Matchstick Men [Original Score]

Matchstick Men [Original Score]

by Hans Zimmer



Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer delivers an effervescent drink of a score for the Warner Bros. heist flick Matchstick Men. Taking a cue from Amelie scribe Yann Tiersen, Zimmer gives the melody to the accordion, creating a playful sense of place for Nicholas Cage's obsessive-compulsive con man to twitch and fidget in. The main theme sounds like a lounge version of Ennio Morricone's Once Upon a Time in the West score, replete with whistling and odd percussion, and the frantic "Tuna Fish and Cigarettes" pulses with techno wizardry. Zimmer completes his portion of the work with the lush "Banker's Waltz," a gorgeous old-style Hollywood orchestral piece that shimmers with Tinsel Town excess. Also included are choice selections from Bobby Darin, George Formby, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, and garage sale vinyl king Mantovani & His Orchestra.

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Release Date: 09/30/2003
Label: Varese Sarabande
UPC: 0030206651522
catalogNumber: 066515

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Hans Zimmer   Primary Artist,Organ,Piano,Soloist
Bruce Fowler   Trombone,Human Whistle,Soloist
Steve Kujala   Flute
Frank Marocco   Accordion,Soloist
Jim Walker   Flute,Band
Rick Baptist   Trumpet,Band
Charlie Bisharat   Violin
Denyse Buffum   Viola
Mathew Cooker   Celli
Arni Egilsson   Bass
Richard Feves   Bass
Michael Fisher   Percussion,Band
Ronald Folsom   Violin
Rick Gerding   Viola
Julie Gigante   Violin
Steve Gordon   Viola
Clayton Haslop   Violin,Concert Master
Dan Higgins   Flute,Saxophone,Band
Greg Huckins   Flute,Band
James Kanter   Clarinet
Dennis Karmazyn   Celli
Victor Lawrence   Celli
Roger Lebow   Celli
Dimitrie Leivici   Violin
Bill Liston   Clarinet,Band
Kurt McGettrick   Baritone Saxophone,Band
Dan Neufeld   Viola
Helen Nightengale   Violin
Barbara Northcutt   Oboe
Robin Olson   Violin
Simon Oswell   Viola
Bruce Otto   Trombone
Joel Peskin   Saxophone,Band
Karie Prescott   Viola
Rick Riccio   Human Whistle,Band
Emil Richards   Marimbas,Band,Vibes
Anatoly Rosinsky   Violin
David Shamban   Celli
Kurt Snyder   Horn
John Steinmetz   Bassoon
Kevan Torfeh   Celli
Mel Wesson   Soloist
Evan Wilson   Viola
Ken Yerke   Violin
Daniel Kelley   Horn
Bob Shepherd   Clarinet,Saxophone,Band
Sebastian Toettcher   Celli
Brian D. O'Connor   Horn
Syd Page   Concert Master
Peter Doubrovsky   Bass
Craig Eastman   Guest Appearance
Jeanne Evans   Violin
Rowena Hamil   Celli
Rafael Rishik   Violin
Yu Tong Sharp   Violin
Leslie Reed   Oboe
Jennie Hansen   Viola
Robert Sanders   Trombone
Armen Anassian   Violin
Andrew Granat   Concert Master
David Parmeter   Bass
Laurence Greenfield   Violin
Julian Hallmark   Violin
Keith Greene   Viola
Irina Voloshina   Violin
Andrew Schulman   Celli
Satnam Ramgotra   Drums,Human Beatbox,Soloist
John Hayhurst   Viola
Andrew Cook   Celli
Fred W. Greene   Tuba
Sarah Thornblade   Violin
Galina Golovin   Violin
Piotr Jandula   Viola
James Freebarin-Smith   Celli
Nicolas Philippon   Bass
Ishani Bhoola   Violin
Aimee Kreston   Violin
Eric J. Hosler   Violin
Dave Walther   Viola
Ana Landauer   Violin
Sungil Lee   Violin
Hollywood Studio Symphony   Track Performer
Jennifer Gordon Levin   Violin
Marina Manukian   Violin
Claire Jeanne Martin   Violin
Jennifer Nash   Vocals,Band
Shalini Vijayan   Violin
Phillip D. Feather   Oboe,Band
Andrew Graybill   Violin
Judith Farmer   Bassoon
James OLeary   Vocals,Band,Rap,Soloist
Karen Van Sant   Viola
David Duke   Horn
James Thatcher   Horn
Phillip Levy   Violin
Chris Ermacoff   Celli
Steven Edelman   Bass
John Mitchell   Bassoon,Band
Timothy Eckert   Bass
Kevin Connolly   Violin
Heitor Pereira   Guitar,Soloist,Typewriter

Technical Credits

Percy Faith   Composer
Bruce Fowler   Orchestration
Sacha Distel   Composer
Ladd McIntosh   Orchestration
Noel Gay   Composer
Ervan Coleman   Composer
Mark Eshelman   Stage Engineer
Sol Lake   Composer
Suzette Moriarty   Orchestration
Jack Reardon   Composer
Robert Townson   Executive Producer
Hans Zimmer   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Score
Ridley Scott   Executive Producer
Patricia Weber   Stage Engineer
Geoff Zanelli   Arranger,Programming
Lew Pollack   Composer
Jason Lloyd   Stage Engineer
Adam Michalak   Stage Engineer
Erno Rapee   Composer
Dody Dorn   Liner Notes
James Dooley   Arranger,Programming

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