MAX (Maximum Ride Series #5)

MAX (Maximum Ride Series #5)

by James Patterson

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Maximum Ride and the other members of the flock have barely recovered from their last Arctic adventure, when they are confronted by the most frightening catastrophe yet. Millions of fish are dying off the coast of Hawaii and someone--or something--is destroying hundreds of ships. Unable to discover the cause, the government enlists the flock to help them get to the bottom of the disaster before it is too late.

While Max and her team are exploring the depths of the ocean, their every move is being carefully tracked by Mr. Chu--a criminal mastermind with his own plans for the flock. Can they protect themselves from Mr. Chu's army of mercenaries and save the ocean from utter destruction?

A James Patterson Pageturner
In the spirit of the most enduring hit movies and books, James Patterson has written this story for readers from 10 to 110. Special care has been taken with the language and content of WATER WINGS.

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ISBN-13: 9780316040747
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication date: 03/16/2009
Series: Maximum Ride Series
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 77,787
File size: 680 KB
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

James Patterson has had more New York Times bestsellers than any other writer, ever, according to Guinness World Records. Since his first novel won the Edgar Award in 1977 James Patterson's books have sold more than 300 million copies. He is the author of the Alex Cross novels , the most popular detective series of the past twenty-five years, including Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. He writes full-time and lives in Florida with his family.


Palm Beach, Florida

Date of Birth:

March 22, 1947

Place of Birth:

Newburgh, New York


B.A., Manhattan College, 1969; M.A., Vanderbilt University, 1971

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A Maximum Ride Novel
By Patterson, James

Little, Brown and Company

Copyright © 2009 Patterson, James All right reserved.
ISBN: 9780316002899



Near Los Angeles Basin, California


Devin raised his right arm and focused directly over his wrist. It took less than a millisecond to calculate the trajectory — he didn’t have a built-in computer, but his 220 IQ served him well.

He slowly breathed in and out, getting ready to squeeze the trigger between breaths, between heartbeats. His sensitive nose wrinkled as the ever-present smog that hovered over the Los Angeles Basin filled his lungs. He hated to think what the pollutants were doing to his brain cells but accepted that some things were necessary evils.


His light eyes expertly tracked the objects flying overhead: one, two, three, four, five, six. Seven? There was a small seventh object, unexpected but quickly determined to be unimportant. Actually, all of them were unimportant. All but one. The one in front.

He knew they had raptor vision. He merely had extraordinary eyesight. It was good enough. All the same, the crosshairs in the gun sight attached to his wrist made missing an impossibility. He never missed.

That’s why they saved him for extraspecial missions like this one.

Many, many others had already failed at this task. Devin felt utter disdain for them. To kill one bird kid — how hard could it be? They were flesh and blood, ridiculously fragile. It wasn’t like bullets bounced off them.

Once more Devin raised his arm and observed his prey, catching her neatly in the crosshairs, as if they could pin her to the sky. The flock flew, perfectly spaced, in a large arc overhead, the one called Maximum in front, flanked by the two large males. Then a smaller female. Then a smaller male, and the smallest female after him.

A little black object, not bird kid shaped, struggled to keep up. Devin couldn’t identify it — it hadn’t been in his dossier. The closest thing he could imagine was if someone grafted wings onto a small dog or something, as unlikely as that was.

But Max was the only one he was concerned with. It was Max he was supposed to kill, Max whom he kept catching in his sights.

Devin sighed and lowered his arm. This was almost too easy. It wasn’t sporting. He loved the chase, the hunt, the split-second intersection of luck and skill that allowed him to exercise his perfection, his inability to miss.

He looked down at what used to be his right hand. One could get used to having no right hand. It was surprisingly easy. And it was so superior to have this lovely weapon instead.

It wasn’t as crude as simply having a Glock 18 grafted to the stump of an amputated limb. It was so much more elegant than that, so much more a miracle of design and ingenuity. This weapon was a part of him physically, responsive to his slightest thought, triggered by almost imperceptible nerve firings in the interface between his arm and the weapon.

He was a living work of art. Unlike the bird kids flying in traceable patterns overhead.

Devin had seen the posters, the advertisements. Those naive, do-gooder idiots at the Coalition to Stop the Madness had organized this whole thing, this air show, this demonstration of supposedly “evolved” humans.

Wrong. The bird kids were ill-conceived accidents. He, Devin, was truly an evolved human.

The CSM zealots were wasting their time — and everyone else’s. Using the bird kids to promote their own agenda was a typically selfish, shortsighted thing to do. Manipulating and taking advantage of lesser creatures in order to “save” even lesser creatures? It was a joke.

A joke that could not be perpetrated without this flock of examples. And the flock could not survive without its leader.

