MCAT Prep Handbook: Mnemonics, Formulas and Quick Summaries

MCAT Prep Handbook: Mnemonics, Formulas and Quick Summaries

by Gupta

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Learn and review on the go! Use Quick Review MCAT notes to help you learn or brush up on the subject quickly. You can use the review notes as a reference, to understand the subject better and improve your grades.

Perfect for students preparing for MCAT, DAT or OAT. Use mnemonics, formulas, and short summaries to quickly comprehend all the important concepts you need to know for the MCAT.

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Publisher: Examville
Publication date: 10/05/2010
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MCAT Prep Handbook: Mnemonics, Formulas and Quick Summaries 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Quick summary of everything you meed to know for the Elez <p> _ <p> Ranks: <br> Beginner. Kits are born as beginners, you also join as a beginner. There are no age ristrictions in Elez. Anyone helps train begonners. <br> Warrior. You will become a warrior when you prove yourself. Any of the leaders can give you a premotion or demotion. <br> Leader. There are four leaders. If a leader dies/leaves, the rper says ooc who their replacement will be from the warriors. You must follow the leader's orders, and they will talk to eachother before going into battle. <p> Award stones: <br> How to get award stones. You automatically recieve an award stone for every moon you've lived in Elez. <br> How to earn award stones. By going into battles you will recieve a bonous one, and by completing quests sent by a leader you get some(determined by leader). <br> I ranked up. Congradulations! You get five extra award stones. <br> Everyone is judging me just because i have three. Your real level is determined by how many award stones you have. You may get free ones for doing repopulation activities like birthing kits or switching Clans for ours. <br> My friend deserves this award stone, not me. You may gift award stones, trade them for herbs, or trade them for prey. <p> Weird herbs: <br> Cinamon bark. Cinamon bark is delicious and works like poppyseed, but it leaves you awake and you can still control your mind and body. Do not swallow. <br> Nightshade. The berry is deadly if you eat to much, but guess what award stones are polished with? The juice of the black nightshade gives it a bloody red color. <br> Tomato fruit. Tomatoes are a type of nightshade-, unless you pick them when they are fat and red. They give you enhanced senses and can help to counteract most sicknesses. They have a gooey and unsavory texture, but better to eat them then to die of sickness. <br> Tomato leaf. Do not eat. You chew it and rub it on your underbelly before a battle. It brings goodluck. It actually does, because its poisonous! If a cat were to bite you on the underbelly, there is poison rubbed into your fur. The only cure is the tomato fruit. <br> Foxglove flower. Foxglove is highly poisonous, yet grows all along the outside of our camp. Elezians are imune to foxglove and some types of nightshade (black nightshade, tomatoes.). <br> Ferns. They arent useless anymore. Ferns can wrap kits up in leaf-bare, and keep them warm. <br> Ivy. The same as ferns. <br> Cactus. Yes, we use cactus. If food is scarce, we eat cactus. <p> Time: <br> A moon. A moon is a week. <br> A season. A season is a month. <br> A year. A year is four months. <br> Info. It is leaf-fall, in september. <p> Home: <br> Territory. We hunt wherever we please. <br> Camp. It is at 'the empty building', we live in an abandoned science lab with two floors. <br> Birthing kits. You will probably birth kits in a box lined with ferns and ivy. <br> Mating. Don't do it in camp, do it on the second floor at 'abandoned lab'. <br> Getting in. Through a broken glass door at the font only. <p> Prisoners: <br> Uses. We can use them for breeding and training. <br> Stay. They stay at the second floor. <p> Rules: <br> No godmodding. No one kill posts, three attacks per post maximum. <br> No powerplaying. No attacking and escaping in one post. <br> No overpowerful. You must have a weakness. <br> No ignoring. It will be considered godmodding. <br> Breaking a rule takes away an award stone.