Medicinal and Culinary Herbs: Growing, Drying and Preserving: (Herbs, Growing Herbs)

Medicinal and Culinary Herbs: Growing, Drying and Preserving: (Herbs, Growing Herbs)

by Kate Ross


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Medicinal and Culinary Herbs: Growing, Drying and Preserving

Nature has not created even the tiniest of the creation without some benefit or purpose hidden in it. All kinds of living species serve some purpose, with the basic notion of providing ease and utility to the human race.

The ultimate utility of these species is governed by the level of exploration at which species lies. Extended exploration can yield even more benefit for the human race.

Botanical species constitute the most useful groups for human race which have ultimate utility for the human civilization.

This book is written as a first step towards herb growing. In order to grow medicinal and edible herbs, it is essential to start with introductory knowledge about theses botanical species.

Once the category and classification of the herbs will be known, it will be easier to grow and preserve these herbs at the household level. You will find all that basic information in this book so that herb growing is no more a problem.

Once implemented this basic knowledge will open up new ways to gain expertise in the field of herb growth and preservation. The eventual result will be to gain maximum medicinal edible utilities out of these herbs.

The highlighting segments of this book are focused on the following important issues related to herbs, all aimed specifically to enhance the knowledge of the reader about herbs.

  • The important discussion about the nature of herbs with a particular reference to medicinal herbs.
  • The introductory information about culinary herbs and the important species which come under this category.
  • The guidelines and tips related to the effective growth of herbs with a discussion about the garden plans and designs.
  • Some information about preserving and drying useful herbs along with some quick recipes to use these herbs.

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Series: Using Herbs
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