Once again Devin raised his arm and closed his left eye to focus through the gun sight on his wrist. He angled the Glock a millimeter to the left and smoothly tracked his target as she arced across the sky.

One breath in, one breath out. One heartbeat, two heartbeats, and here we go . . .

Part One



“AND A-ONE, and a-two —” Nudge said, leaning into a perfect forty-five-degree angle. Her tawny russet wings glowed warmly in the afternoon sunlight.

Behind her, the Gasman made squealing-brakes sounds as he dropped his feet down and slowed drastically. “Hey! Watch gravity in action!” he yelled, folding his wings back to create an unaerodynamic eight-year-old, his blond hair blown straight up by the wind.

I rolled my eyes. “Gazzy, stick to the choreography!” He was sinking fast, and I had to bellow to make sure he heard me. “This is a paying job! Don’t blow it!” Okay, they were paying us mostly in doughnuts, but let’s not quibble.

Even from this high up, I could hear the exclamations of surprise, the indrawn gasps that told me our captive audience below had noticed one of us dropping like a rock.

I’d give him five seconds, and then I’d swoop down after him. One . . . two . . .

I wasn’t sure about this whole air-show thing to begin with, but how could I refuse my own mom? After our last “working vacation” in Ant-freaking-arctica, my mom and a bunch of scientists had created an organization called the Coalition to Stop the Madness, or CSM. Basically, they were trying to tell the whole world about the dangers of pollution, greenhouse gases, dependence on foreign oil — you get the picture.

Already, more than a thousand scientists, teachers, senators, and regular people had joined the CSM. One of the teacher-members had come up with the traveling air-show idea to really get the message out. I mean, Blue Angels, Schmue Angels, but flying mutant bird kids? Come on! Who’s gonna pass that up?

So here we were, flying perfect formations, doing tricks, air dancing, la la la, the six of us and Total, whose wings by now had pretty much finished developing. He could fly, at least, but he wasn’t exactly Baryshnikov. If Baryshnikov had been a small, black, Scottie dog with wings, that is.

By the time I’d counted to four, the Gasman had ended his free fall and was soaring upward again, happiness on his relatively clean face.

Hanging out with the CSM folks had some benefits, chiefly food and decent places to sleep. And, of course, seeing my mom, which I’d never be able to get enough of, after living the first fourteen years of my life not even knowing she existed. (I explained all this in earlier books, if you want to go get caught up.)

“Yo,” said Fang, hovering next to me.

My heart gave a little kick as I saw how the sun glinted off his deeply black feathers. Which matched his eyes. And his hair. “You enjoying being a spokesfreak?” I asked him casually, looking away.

One side of his mouth moved: the Fang version of unbridled chortling.

He shrugged. “It’s a job.”

“Yep. So long as they don’t worry about pesky child labor laws,” I agreed. We’re an odd little band, my fellow flock members and I. Fang, Iggy, and I are all fourteen, give or take. So officially, technically, legally, we’re minors. But we’ve been living on our own for years, and regular child protection laws just don’t seem to apply to us. Come to think of it, many regular grown-up laws don’t seem to apply to us either.

Nudge is eleven, roughly. The Gasman is eightish. Angel is somewhere in the six range. I don’t know how old Total is, and frankly, what with the calculations of dog years into human years, I don’t care.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Angel dropped down onto me with all her forty-one pounds of feathery fun.

“Oof! What are you doing, goofball?” I exclaimed, dipping about a foot. Then I heard it: the high-pitched, all-too-familiar whine of a bullet streaking past my ear, close enough to knock some of my hair aside.

In the next second, Total yelped piercingly, spinning in midair, his small black wings flapping frantically. Angel’s quick instincts had saved my life. But Total had taken the hit.


