Medical Astrology In Action: The Transits of Health

Medical Astrology In Action: The Transits of Health

by Judith A. Hill


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Medical Astrology in Action, by award winning, internationally recognized author Hill, is the only book in print exclusively devoted to the distinctly physical and medical impacts of the transiting Sun, Moon, planets and Lunar Nodes upon the natal chart. This is a practical repertory, useful for both natal and transit charts. Hill’s liberal inclusion of Field Notes, Herbal Tips, and Surgical Notes makes for delectable reading. All major aspects are discussed, with an emphasis on conjunctions. Illuminating entry chapters explain and demonstrate “aspect mechanics” and other fine details of chart interpretation.

The popular author packs her lifetime of experience and vast knowledge into this significant work, comprising a dramatic advance in the state of the art. Foreword by renowned Herbalist, Matthew Wood, AHG, MSc. No fluff or padding here; this book is all depth! Suitable for students of astrology and professionals alike. Beautifully illustrated by the author.

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ISBN-13: 9781883376758
Publisher: Stellium Press
Publication date: 05/08/2019
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 608,866
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About the Author

Judith Hill is a second-generation, lifetime consulting astrologer, having performed over 9,000 readings. She is also an astrological researcher, teacher, publisher and award-winning author of over thirteen books. Hill is an Herbalist, and created a Medical Astrology course. She is also a pioneer in astro-seismology and astro-genetics. Judith has lectured widely for multiple conferences, groups, podcasts, radio and television shows both inside, and outside of the astrological world. A biographical interview with Judith by noted producer and astrologer Tony Howard was featured in the December, 2010 issue of The Mountain Astrologer Magazine.
In her spare time, she is a professional musician and vocalist in multiple genres, producer, sculptor, teacher, tree advocate, illustrator, "roadside anthropologist" and Jewish heritage historian.
She can be reached at

Table of Contents


Foreword by Matthew Wood, MSc. ix

Introduction xi


Chapter 1: The Essentials 1

when natal charts manifest pathologically, medical astrology and medicine, main precursors of disease, malefic houses, natal vs transit applications, dwarf planets, asteroids and comets, gender semantics, symbols chart, will and mind, Astrological Herbalism, additional texts

Chapter 2: Zodiacal Human 17

the twelve body zones and the twelve signs, sign-body correlations

Chapter 3: Aspect Mechanics 25

why transits work, orb, conjunctions; squares by element: (fire-water, fire-earth, earth-air, air-water); the four modes; opposition s and the six polarities; the trine and sextile.

Chapter 4: Quincunx! 37

The Twelve Quincunxes: understanding quincunxes; the twelve medical quincunxes.

Chapter 5: The Planets In Trouble 45

stressful aspects in the natal chart, stressful transits to the natal chart.


Each planet’s chapter covers Properties, Rulerships, Actions, Signs,

and Aspects to other Planets, the Lunar Nodes and the Ascendant.

Chapter 6: The Sun 51

Chapter 7: The Moon 85

Chapter 8: North Lunar Node: Power Surge, Strength, Impaction 111

Chapter 9: South Lunar Node: Power Outage, Weakness, Deficiency 131


Each planet’s chapter covers Properties, Rulerships, Actions, Signs,

and Aspects to other Planets, the Lunar Nodes and the Ascendant.

Chapter 10: Mercury: Sense Reception, Nerves 153

Chapter 11: VENUS: Relief 177

Chapter 12: MARS: Inflammation, Heat, Excretion 195

Chapter 13: JUPITER: Fats, Growth 227

Chapter 14: SATURN: Cold, Dry, Slow 263

Chapter 15: URANUS: Extremes, Spasm, Electricity 297

Chapter 16: NEPTUNE: Leaks, Misdiagnosis 321

Chapter 17: PLUTO: Temperature Extremes 349

Epilogue 369

Bibliography and Suggested Reading 371

Works by the Author: 374

Books, Self-study Courses, Articles

About the Author 379

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