-known methods of transdermal and sublingual administration.
THE GREEN UNKNOWN provides the reader with a thorough overview of the debate on cannabis legalization, as well as on the legal status of cannabis around the world. No matter where the reader stands on the debate, they will understand the need to come to a certain peace with the centuries-old folk medicine that seems to be spurring a modern-day revolution.
Finally, THE GREEN UNKNOWN deals with the issue of addiction to hard drugs and benzodiazepines and discusses the possibility that cannabis could help fighting those addictions.

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