Excerpted from MAX by Patterson, James Copyright © 2009 by Patterson, James. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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MAX (Maximum Ride Series #5) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1455 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved the Maximum Ride series through the third one. The writing style had changed a bit as the series went on but it wasn't enough to keep me away. When the fourth Maximum Ride book came out I was beyond disappointed and you may or may not understand why. I heard of the fifth one and simply frowned. My friend, that I got into the series, refused to read it unless I approved it for him (he shared my feelings about the fourth book). I'm four chapters into the fifth book and can already tell this is going to be better. The style is back to more like what Patterson was using in the second and third books. If you've been hesitant about picking this one up, I suggest you do, just to give the series another shot. I have a feeling taking the chance will pay off.
bookworm26 More than 1 year ago
oh my god, for anyone out there who likes dramatic, thrilling, romantic, page turning books then maximum ride is deffinately for you! these books are great if you are 12-112! they are awsome! they even knock twilight down on my list of faves! and in case you didnt know twilight is like a top selling book!!! i could not stop reading it! i went to a sleep over and all i wanted to do the whole time was read my book! all day in school it was like read the book read the book! every chance i got i picked it up and started reading! i swear i had a dream about the book too! i mean the rocky relationship between fang and max needs to stop! they need to get together! i hated when fang left with iggy and gazzy in the third book! after i finished reading all the books (which was in 5 days and im not kidding) i was about to cry! cant wait for the next one to come out! hopefully it wont be the last so keep writing patterson!
abby5595 More than 1 year ago
Maximum Ride the series started the flock being chased by scientists and erasers. Now the flock is helping people to get rid of global warming. MAX has thrill, adventure, and romance. The flock takes another step to help rid the world of global warming. Max's mom gets kidnapped and is suspected to be in Hawaii. To save Max's mom the flock must go through Navy training. Fang and Max attempt to have some romantic moments but sometimes things don't happen the way the flock wants it. Not much time can be for romance when a new threat is made to the Earth is made in the form of Mr. Chu. The book to me was great. It wasn't as good as the first, but not as bad as the fourth. The surprises made me jump. The romance made me "aww". The action gave me adrenaline rushes. Patterson makes it so if you've never read the series you could still understand. In Maximum Ride I find it interesting that he is male and is writing in a female perspective. I still recommend you read the other books first. I personally thought the book was awesome it took me an hour and a half to read. This book is geared to young adults but is great for anyone. Max has to save the world and try to balance a relationship. That's a lot on one bird kid's shoulder. The flock is always there to help her, and give her more problems. With Max's mom being kidnapped she might need some help from more than just the flock. MAX is a book that you start reading and can't stop.
Bigbangbogus More than 1 year ago
This book was good, definately better than the fourth, but hey seem to be going in a rather juvienille direction. I like Patterson's enviornmental agenda, but it comes as a suprise for anyone that read any of the first three books. The first three were great, ultra suspenseful, funny, light, you name it, they had it. Then the fourth book came out. My first reaction was sheer horror; how could this small, skimpy book be the sequel to my favorite books in the world? Well, to say the least it was dissapointing. But if you didn't like the 4th, like me, don't pass up this book solely for that reason. The plot might be preachy, but the characters are back in full swing and the bad guys, although still rather childish and disapointing, were at least satisfying. Max is still amazing, Total is still every bit as witty, and the kid's powers are still really cool. Read it for the drama, and excitement. Not up to the first three's standards, but stiil a good read. It won't win any awards, and may loose even more devoted MaxRide fans, but it is a good book and if you enjoyed the first three, at least try it.
Greenwolfen More than 1 year ago
The Maximum Ride series is easily one of my most favorite series of all time. I've gotten lots of people to read it and they have instantly gotten hooked. The first 3 were of course AMAZING! But the 4th one is where i started to get a little worried. Global warming is important and all but I think James Patterson's original storyline was better. Though MAX sounds like its going to be another save the environment type thing im sure it will still be a great book in an equally amazing series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Maximum Ride is an awesome book. If you havent read it you NEED to. The book has great short chapters and an great way of originality. I had to read this book for 6th grade(I'm in sixith grade still*__*) and @ the time I HATED to read but just let me say this. After reading Maximum Ride the Angel Experment I LOVED to read. Parents if you want you're childern to read more buy the series. I have increased my reading level vastly.

P.S. Any FaX lovers( max and fang 4 ever!) you can go to to read others and my stories about them and the flock.

