Marital Physics: The Science Of Success In Marriage

Marital Physics: The Science Of Success In Marriage

by Pauline Herald, Ivan Herald


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Marital Physics.
A fresh and insightful book about marriage. The Herald's unique talent for identifying critical issues and their trademark research, humour, and down-to-earth personal perspectives shine out in this book.
Marital Physics takes Isaac Newton's 3 Laws of Motion and skilfully applies them to maturing relationships. The comparisons are mind-expanding. Newton's intricate twists and turns considering relationships and motion, challenges the most ardent searcher of truth. The development of a formula for good marriage is speculated and sensibly developed.
Every marriage needs to process four central facets. Forget the wonder of 3D, examine marriage from an amazing 4D perspective:
• Desire.
• Decision.
• Demonstration.
• Determination.
But beware, you will be introduced to four very aggressive counter-active negative 4D's. Which will you choose?
Ivan & Pauline connects the dots. The message is simple, and you see its application through the lives of seven real-life couples who attempt to navigate the treacherous passage to a fulfilling relationship. Life experience and scientific evidence, from the accredited realm of social research clinics, gives the couples authenticity.
The book is a fascinating connection of story and science. It's engaging reading as well as challenging.

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ISBN-13: 9780958522694
Publisher: OzFAME Inc
Publication date: 02/12/2015
Pages: 238
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