Martin Scorsese: Interviews, Revised and Updated

Martin Scorsese: Interviews, Revised and Updated

by Robert Ribera

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Martin Scorsese (b. 1942) has long been considered one of America’s greatest cinematic storytellers. Over the last fifty years he has created some of the most iconic moments in American film, never afraid to confront controversial issues with passion. While few of his films are directly autobiographical, his upbringing in New York’s Little Italy, the childhood asthma that kept him from playing sports, and his early desire to enter the priesthood all helped form his sensibilities and later shaped his distinct style. Community, religion, violence—these themes drive a Scorsese picture, and whether he examines the violence that bursts forth in the hand of Travis Bickle or the passion of Jesus Christ, Scorsese’s mastery of the history, art, and craft of filmmaking is undeniable.

This collection was originally edited by the late Peter Brunette in 1999 and is now revised and extensively updated by Robert Ribera. It traces Scorsese’s evolution from the earliest days of the New American Cinema, his work with Roger Corman, and his days at New York University’s film program to his efforts to preserve the legacy of cinema, his documentary work, and his recent string of successes. Among new movies discussed are The Departed, Hugo, and The Wolf of Wall Street, and the documentaries No Direction Home and The Blues. Scorsese stands out as a director, producer, scholar, preservationist, and icon. His work both behind the camera and in the service of its history are a cornerstone of American and world cinemas. In these interviews, Scorsese takes us from Elizabeth Street to the heights of Hollywood and all the journeys in between.

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ISBN-13: 9781496809247
Publisher: University Press of Mississippi
Publication date: 01/05/2017
Series: Conversations with Filmmakers Series
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About the Author

Robert Ribera holds a PhD from Boston University and was the associate producer on For the Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism. He has published short takes in Cineaste.

Table of Contents

Introduction vii

Chronology xii

Filmography xv

Martin Scorsese and the American Underground Doris Freedman / 1970 3

Dialogue on Film: Martin Scorsese The American Film Institute / 1975 11

Taxi Dancer: Martin Scorsese Interviewed Jonathan Kaplan / 1977 45

Raging Bull Michael Henry / 1981 52

Taxi Driver Paul Schrader / 1982 66

Chalk Talk Peter Biskind Susan Linfield / 1986 79

Martin Scorsese: In the Streets Peter Occhiogrosso / 1987 85

…And Blood Richard Corliss / 1988 98

Scorsese: A Bicoastal Story Amy Taubin / 1988 107

What the Streets Mean Anthony DeCurtis / 1990 110

Martin Scorsese Interviewed Gavin Smith / 1993 134

Martin Scorsese's Testament Ian Christie / 1996 152

Everything Is Form Amy Taubin / 1998 166

Fresh Air: Director Martin Scorsese Terry Gross / 2003 174

2006 Charles Guggenheim Symposium Honoring Martin Scorsese Jim Jarmusch / 2006 186

Martin Scorsese on The Departed Michael Goldman / 2006 199

Docufictions: An Interview with Martin Scorsese on Documentary Film Raffaele Donato / 2007 205

In Hugo, Scorsese Salutes a Movie Magician Melissa Block / 2011 217

The Art of Martin Scorsese Jim Leach / 2013 222

DP/30: Scorsese on The Wolf of Wall Street David Poland / 2014 234

Index 246

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