Hope this helped. Mz. IgGy!
NSL More than 1 year ago
Wow. An actual cover!! I'm REALLY hoping that this book turns out better than the 4th one. I have LOVE the Maximum Ride series, but 'The Final Warning' really killed my joy. THIS book seems to have 720 pages. Heck yeah!!! Finally a LONG book!!! Can't wait till it comes out now!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Before I buy any book, I usually read reviews anywhere and everywhere, and, so it seemed, this appeared like "the best one yet". Now I know not to trust reviews. This one, in my opinion, was not good at all. The "Faxness" was too much, for one thing, actually making me sick at all the swooning romance. JP was trying to please his fans, and that butchered them for me. He started losing his grip after the third one. He needed to focus more on the characters, the story, than his fans. I love the Maximum Ride series, have read the manga's, but I think they're all going downhill. Still, the first three are amazing, and I'd recommend them to anyone, just not the fourth and fifth one.
Ourdogz More than 1 year ago
The book comes out on monday! These books are the best, read them if you haven't. I hope max and fang get together! And I hope the series won't end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love the books but i think that jp put to much stuff about the plant . And come on the dog got wings i do not give a crap and i am 11. And i think that there is to much love. I do love the books even that there are things i do not like. Jp keep it up and keep them coming
Anonymous More than 1 year ago this book you haaaaave to read it!!!!!¿¿¿¿#3#
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Immmmm ccccrrrraaaazzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for MAX!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Please read this book!!!!! Its amazing
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I feel that after book three there is a lack of a plot. Also, the characters are stuck in their roles with no further development. Finally the series is almost completely a teen romance novel starting with book 5.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have to agree with everyone that the first three were great :):):):);):):) i also am really liking the fang+max thing. I love evrything that has happened in the first 3 and think that the author has done well. But then the fourth one really got off track. I read alot of books and in my opinion its BETTER TO HAVE A STORY RESOLVE THEN JUST LIKE CHANGE DIRECTIONS HALFWAY THROUGH!!!! I mean WHAT HAPPENED TO SAVE THE WORLD AND DEFEAT ITEX PLOT?!?!?!? i mean really. Stop confusing us!!!
Poetry-Girl2157 More than 1 year ago
James Patterson is one of the most talented author ever! This book is just a plus to the Maximum Ride series. Max + Fax forever!
Balina More than 1 year ago
this book is filled with a lot of action. It is an excellent read- enjoyed it.
Corena More than 1 year ago
The series was absolutley amazing, I do hope that Patterson contines writing this series, and in the next few books i also hope that Nudge and Gazzy are mentioned more. Overall, this is an absolutley amazing series, awesome action, spine tingling horror, great feeling, and perfect romance. (There can always be more
paulc More than 1 year ago
Once again James Patterson has written another entertaining story. The last book the bird kids were in Antarctica. This time they go to Hawaii,to save Max's mom.This makes a better location to use their unique abilities.If you have read the other Maximum Ride book's, you will enjoy this one too. If not you really need to.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love these books, I think they keep getting better, and everyone should read them because they are awesome. The entire Maximum Ride series is great. I read alot, and they are by far the best books i have ever read. READ THEM!!!!
BookwormKD More than 1 year ago
this series is my *pause for dramatic effect* NEW FAVORITE. its even better then twilight - I'm not even kidding. saying it's my favorite is a big step for me - LOL - because before i read twilight i had many MANY favorites but twilight quickly jumped to the #1 spot in the "books i've read" reading list i keep up in my head. i had no doubt that it was going to stay there in the #1 spot for a long long long long long time - if not forever. but then came the maximum ride series and as i read it i mentally made it climb the list of books until it bumped twilight right down to numero dos. this book is very interesting, exciting, and unpredictable. i think the part i loved the most is the writing style. even if the situation they were in was the worst they had faced yet, james patterson managed to make me laugh (out loud) at the funny things that the members of the flock said. i was so into the story as i was reading it was unbelievable. i loved how it was written in max point of veiw and how the reader wasn't part of the story but wasn't out of it either. it grabbed my attention from the very first page and didn't let go. it was about adventure and misunderstanding and confusion and mystery and near death fights and high speed chases and flying. and its about them realizing that family is the most important - even when your family consits of 5 mutant bird kids. i recommend the rest of this series and also the host if you like science fiction. if you can't find anything to read then check out my b&n page for more books that i recommend :)
Chris2913 More than 1 year ago
James Patterson hasn't let us down yet and he still hasn't. This book mixes Science Fiction and Comedy with a touch of realism. A great, enthralling novel, yet a bit predictable.
Quillian More than 1 year ago
I absolutely LOVE the Maximum ride series, and this one is no exception. A very good read, although it is not as great as its predecessors(excewpt the 4th one of course). You have to admit, Patterson hit the brakes on the thrilling "edge of your seat" feeling, the action, and the suspense. the story seems to have slowed down somewhat, the action can be at some points...lame? and the plot does not have the gigantic twists it had in the first 3, leaving only a few small ones scattered around here and there. It was almost predictable. however, besides these downsides, it still left a good impression on me. Total still has the wit, ribcracking comedic moments await you, and the flock still kicks butt.
Maxride101 More than 1 year ago
This Book was amazing....James Patterson really got us to feel as if we were the claustiphobic winged mutants on the sub........thumbs up!!!!
AliWolf More than 1 year ago
Max, I have to say was much better then The Final Warning. When I read that one, I was actually hoping he would stop. It bored me, and I was disappointed. Patterson is one of my most beloved authors and I was depressed to see one of my favorite series become boring. But I got Max because I wanted to finish the series, even if it didnt interest me. But I was wrong. Max picked up some of the action for me. I was pleased about it. Of course its not as good as the first three books, but oh well. Not everything can be perfect. And im just glad this one brought interest back. I recommend it.