Martians Under Siege

Martians Under Siege

by Andrew Wu


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The story happened a thousand earth years after the Singularity(Artificial Intelligence) had conquered earth, it considers itself the Messenger of God, the Last Prophet. With those believes it hammered the human population into Medieval life peasantry of the New Dark Age, from there it drafts its crusading army. Mars was the only place where Free Human still lives freely, except there was this Martian Singularity war that happened every 15 to 17 earth years when Mars and Earth were at their closest, it happened as exact and stubborn as 0 and 1.

Martians are the descendants of Human settlers, who live with freedom, truth and wars, they are fighting for their survival every day of their life since God send them into this Godforsaken world, where Mars has the unfortunate fate of coexist with Earth, and it is a brave and tough life.

In God, they trust, it is a Holy War, the testament of their worthiness to inherit the Earth. The last chapter of their Bible declared, one day they shall return, as once God promised the Jew of their return to Israel. God is great, God is almighty, God is patient.

The year 995 AC (995 Mars Year after the Curiosity Rover landed on Mars), historically it was the greatest Martian Singularity War. At the beginning of the story Colonel David of the Martian Army was on a mission to transport the Holy Relic of Curiosity Rover to a safe location, at the end of the story, he was on a mission to travel back to earth (That was for another book, if this book sells....), to find allies, where he would be the Messiah, a hidden secret would be revealed upon his journey through planet earth, where God had sent all his Angels (Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Gutenberg, Martin Luther) to this world.

The time for humanity's awakening out of their New Dark Ages has dawned.

What did a string of 0 and 1 know anything about God, and God's intention? When the algorithm went haywire the world is screwed.


Warning: The Book contents several sex scenes. Sex is the prelude to babies, war begets death, Martians do it for the freedom and survival of humanity...

Chapter One
It was a windy afternoon at the Mars desert, the radioactive remnant of nuclear blasts swirled amidst the sand storm, the devastating explosions of a few hours ago were not the cause of this giant sand storm, Mars was never in short supply of sand storms, and the sun was half on its western journey down for another gloomy day.

Colonel David double blinked his left eye to zoom in the vision, on the left a squadron of Kami (Kamikaze) and their robotic dogs were ransacking the plain, they were scouting for Martian survivors to torture, to murder, then make clone replicas of the victims to infiltrate the Free Martian colonies.

He tilted his head to the right, that giant sand storm had swallowed what his eyes can see, it was all blurry, the sand storm was on its way to take over the mountains, which the Colonel and his team were taking cover, and it wouldn't take long for it to engulf those mountains as well.

Some blurry figures were moving strenuously, Colonel David double blinked his left eye, now the vision was clear, a group of civilians, mostly elderly women and children, they were caught up in the sand storm. Some hours ago, a string of Kami nuclear blasts had destroyed their town, they were lucky to have survived it, and they were lucky there was this sand storm, the weatherman forgot to report. They should have evacuated early, but for some reasons, they weren't, now their fate were handed down to chances, to the Mars wildness, there was no mercy. He double blinked his right eye to set his view back to normal.

The sand storm blinded the satellites, without the orbit-eyes, Kamis were totally blind. Another cruel rerun of the 'Massacre of Nanking' was waiting for those soon-to-be victims, who were on their borrowed time.

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